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Not the sunny beach weekend I had planned....
Posted:Aug 10, 2020 1:56 am
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2020 4:51 am
But, we made the best of it regardless.

After hearing it was going to be a beautiful weekend all week long...

It turned out to be rainy and cold on Saturday. Those weather forecasters couldn't have been more wrong if they'd tried.

Damn them!

The Spawn and I ended up trekking out anyway, hoping for the best. I really do live within driving distance of some of the most beautiful sights, I feel fortunate that even on a not so beautiful day, I can take these beautiful pictures.

My goal is to start exploring more, though... When we are not all clutched so tightly in the grasp of a pandemic. If there is one thing that has come of all this COVID-19 stuff, it's this...

There is a lot to my state that I've never seen or experienced because I've been afraid to drive in traffic or wander too far by myself.

It's time for me to start wandering.

It's all fun and games until the cheese hits the fan.
Posted:Aug 8, 2020 7:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2020 1:08 am


I was not in the mood cook last night when the Spawn and I got back from the lake.

So, nachos it was!

Opening the jar of queso dip, I popped it into the microwave to heat up for a minute while i put together a plate of chips and pulled out the salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheese.

With my back turned to the microwave, I started dishing up the condiments and placing them on the counter when I heard an explosion from the microwave.

"Oh Shit! What was that??"

Spinning around, the microwave was still going but cheese was spilling over the side of the jar that was now half empty.

"Oh My Fucking God!!"

"Language Mom!"

The Spawn was instantly at the counter to surveil my calamity. She didn't even bother to hide her half smile or judgy eyes.

Little shit.

Popping open the microwave, I peered in to find a giant glop of cheese was now dropping down from the top of the microwave and nearly covering all the little air holes on the side.

How on earth does this happen?

Lid was off. Microwave directions followed to a T. I've literally done this A MILLION TIMES in the past....

What a fucking mess.

Needless to say, nachos had now lost their appeal......

Peanutbutter sandwiches it was!
Snore Score - 54
Posted:Aug 7, 2020 4:04 am
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2020 6:45 pm

Want really discover yourself?

Think you can accept the challenge??

Delve into your sleep issues and download a sleep app.... You'll never be the same again.

Now that I'm going to the gym again I've decided to start wearing my Fitbit as well. With everyone being on house arrest and our abilities to get out and get moving being limited, the Fitbit app has added a lot of new stuff for users to look into and join to keep us active.

It's been interesting....

It was an article on the Fitbit app that led me to the sleep app, made me want to start analyzing my sleep issues.

Not going to lie, feeling a little disturbed by the results.

Last night ended being the most eye opening, by far. As you know, I did not get much sleep the night before, so I was exhausted when my head the pillow.

I'm surprised I wasn't comatose.

I managed to sleep night, until 4:30 anyway, and checked the sleep app when I got .

I had shield my eyes from the horror of it .....

The app has a breakdown of noise levels and scores and openly states that most uses start with a score of 25.

So.... When I looked and seen my score of 54 I knew something was wrong. This app is terrible!

And immediately looked at the charted results.

Epic snoring?


I scored in the epic range???

Still not believing it, I did the back....

Yep, that's right folks! It even has a playback function for those of us who are in disbelief.

And THAT'S when I heard myself snore.

While I really wouldn't call it 'epic' (I've heard way worse), it was really disturbing be able hear myself while I sleep.

And, yes, snore.

Good God... I may never be the same again.

Happy Friday folks!
Out of the mouths of others...
Posted:Aug 6, 2020 5:47 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2020 7:05 am

Downstairs Neighbor - Somebody stole my fucking lighter out of my truck! I can't fucking believe it! I need to start locking that thing up! That lighter was $1.49! What is going on??? (talk-yelling to mother on phone)

Spawn - Do you mind? The only thing I've heard for the last 5 minutes is you crunching. Eat your ice elsewhere.... (dirty looks shot my way)

Random Gym Guy - Oh yah.... that's it.... you got this.... you're a bad ass.... (watching own reflection in mirror)

Work BFF - I hope you know I was only joking in the 2 o'clock meeting. You know I wasn't serious.... I really appreciate everything you do. (that's a funny way of showing it)

Middle - Mom! Do you want to wear my headphones? You can wear them on the treadmill. (some days, the only person on earth who loves me. And he's leaving.)

