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President elect Biden  

redmustang91 61M  
6783 posts
12/15/2020 1:52 pm

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12/25/2020 4:59 am

President elect Biden

Now that the cases have been dismissed, and the U.S. Supreme Court twice rejected fake claims, and the electors voted, Biden is Prez elect.

Trump will still claim fraud but that is irrelevant to reality...

Will his base start a civil war over the orange one? We shall see.

redmustang91 61M  
9719 posts
12/15/2020 1:54 pm

Dying to defend your family or your country is admirable. Dying to promote Trump's fraud is foolish and dishonorable.

redmustang91 61M  
9719 posts
12/15/2020 1:56 pm

Steve Miller is trying to start a fake elector group for some swing states and a fight in Congress in January. Not going to work. Determined fraudsters.....

benard69 63M/63F  
5730 posts
12/15/2020 2:45 pm

Old Bunker Trump and His Band of Merry Men...

Brownie202 64F
2043 posts
12/15/2020 3:46 pm

    Quoting benard69:
    Old Bunker Trump and His Band of Merry Men...
Have you seen the video of t being forced out of the white house? Omg funny.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

TicklePlease 53F  
13198 posts
12/16/2020 4:46 am

His base can only cry online about imagined conspiracies and how butthurt they are that their side lost... a civil war would mean getting up out of their recliners and turning Newsmax or OAN off first. Sure, we might see some triggered nutjobs, like that Texas sheriff or the few militia cosplayers in DC, but the majority of them are just lazy fucks who can't be bothered to do more than share facebook memes.

redmustang91 61M  
9719 posts
12/16/2020 1:38 pm

Bill Barr AG said there was no fraud. 60 courts have found no evidence of fraud. The Cyber security head at the White House said no fraud found.

Biden won the popular vote by seven million vote margin. No evidence of fraud. Get on with your life GOP...

redmustang91 61M  
9719 posts
12/18/2020 5:36 am

Sad when batshit crazy is your default mode of life.

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