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Best position in a 3some
Posted:Jul 25, 2020 1:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2020 3:38 pm

It appears that not only men like 3somes, but when it comes the positions, the fantasies and desires between males and females are far apart. What is your preference and please add your comment on what position makes you or your partner squirt

.. . .. .. [bling 344] ..
Women- Spit roast–feeling a man in my mouth and pussy at the same time is heavenly
Men- Oh yes, I am always ready for a Spit-roast and like to be in her - see my comment below
Women-DVP (Double Vaginal Penetration)Melting with 2 men into 1 is heaven, I always squirt
Men- DVP (Double Vaginal Penetration) Not for me, I am not bi, but if she wants it, i am open to it - see my commment below
Women-DP but NO DVP 4 me;) Becoming one with two men at the same time is the best, it is HEAVEN:)!!!!!
Men- DP Is what I like, but I want to be THE ONE in her . . .- see my comment below
Woman – Intimacy is very special to me, never a 3some, always only with my LOVE
Men – NO WAT will I do a 3some, I will be only with one woman at any given time
Others - please also comment below ;)
22 Comments , 116 votes
Nirvana, Mermaid vs Missionary position
Posted:Jun 19, 2020 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2020 2:14 am

While talking possible travel companions Krk in August, I was flabbergasted how few men know about Nirvana and Mermaid positions Missionary, Doggy and DP everyone knew, but how can you fall in love and MAKE LOVE a man who only knows Missionary, Doggy and DP?
When you LOVE A MAN, the position is not that important, but the position does influence the type of orgasm I experience Melting together with a man is special, yes indeed, it is heavenly when you love him

Yes, I like Missionary, I like Doggy, but the most powerful orgasms I have when a man makes love to me in a Nirvana or Mermaid position I can't stop squirting
Well, DP is on top on my wish list, it is always a MUST, at least once a day, as DP's open my gates and create multiple orgasms, long lasting ones, and I don't squirt like a fountain, but I rather turn into a waterfall Despite that fact, I don't want to be made love to with DP's all day long, a man needs to mix it and only in the end I desire a DP, actually I demand one

Please comment below how you feel about men who do not know Thanks!!!!

What is your preferred position? You know the difference between Nirvana, Mermaid vs Missionary position? You do, don't you?
If not I guess we need talk about it There is always a first time for everyone and everything!!!
Women - My most favorite position is Doggy, don't need to experience Mermaid, Nirvana or a DP;) Just please me doggy style a
Men - My most favorite position is Doggy, you want to make love to me, it will be doggy style all night long and I will make you
Women - Who needs doggy, just please me Mermaid style all day
Men - Doggy is overrated, I please my mate Mermaid style all day long and make her cum multiple times:):):)
Women - Nirvana is my favorite way when I make love
Men - Nirvana is my favorite way when I make love to my girl
Women - A DP is what I desire, no need for Mermaid or Nirvana
Men - All I want is a DP :)
Women - Missionary style is the way I like to make love
Men- Making love Missionary style without a condom is the way to go for me
5 Comments , 34 votes
Blackened women
Posted:Mar 14, 2020 2:58 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2020 3:29 am

We all have different desires, needs, preferences and some of us like me look for love, while others look for sex. While some are open minded, others regardless of men or bi-women, they reject you as a woman, if you have been blackened. But I guess, the same could happen, if you are blond, brown or a redhead. How does your man feel about it?
If you are a man how do you feel about making love to a blacked woman? In case your wife or GF gets blackened (blacked) would you want her to tell you when she gets home like EadenJames suggests in his comment or would you have her rather keep it to herself as Bob strongly recommends, since every man he knows would go nuts, would go crazy over it???
. . .. .. .. . .
I am a man who prefers a non-blacked woman, but I tolerate it if she is special 2 me or I just need sex badly
My BF/Hubby is cool with it, me being blacked or not does not matter to him :):P
Have been with \8b, but he used a condom, so not really blackened yet :(:(:(
As a man I prefer blackened women ;) :):P
I am a lesbian/bi-sexual woman, but do not want to be with blacked women :( :( :(
I get blacked all the time; my BF/Hubby likes to watch and loves it ;)
As a man, I do not find blackened woman desirable
I would like to be blacked, but my man would dump/divorce me if he finds out :(
Was blacked,did NOT TELL my BF/Hubby when I got home,he would have killed me, if he finds out I will be dead ;)
Others - please comment below
68 Comments , 316 votes
Posted:Feb 6, 2020 6:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2020 3:36 pm

Some women claim, once you go black you don’t go back. I was blackened after a Rams game when I was very, very young, but I am still color blind. it is all about the man and not the color. It is not about SEX, it is all about caring and making love.
Have you been blackened already and how do you feel about it or what experience do you have with women who have been blackened?

.. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. [bling 96]
I am a woman – I would love to be blackened, but it has not happened yet
I am a woman – I do not have any desire to get blackened
I am a woman – I have been blackened but go back and forth - color does not matter to me skills do
I am a woman – Blackened and stay, never go back to a different color (brown, yellow, white ...)
I am a woman – I do not want to be with a woman who has been blackened
I am a man – I do not want to be with a woman who has been blackened
I am a man – blackened a FEW woman, but they did not stick, they do it also with other colors
I am a man – Have a easy time with women, blackened or not
I am a man – Have no chance with women who have been blackened
I am a man–have BLACKENED women,they never went back,except when I wasn't interested anymore&they couldn't replace
18 Comments , 283 votes
cream pie
Posted:Jan 19, 2020 3:13 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2020 2:06 pm

When you are having , do you prefer creampie sessions or do you insist on a condom? How is it when you watch others in the room or when you watch a movie, do you feel different about it?
Are you for or against it?
. . . . .. .. ..
in advance for voting and your comments !
I am a man – No question, I insist on a creampie
I am a woman – Why have sex if you can’t have a cream pie
I am a man – Only condoms for me
I am a woman – I always ask the guy to use a condom or no love at all
I am a man – Creampie is what I want to see, watching live or in a video
I am a woman – When I watch or in a clip, it got to end with a creampie
16 Comments , 204 votes
Posted:Jan 2, 2020 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2020 2:09 pm

There are many different relationships and desires. What does give you the ultimate heavenly feeling when you are intimate with a partner?
Do women have a different needs than men in order feel heavenly during and after it is all done?

[bling 44] .. [bling 44] .. [bling 44] ..

Does love need be involved or is it all about orgasms and physical satisfaction?
While I have attempted provide as many options as possible, I suspect some votes will need also some comments.

Is it for women all about and for men all aboutor is it vice versa? Could it also be it differs from person person and not from gender gender?

Your comment is not only solicited, but also appreciated, as this poll is rather important

for voting and for your sincere comments. THANK YOU!
I am a man – Love, caring, making love without a condom gives me a heavenly feeling
I am a man – Who cares about feelings, just give me sex, MF, MFM, MFMF, let me ...\8 empty my balls and I move on with my life
I am a bi-man- I prefer women over men, but never say no to love making
I am a bi-man- Being with men is the best, but will never turn down a female
I am a woman – Sweetness, intimacy, love and making love ending with orgasms and his gift ...\8 inside me gives me a heavenly
I am a woman – Love is nice, but sex and orgasms comes first
I am a bi-woman- My first choice is a female, but I also enjoy men
I am a bi-woman – I love women, but I adore men and their gifts ...\8
I am a gay/lesbian – First comes love and then comes sex
I am a gay/lesbian – It is all about sex, who needs love when orgasms are so heavenly by themselves
4 Comments , 56 votes
Go to heaven
Posted:Dec 27, 2019 9:29 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2020 6:58 pm

Some men appear to go to heaven whenever they get a BJ or are allowed to release a ...\8 based on e-mails and comments on here, while others need some emotional connection, others feel only relaxed when wearing a condom and then you have the men who make it only into heaven when they are able to their ...\8 in a pussy. Than you have men like my friends Cyrous & Ali, who require a DP without condom, to make it all the way to heaven. What kind of man are you?
Women do have also different needs, like my friend Naomi, she needs a size over 7 inches and a ...\8 to have a heavenly orgasm, while some women on here claim a condom is a must and others argue it works only with a \8 over 8 inches and some do indicate a \8b is required. You also have women who make the point that condoms literally suck up any natural lube and it stops them from going to heaven, if a condom is used the guys. Then you have Sherrill who does not need a man at all; a girl/girl is all she needs to go to heaven or Maria you requires a MFF What woman are you?
Oh well, we also have the bi-guys and gays, not sure what takes them to heaven, but I should allow them to have a voice and vote as well What kind of man are you?

