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Being good in bed...  

redmustang91 61M  
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9/11/2007 11:39 am

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4/16/2019 8:35 am

Being good in bed...

My view is that the media and porn have sold people a false notion of what makes good sex! Being young and pretty or handsome is nice, but if you do not have the right stuff then the sex will be subpar.

So what makes a woman good in bed for me? Many things!

1. A sexy attitude is the key thing! She has to like herself, enjoy her body and enjoy mine. She needs to like kissing, stroking and playing. She needs some energy, some flexibility and the desire to enjoy sex and share pleasure for as long as we have! Being a passive corpse is deadening...

2. A little technique is great, but she does not have to memorize the Kama Sutra or try ninety positions. Five or six positions will do fine...

3. Kissing is important as it expresses affection and lust, and leads to intimacy...

4. Oral sex is fab for expressing acceptance of your lover's sex organ and for natural lubrication.

5. Stroking each other and using a vibrator can be very fun activities which transform foreplay into orgasms!

6. Being open to play is great. Being creative and trying new things can be terrific fun. For example, adding a vibrator on her clit while having intercourse can transform the sex into something even more amazing.

7. Having the woman suck on the man's nipples can be a turnon and show she is fun and not stuck on stereotypes about human sex behavior. Dirty talk, moaning and noises can be fun...

8. Having the patience to keep playing even after a few orgasms can allow both to really get into the sex. There are lots of fun things to try: G spot massage, fisting, standing up, using the bathroom counter top for a support surface, etc. Sometimes I enjoy playing with food, a dildo, foot massage, or trying different lubes...

9. A sexy woman is also willing to touch her own clit while we are having sex, or to masturbate in front of me. She also likes to watch me touch myself. Sex is best when the inhibitions are shed with the clothing...

10. Anal sex can be fun, with lube, taking things slowly and not being too pushy until the partner relaxes into it. Condoms make things more sanitary and safer. Have not yet had a female use a strapon on me, but that might be fun sometime! Anal is not a must, but only for those who enjoy it...

11. With the proper desire and attitude great sex is shared! Having a hot attractive bod and pretty face is great, but having a sexy attitude and hot desire for your partner is the key!

Ultraviolet_69 66F

9/11/2007 8:52 pm

Although I am well aware of your preference to have a local partner, I do fervently hope one day you'll consider a long weekend visit to the Valley of the Sun.

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
9/12/2007 3:49 pm

Thanks for your encouragement ladies! I will have to consider my travel schedule when time permits...

smartnwitty14U 63F  
1877 posts
10/12/2007 11:17 pm

1 through 9, check! (Do them all)
10 I'm trying to get into it...and it's a big fantasy that I want to make a reality to be a Domme with a strapon.
11 I think I've got the attitude and technique...just haven't found the right partner to practice on.

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snatchy71 49F
3902 posts
10/13/2007 9:00 pm

really nice list! so true

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
10/16/2007 9:30 am

Fisting is not essential, but can be fun if the proportions work properly. A vagina can have fun with things other than a penis, if the woman has the right experimental attitude. Three or four fingers stroking the G spot can be very exciting, especially with a vibrator on the clit...

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
10/17/2007 11:28 am

It is all good, even bad sex is better than no sex... Kinda like pizza.

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
7/31/2008 4:44 am

Thanks Domino, and please return often...

HaloMisplaced 54F
794 posts
8/15/2008 5:36 pm

Love your list! It's all about attitude and confidence for me! Experimenting and exploring are icing on the cake. I had a partner that was trying out g spot stim on me... found out that I am a squirter... over and over and over again with the right stimulation. Wow, what an experience that I've repeated quite a few times! You just never know what you might like until you try it!

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
8/18/2008 8:13 am

The body is a fun thing to play with if you have the right attitude... and a friendly and affectionate partner.

sensualsatiation 110F
4796 posts
8/29/2008 7:18 am

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
8/29/2008 8:28 am

No matter how good one is at an activity, you can always get better, so I try to keep practicing...

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
9/25/2008 8:45 am

Some flexibility in the mind and body are helpful. I take a pilates class for the bod and read AgoraCosmopolitan Dating to help my mind...

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
8/6/2009 2:16 pm

The more sex I enjoy, the more sex I enjoy...

pashonetcyn 59F

10/9/2009 8:31 am

ideas, I use all of them!

torqmistress 54F
171 posts
12/7/2010 8:35 am

Your point of view is realistic. for sure. I think that a few more people need to take this to mind...it is in what each individual feels , craves, no two men or women are alike...there is no second best, you are who you are and do what you do....thanks for the good read ...

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
12/7/2010 11:43 am

Thanks, and happy hunting for pleasure and intimacy...

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
1/19/2013 5:38 am

Of course every person is different so asking what works best on your partner makes sense. Usually over time and by seeing what causes the most arousal, one can figure out what a partner enjoys...

Lueznaz 66F

7/11/2013 8:04 am

Great post! Creating memorable moments for sure! kisses


hotsandy5 46F
10514 posts
8/31/2013 11:28 pm

Great list and an excellent post!

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sweet_VM 62F
81215 posts
9/14/2014 2:58 pm

You have an awesome list.. No problem filling it is there hugsssssssssss V

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author51 58F
107668 posts
7/4/2015 12:27 pm

every single one is spot on and how I bring seduction and total sensuality to my lover of choice every time and the anal as well....

author51 58F
107668 posts
2/12/2019 1:16 am

Yes to everything mentioned here about how to be good in bed.. I had written a post about how to be a red head in bed and all these points were on it.. I LOVE and do it all except for Dom/Sub and Pain... a few others as well that are just too kinky.. Good post..

redmustang91 61M  
9695 posts
2/12/2019 1:59 am

Glad to see we are on the same page ladies.

Bloke1030 43M
21 posts
3/25/2019 8:02 am

really great tips

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