Me - I think I give up. (exasperated)

The 60 Year Old Cindy Lou Who at Work - Don't look so sad, Hunny Bunny. I hate it when you look so sad. (I was leaving work. She and her sister are quite literally the sweetest people on earth.)

Pete and Repeat - I'm locked out. The damn computer won't take my password again. (third time this week)

IT Support Guy - Didn't I talk to you on Wednesday? Are you a Gemini by any chance? (No, and no)

Old Lady on the Kitchen Floor in the TV commercial - I've fallen... And I can't get up. (that one just made me laugh)

Happy Thursday!
It's 3 a.m.....
Posted:Aug 6, 2020 12:11 am
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2020 7:07 am

Of course I'm waking a cat fight outside my bedroom window.

A literal.... Cat fight.

Want talk scary, here?

How about having it incorporate itself into your dream!

So, here I sit now, heart beating fast, shaking just a hair, with that bad dream cycling through my mind still.


I may never sleep again.

It's moments like this when I miss the comfort of living with someone else. Moments when you can wake , in the middle of the night, and just snuggle close someone when your feeling scared or insecure.
Posted:Aug 4, 2020 4:57 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2020 3:32 pm

Today was a bit of a shit-show... Thank God that nightmare is over.

At the gym tonight I watched as Heavily Tattooed Gym Lady sprayed herself in the face with the antiseptic cleaner.

It was completely by accident, don't ask me how, but I couldn't stop myself from chuckling.

How on earth does one 'accidentally' spray a giant spray bottle of cleaner into their OWN face??

Really makes you wonder, sometimes, just how some people make it through life....

Then again, who am I to judge... I found a pistachio in my bra when I changed to go to the gym tonight.
Another mask related eye injury.
Posted:Jul 31, 2020 4:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2020 6:00 pm

What do you do when the thing designed save your life from COVID-19 nearly takes out an eye?

I was in my office, pretending not be irritated as hell with the pokey thing inside my face mask, when Office Max walked past my office.

Unbeknownst me, the stretchy ear piece was slowly separating from the mask, ready rip apart at any moment.

"Are you winking at me?" Jokingly, Office Max started winking back at me.

"No.... There's something in the corner of my mask, scratching me...." Pulling the mask away from my cheek slightly, I was hoping alleviate some of the discomfort and somehow smooth down the rough spot.

So... yah. That isn't exactly what happened.

Imagine my surprise when the ear loop ripped off entirely and snapped me in the eye.

"Oh My God! I think I'm blind!"

My eye watered instantly, tiny white dots were floating everywhere before my eyes. I blinked my eye hoping make it better...

It got worse!

Suddenly I was unable even OPEN my eye now.

"Holy shit, I may have detached a retina."

I even made myself laugh at that statement... It took several long moments and a lot of smeared eye makeup before I was able to regain eye normalcy.

I can honestly say, I will never be able to look at those masks the same way again.
Half Undone
Posted:Jul 31, 2020 2:38 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2020 10:18 pm

True story...

Last week was a rough one for me, Friday particularly...

So, I popped open a Mike's Margarita while I was cooking dinner, the Spawn was sitting at the counter.

And then I popped open a second.....

My mood was already elevated and I was feeling that light feeling I start to feel when I'm catching a buzz. I was done making dinner and I decided to have the Spawn paint my toe nails.

Pulling out the bag of goodies, she went to work taking off the polish while I started on a third margarita and closed my eyes for a moment.

"Mom! You're sleeping!"


Yah, what felt like closing my eyes for a moment was actually me sleeping long enough for her to fully paint all the nails on my right foot.

"I've got to go to bed. I can't keep my eyes open."

"You can't! Your nails are wet!"

Too late... I was already crawling into bed and asleep before my head hit the pillow. It's a miracle, but I somehow managed to NOT get polish anywhere in my bed.

Fast forward to this morning as I sit here laughing to myself.

I glanced down at my feet just now and realized, I still only have one foot with painted toe nails.

A visual aid for the state of my life right now.

And she perseveres...
Posted:Jul 30, 2020 2:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2020 2:06 am



Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

God bless the gym....

Went the gym last night for the first time in a couple of days.

Had force myself as I've wanted do is hide out and cry the minute I get home from work...

But force myself I did, and little by little, I started feel closer normal. I could hear Loud Groan Guy in the back somewhere lifting weights and the Noisy Treadmill Lady stomping her feet as she trudged along on the treadmill.

I was partway through my treadmill time when my phone started ringing.