.. ..
I am a man – all I need is a release and I am in heaven. BJ, DP or just any style of intercourse
I am a female – All I require is some attention from a \8 in I made it to heaven
I am a man – Let me >>!without a condom and I am in heaven
I am a female – I need at least one fill up [bling 377590]
I am a man – Emotional connection and a tight pussy, will take me to heaven
I am a female – Can’t get there without love and if he uses a condom
I am a man – Any woman can get it done for me
I am a female – A man needs to be over 8 inches
I am a man – Who needs a female?
I am a female – Who needs a man????
4 Comments , 80 votes
Best Sex
Posted:Dec 23, 2019 6:05 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2020 2:00 pm

No question, with whom you are with is a major key to make it heavenly, however the rubber bag is for some a must to be able to totally let go, while for others a rubber bag is a killer to the heavenly act of making love.

In my opinion, God created us in a way, were we enjoy it the most, when we melt together to one with people we love, when we can let ourselves fall and be there for each other every second without worrying about anything around us. A wonderful friend once told me, when a girl does it with me anywhere, from the bedroom to the beach, I know she loves me
and it is just the most wonderful feeling, to be loved and to give love. Wow, I said, never thought about public sex this way, but he may the nail on the head.

Married or not married, my personal thought is, if you become intimate with someone, if you go all the way and have intercourse, it is a very special occasion and you want to get 100% of it. Don’t you?

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you think the devil created the condom and a condom takes away to complete unity between two people, to make it a mechanical act, just getting off for the moment, without a lasting happiness?

Please do share your thoughts and vote below. Thank you !!!
I am a man – I want sex, I want a pussy, but no &STD – condom is a must
I am a woman – If you don’t wear a condom, my door is closed 4 you
I am a man – I prefer NO condom, but if she insists, I will wear one
I am a woman – I prefer NO condom, if I want him, I will accept a condom
I am a man – You want a condom, I am out of here
I am a woman – You don’t want to let me feel your gift, find someone else YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!!
I am a man – No condom - I only engage with women, I love, trust and are selective with men
I am a woman – No condom 4 me, I got to feel a men’s gift inside me
I am a man – Other – please comment below
I am a woman – Other – please comment below
5 Comments , 73 votes
Mouth or Pussy?
Posted:Dec 16, 2019 1:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2020 5:45 pm

If you as a women pursued by a handsome man, but your are hesitating to get physically involved with him, because you have already an on a wonderful man, have a BF or you are already married and one night, you can’t avoid it. However, you are NOT IN LOVE with him, but you are willing to get involved. Would it be a BJ or would it be intercourse?

To ask the question different, what is more intimate, personal to you, is it a BJ or intercourse? In another way, if you are NOT in love with a man,only infatuated, is a BJ even an option?
for sharing your feelings, your thoughts and voting. for it.

.. ... .... ... .. .. ... ..
I am a man – If a woman loves me, I expect both at any time
I am a woman – I will have to love a man to be able to take his penis in my mouth
I am a man – What is intimacy? (Please comment below what it means to you)
I am a woman – I find a BJ much more intimate and no BJ for a one-night stand or without love
I am a man – Women are way too emotional, pussy or mouth, it is just Sex- nothing to do with love
I am a woman – If I am not in love with him, all I will offer him is my pussy
I am a man – I take whatever I get, mouth or pussy
I am a woman – There is no difference to me, mouth or pussy, don’t feel emotionally any different
I am a man – other, please comment below
I am a woman – other, please comment below
4 Comments , 52 votes
Noisy or less noisy LOVER
Posted:Dec 15, 2019 5:52 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2020 2:11 pm

While we women do what we do, I still wonder, is it important you men that a woman is very vocal, very noisy while you make love her?

friend Babsi has started fake it, because some men claim she is too quiet when they are in her. She does have a tight pussy, which many men like, but the third or fourth time they choose Naomi or me over her, which does hurt her feelings and affects our friendship.

in advance for your honest answers for it
I prefer a noisy female over a quite one any time
I love women, loud, quiet; it does not matter if I am in love with her
If I have a choice, I will bed the noisy one
It does not really matter, loud, less loud or quiet; I will enter any door which is open
1 comment , 67 votes
Oral and Being in Love
Posted:Dec 11, 2019 7:43 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2020 2:16 pm

How many women and guys do like oral sex a GF ask me the other day, who is straight, but bi-curious How would I know I answered, how could I?

