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Trump's lawsuits  

redmustang91 61M  
6718 posts
11/15/2020 4:26 am
Trump's lawsuits

About or 20 of Trump's law suits have been dismissed by judges around the country so far. None of them would change the outcome of the election.

Oddly enough Biden will get 206 electoral votes, the same number Trump won in 20. Trump called his 20 victory a landslide! So Biden also has a landslide by that measure.

The GOP is harming the country by delaying the transition, but Biden already is an old hand at the political game and will be ready on January 20, 2021.

Trump can get ready for the civil and criminal lawsuits against him....

lindoboy100 58M
22632 posts
11/16/2020 3:03 am

The onslaught of misinformation and bogus legal actions has more to do with giving the Republicans a plausible excuse for hampering the Dem's passage through the next four years...........not exactly country first, and quite sickening. I hope they lose the race in GA.

Pull ma finger.........

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