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8/26/2020 6:49 pm
grand prize award winner


a hand popped in at the last second to open the door. In stepped the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her perfume got me hard in an instant and her eyes flashed that she was sexy and she knew it. I had already pushed 7 when she reached over to press 8. Did I mention she had magnificent breasts that were barely held in by her dress? You should come up to my party later. Should get going around 10. Room 822. Her perfume stayed in my nostrils for the next two hours waiting to go to the party. I showered and beat off so I would be able to last longer at her house. I watched some bisexual porno where two guys were sucking each other off and came again. Bisexuals like to watch porn of themselves. I know I do. Love sucking dick.

I knocked on the door and smelled that perfume again. She invited me to a party but I walked in on a full-blown orgy. The lights were low but I could make out about 20 naked people. She was 69ing with another woman and they seem to enjoy licking pussy. She said hello with her sexy eyes and went back to the pussy in her mouth. I went to a bedroom and took off my clothes.
Coming out of the bedroom, I could not help looking at everyone having sex. There were several female couples, 4 male couples and several gangbangs. I was invited to one of those. A cute guy asked if he could suck me. I said sure if I can suck you. I like it if we both come in each other's mouths. Everyone here got checked by the same doctor for safety. Sure, I could eat some sperm before dinner.

Oh ,there is no dinner, you eat some cum, have an appetizer, eat some pussy. Hope the pussy lasts. I had just finished sucking off my friend when my hostess walked up. She knelt down and watch me gulp down the last loads of his sperm. It seemed to gain her approval. She french kissed me like she owned the sperm in my mouth. What the hell, it was her party. It was a warm summer night and we went out to the balcony. She sat down with her pussy wide open to my cock. You don't have to invite me twice. We fucked like it was 1999. After I filled her pussy with cum, she just held me and made a very sensual moan. We stayed like that for a while. Two naked guys came out on the patio with huge boners. She had just leaned back for me to suck on those nipples. The guys asked if I could do them a favor. One of the drunks said he wanted to get spit-roasted but they were short a cock. I ask my host what she thought and she said she had never seen that before and it would be great. I was still soft so the two guys started sucking me to get me hard. She helped too.

It wasn't long before the spit roasting was going well. We took turns fucking his mouth and fucking his butt. He asked if we would both fuck him in his asshole and cum in him. We were happy to oblige. I asked if he minded if I ate the cum out of his butt. He said sure. She said she wanted some too.
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