Then I thought, this would be a great poll question and here I am with it.

Is Oral important for you and do you desire or require it always to be part of any relationship? One of my friends, she is already over 30, does not like to receive or give oral and when we ask her why not, she only answered that she did a few while being a and it did not do anything for her. Actually she found it revolting. She likes to watch, especially DP, and in the last few months, she also gets herself a few ...\8 after some watching, but always in her pussy, never in her mouth. Always inside, never on her belly, legs or face and when Chris pooled out once to quick, got some drops on her belly, he got one over his head and she screamed, if you do this once again, I will never let you enter me with your \8 ever again and took off to the shower.

As for me, when my first BF asked me for a BJ, I told him NO WAY. He was cool with it and this is when I knew how much he loves me. It was about a month or two later, when he licked me pussy, when he got me going by licking and sucking my clit, and it just happened I reached out and grabbed his \8, I needed him in my hand, mouth and I just went all the way until I received his ...\8 in my mouth. I liked the taste, it was sweet, it was so different than I expected it to be. I had my first clit orgasm from a man just a few seconds after I received his first of many ...\8 in my mouth.

However, I find it the most intimate thing to do, still today, even a step up from intercourse. If a BF turns me off, I may still let him enter my pussy, but I will never give him a BJ, NO way . Is it only because of my experience with my first BF that I need to be in love with a guy to please him orally or do other women feel the same way?

That said, I do not need to be orally pleased or asked to be nice to a man I AM IN LOVE WITH , actually I tremendously enjoy to give a man a BJ if I am in love with him and also to receive his gifts ...\8 in my mouth. YUMMY Do women who don’t please their man with a BJ disclose that they do not love him? Is it a or should it be a red flag for her man?
Please comment below, men and women, your vote is solicited and any comment is appreciated
. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .
I am a man – I do not need oral at all, just let me ...\8 in your pussy
I am a woman – I do not need oral at all, just let me have your \8 and ...\8
I am a man – No BJ, no friendship, who cares about friendship or love without a BJ ;)
I am a woman – Love or no love - No oral, he can keep his penis in his trousers
I am a man – I need to be in love with a woman/women to do please her orally
I am a woman – I need to be in love with a man/men in order to be able to please him orally
I am a man – Who cares about love, I always need a BJ
I am a woman – Who cares about love, just lick me and often
I am a man – No need for a BJ from a female I also like to receive oral from men & return the pleasure if required
6 Comments , 57 votes
Xmas Presents
Posted:Dec 7, 2019 12:30 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2019 8:08 pm

Do you find that receiving the perfect Xmas gift strengthens a relationship? While some people are on AgoraCosmopolitan Dating to find sex, some others like me are on here to find friends, and if the friendship develops into a caring, loving and kind relationship it is worth every $ for the Gold membership.
What kind of Xmas Present do you hope to receive?
Please do add yours, if my options provided do not fit your WISH

and happy holidays, may your wish come through
I am a man – Hugo Boss Suit, Berluti Leather Bomber, TAG Hauer or Rolex watch would be nice
I am a woman – A pearl necklace and/or a Gucci bag would be nice
I am a man – Quiet time with my family
I am a woman – Quiet time with my family
I am a man – Romantic get away with my loved one
I am a woman – Romantic get away with my loved one
I am a man – A BJ [bling 382795] from my favorite women in my life & [bling 390686]
I am a woman – A fill up ...\8 from a nice \8 or my man doing it all
I am a man – No question, a MFM and a MFFM to the finish [bling 329388]
I am a woman – Total pleasure for Xmas please, MFM, Girl69 and MFFM
5 Comments , 94 votes

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