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My Birthday Today...My Reflections and My Wish!!!
Posted:Apr 22, 2017 10:06 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 11:06 am
Today is my birthday, what kind I say, well I don't feel special, too old for birthdays haha, ok, maybe a little bit haha.

Anyhow. it has been busy since yesterday, I have not stop. run run, run. have my with me, I am happy having him. is a thing that I do every year, to make sure I spent my birthday with him. I love him. makes me smile, and if he is there, I know I will have a happy birthday

Last night had dinner with friend. then we came home, had a few drinks and play a little and watch movies.

Today I woke up at 7:30 cause my friend Chris was taking me out to breakfast. then we went driving around town with him the dog. I am finally back on, about to take a shower cause I have a picnic to attend, it is raining and gloomy outside. I love day's like this, so for me is perfect weather, but no for the picnic, I heard they move it inside, but still going. everyone will be there. will be awesome. I am actually excited to see what my friends put together for me haha

Then Dinner at 6pm with some of the guys, I will doll up tonight cause after that they are taking me clubbing. I love that cause I love dancing, love dressing up for a night out

Gifts, so far, the most unusual has been a gym membership for one year, from my friend Brandon. he knew I wanted to do that. the gym is walking distance from my house. so I am loving that. now I got to go to gym to finish the paper work this week and of course work out...yay

My reflections. All tho is busy, and I am tired, I feel bless to be receiving so much love and attention from my friends and family. especially my friends. they are simply wonderful. I have received so many messages and love. everyone trying to get me to spend time with them. it feels good to have people fighting to get your time on your birthday, one of the messages read "I hope you have a great day. This is the day that gave you to us. and we are better for it". I tho it was very nice, it came from my friend William.

But, I also took time to reflect on the people that is not here, that is not longer celebrating with us for one reason or another. Like my friend Jason. a dear friend that got kill in combat many years ago. but he is never forgotten. there is always that special place for him in moments like this. cause he was a true trooper in and out of his Military uniform.

Eddie and Mark, they are doing well, but because of work they had to travel and start a new beginning, they are still in touch almost daily. but I missed them, last birthday they were here. we did things together that day. first birthday with out those two wonderful great friends around. and I do miss them. all tho we get to talk very frequent. is never the same.

What I have to say to everyone. Make the time to make friends. there are so many fulfilling things in life. friendships is one of them. work on that. but be a TRUE LOYAL FRIEND to your friends. saying "Hello my friend" means nothing. do it with actions. prove it with your heart not with your lips. learned to appreciate everyone that is in your world. everyone has an equal value. and they might not be there tomorrow. cherish your friends when they are there. make them feel good and lucky to have you. be someone that people would want around. do it for yourself. I know my life is richer and happier cause of the people that is in it. with out, I be nothing. they are the force behind me. for that, I appreciated them and thank them every day.

My Wish. My only wish is to remain as happy as I am today

Leaving you with a picture of me and Rulo from this morning. we were up early. and now, if you could please escuxe me, cause this beauty has a picnic to attend...Happy Birthday to me
Blow Job Time...Addiction to Cock...My PIC
Posted:Apr 21, 2017 8:15 pm
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2017 11:41 pm
Crazy busy day today...to finally unwind, here, a picture of me giving some serious head

I am addicted to sucky sucky, I just love it

Some people drink wine to unwind. I suck cock

6 Random Things And a Photo
Posted:Apr 21, 2017 7:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2017 10:29 am
1. Tomorrow (Saturday) is my Birthday. It is going to be a busy weekend.

2. My friends have a surprised picnic on schedule for me tomorrow at 1pm . they think I don't know. last week I was hiking with Jay, told him I was going to have my Rulo this weekend. he said, oh but I don't think you can bring him to the picnic...Oops Lol...I promised him to act surprised, he didn't want the other guys to know that he ruin the surprised

3. I share custody of Rulo with my ex bf. Rulo is a beautiful 11 years old Golden Retriever. he is the best. he is full time with him. cause he has big house with lots of yard in the back for him to play. I live in a condo. not much room for him to run. but I get to have him on certain special occasions or whenever I want to see him, as long we plan ahead of time. Got a text from my ex this morning, saying, Rulo is all packed up and ready to go. His wife will be there to handle it to me cause he is at work. she is actually very nice, I like her. I talk more to her than him when I visit Lol.

4. I want to be with two or 3 guys at the same time. will see if I make that my birthday wish Lol. Hopefully I will be able to have my fun. I know is going to be busy. but gotta make time to play

5. I have plans for tonight with one of my Cop friends. he is taking me out to dinner. cause he is on duty tomorrow. so he won't celebrate with me. we are celebrating tonight instead. will see in what type of trouble we get in to

6. Went running yesterday afternoon, hurt my right foot a little bit. it started to rain, so I pick up the pace running to get home. hurt my right heal. it was not as bad yesterday, but this morning hurt a little more, gotta put my feet in warm water with Eucalyptus, spearmint and menthol. hope that will help cause it hurts.