It was the Hippie.

I almost didn't answer it....

But chose to do so anyway.

"Where are you?"

"They gym."

", that's right. It's your new routine, you do this every day now. I thought you sounded breathy, sounds sexy."


"Are you wearing a headband?"


"Wristbands? Doesn't everyone wear headbands and wrist bands for sweat?"

"Um, no."

"Why not?"

"Because... It's not 1970!?"

Part of wonders what does this guy picture when he hears someone say "I'm at the gym."

Women in spandex, belted leotards with leg warmers, I'm guessing.

Happy Thursday.
Someone park that struggle bus, I'm ready to get off!
Posted:Jul 27, 2020 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2020 2:01 am
I sure picked a fantastic year to work on being a better person!

I remember when I thought the pandemic and the shelter in place was causing me anxiety.... Add to that the depression of my Middle joining the Marines and...

Yah, I'm not doing so hot right now.

I'm not sure what to do about it...
Just you and me... In a secluded lighthouse.
Posted:Jul 25, 2020 5:47 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2020 5:12 pm

A few weeks ago, Nose Hairs had shown me a secluded lighthouse in the middle of the water somewhere.... Fifty miles from some shoreline. It was actually kind of cool looking, if given the opportunity, I would totally want to check it out.

I'd forgotten about it until yesterday when he revisited the lighthouse topic at the afternoon meeting.

"Did you know you can stay at some of those lighthouses? They're like B&B's."

I did know this as I'd looked into it a couple of years ago when I was visiting all the Michigan lighthouses near where I live. There really is some amazing and beautiful stuff up here in northern Michigan.

"Yah, I'd looked into it a while ago, but never actually stayed at any."

"Can you imagine staying at that one? That's pretty far from civilization."

I shook my head, I knew he was talking about the one that was in the middle of the water.

"With the right person though...."

I didn't realize it, but our conversation was being overheard by my Work BFF and Boss #2.

"I wouldn't want to be stuck all the way out there with just one other person, yikes"

It was at this point that I heard Work BFF whispering to Boss #2 something to the effect of...

Yah, he just wants to be out there with [secret_lade].

I turned and looked at Boss #2, her eyes were kind of big as she realized I could hear them.

I have to admit... If he were single, I'd probably give him a chance. His conversations with me are always a two way conversation, I'm not just sitting there listening while he's talking. When we do walk and talk together, he isn't speeding ahead with his long legs as I rush to try to keep up with my short little legs. He remembers the stuff that I say. Most guys don't retain that knowledge, unless it somehow pertains to them

Those nose hairs and that beard would be a thing of the past, day one though...
A day in the life....
Posted:Jul 24, 2020 3:57 am
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2020 4:30 am
The world is feeling a little closer normal again....

The Spawn has returned. (So has her brother.)

I received a text yesterday stating I was allowed pick her from her dad's house after work, if I wanted . If I did not want , then I didn't have .

What a shit.

I was waiting for her gather her belongings when her dad walked down the stairs and asked how I was doing. It's been a few weeks since I've seen/spoken him...

I was a little concerned about what he was going say after everything that happened. He can be kind of judgy toward when it comes the and how I provide for them and discipline them.

I'm much tougher than he is.

Turns out, he was in agreement with me my cutbacks and told this to the .

"I told [Spawn] if she wants to come over next week, she can earn some money babysitting Grandma."

"Good! Now you'll have the money to your phone bill."

The two had looked at each other and I was feeling ganged .

"What...." I was already feeling insecure, which is what usually happens in this situation.

"Dad said you would say that. He said I need earn my phone."

He didn't say a word, I just looked at him and smiled a little, not wanting make a big deal out of it, but it kind of was. A big part of thought he was going make a giant thing out of it and then hand over money cover their phones making feel shitty.

He didn't.

Thank God for small miracles.

The Spawn and I ended spending the evening at Thumm Lake, relaxing and returning our lives back normal again. It's been a tough week without them... But I had a beautiful evening to rejoice their return.

I'm more than just an award winning smile....
Posted:Jul 23, 2020 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2020 2:11 am
These days a smile isn't going to get you anywhere.

Nobody can fucking see it!!

So I had to think to myself.... What do I have to offer? What exactly do I bring to the table that makes me someone worth keeping.

Then, it hit me.

What guy could possibly pass up on coins AND toilet paper??

It's the COMPLETE package!

My single days will be coming to a close...

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