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The Language of Empowerment pt54/13/2021  0  
The Language of Empowerment pt24/13/2021  0  
The Language of Empowerment pt14/13/2021  0  
Tim And Abbie 57: The Weekend For Others After The Friday Night At The Pub4/13/2021  0  
Sincere attempts to catch up: Really4/13/2021  2  
Sincere attempts to catch up: Really4/13/2021  1  
Ramblings about where i am in my voyage (No negative nelly's please lol)4/13/2021  0  
Standard4/12/2021  0  
Weekend at a Motel4/11/2021  0  
Music quiz - Name changes4/11/2021  11  
New to this just relocated to Ca4/11/2021  0  
Sexting and wallpaper--keep the fire burning4/9/2021  1  
why i am on here if i can't get any ladies to play4/8/2021  0  
Thicc Thursday4/8/2021  20  
Looking to meet some new friends an see where it takes me4/7/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 56: Mark and Brian moving forward4/6/2021  0  
Group Suck4/5/2021  1  
How old is too old?4/5/2021  18  
Tim And Abbie 54: Mark and Brian 24/1/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 52: The thing about Mark 23/30/2021  0  
Pegging3/29/2021  0  
I'm a dumb cum slut3/29/2021  0  
qos / sub wanted!3/25/2021  1  
Killer Clowns From Outer Space3/24/2021  2  
Linda Ann Bound Friend Network3/24/2021  0  
Pondering...3/23/2021  2  
My Dreams3/20/2021  2  
night i had a gang bang3/19/2021  4  
night i had a gang bang3/19/2021  0  
**** Fun Friday BONUS Trivia ****3/19/2021  14  
Canoe ride3/17/2021  0  
moving on3/15/2021  5  
Official Member of the Waterfalls Brigade – and it’s not even my fault3/15/2021  2  
hey everyone :) join my new group3/14/2021  0  
The very early years part two - Caroline's Birthday3/13/2021  1  
Old interracial porn3/12/2021  0  
Being a Sigma Male.3/12/2021  0  
All aboard....get on the train3/10/2021  3  
crossdressing meet up once a month3/8/2021  1  
31 Dec 2014 (NYE)3/8/2021  0  
scenes from the upside down .3/6/2021  12  
How Important is Integrity?3/5/2021  8  
A storm in a teacup, or the end of the world.......?3/5/2021  21  
The evolution of monogamy, aka I'm poly (and so are you)3/3/2021  0  
Blog post3/3/2021  0  
80s3/2/2021  2  
Sky Rockets in flight, afternoon delight.3/2/2021  8  
Slices of Shadow...2/28/2021  3  
Messages2/28/2021  2