Leaving you with a picture of Rulo and I from last year. Have a great Friday

Titty Fucked...Me...Picture
Posted:Apr 20, 2017 5:54 pm
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 9:07 pm
Me getting titty fucked

I guess my tits are getting big enough, we made it work, Yay happym;

I need more titty fuck practice, who wants to volunteer his cock for the job ???

Titties Thursday...Small Tattas...My PIC
Posted:Apr 20, 2017 9:43 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 9:08 pm
Today is titties Thursdayhappyf;

Here is my small contribution.

The other night, I was showing my tits to one of my friends, He love themhappyf;

Show them some love please

Bitch please...Wherever with you Hahaha...PICS
Posted:Apr 19, 2017 1:41 pm
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 9:09 pm
Saw the picture of this cat online. It reminded me that I have a picture in that very same pose. I was like...Bitch please, wherever with you

***Not my cat***

Our Sexual Fantasy For Hump Day...Dirrty...My Pictures
Posted:Apr 19, 2017 11:36 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 9:10 pm
I heard today is a hump day. And I am feeling frisky, I want to hump

Called my friend Josh, The Cop, told him that I wanted to have him. that I want it him to fulfill my hump day fantasy. to not ask questions. to take a hot bath, to soak in the tub. cause I wanted to explore his body. kiss it EVERYWHERE. He complied. see picture of him in the tub below. then dry his body, remove himself from the tub to the bedroom. to laid in his bed, on clean sheets. just laid there naked with his arms up above his head. have the front door unlock for me. I will go in. straight to his bedroom, with out saying a word. no talking, will cover his eyes with a blindfold that I have in my purse.

Kiss him, and slowly move myself down kissing every inch of his body. he can't touch me. he needs to keeps his arms up above his head at all times. be exposed and vulnerable to me...continue kissing him going down, until my mouth find destination cock. wrap my lips very tight around. lick it, enjoying his hardness. pushing his legs open and bending them. so I can have full access to lick his balls, and at the same time rimmed his ass. he has a VERY NICE butt that I enjoy rimming Mmmmmmm...He is not allow to touch me, arms will still be up. I will be rubbing myself on to his body, then when his cock is fully ready, slip a condom on his cock, seat on it and ride it. feeling his thick cock pulsating inside me. until we both get our final climax, short and sweet. then get off, clean, fix myself, not saying a word, then finally whisper on his ear, Happy hump day. and leave. leaving him there feeling used but satisfied.

I need it to do it, I feel too clean today and I rather be dirrty

Everything was short but sweet. to the point

Now, Who want to be pamper by me???

Car BLOW JOB...Get in to My Car...Pictures...Me
Posted:Apr 17, 2017 3:49 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 9:30 am
I did a car blow job post back in February. Many of you like it.

As promised. Here is car blow job part 2, The rest of my pics

This happen last February. Those pictures were taking one night that I was out with 3 guys friends of mine. after we left the bar. we played in my car. I was the DD for the night and the sucky sucky giver

It was a great Night. we all had a blast in the bar and in the car in the parking lot...\8

Hey (hey) you (you), get in to my car..Who ?..Yes you, get in to my car

Hope you like the pics and the post. leave your comments

If in case you miss the first part. Here is the Link: Car Blow JobLast NightPicturesMe

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Teasing the Pizza Guy...Real Story...My PICS
Posted:Apr 16, 2017 12:02 pm
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2017 11:10 pm
This happen last weekend...I was home with my friend Kyle watching movies. we had a movie night. I usually do that with my friends to watch a movie marathon, is fun haha

Anyhow. It was night time, we order it pizza. I told Kyle. I am not gonna wear a bra. to see if the pizza guy notice it and tease him. he told me that was crazy and laugh

Pizza guys gets here, he kept looking at me. he is not seeing that Kyle is there. so he is all smiles telling me that I look hot that night...I said really. then take a picture of me. and I wave to the cam. he took the pic.

Then he was leaving but I can see he didn't really wanted to go. cause he is very slow walking away and looking at me. like hoping for more. so I say, well do you wanna take a few more pics of me? he said sure. I said well come in for a little bit and take more pics, we closed the door behind him, and we stood there right by the door. that is when I exposed my tits to him. his face had a horny look all over, I say touche them if you like. he was all nervous, saying, but is your husband home? I say yes but don't you worry about (I was messing with him, I have no husband).

Anyhow his hands were shaking but he did touch them. then he quickly kiss my nipples. he was quickly horny rubbing himself on me. that is when I felt his cock. I grabbed it, it was HUGE. no joke, he had the biggest cock I ever felt. didn't see it but I put my hand inside his pants to grabbed. I was impressed of the size Lol. Kyle came walking to the living room. he finally notice that Kyle was there with me. and he said. Oh your husband is there. I said yes.but don't you worry. is all good. he is ok. (again, not my husband but he didn't know). his face had a look or nerves and lust combined, he didn't know what to do. I assure him everything was fine, to not worry about, and grabbed his cock one more time while Kyle stood there in the living room watching. then I said thank you. it was fun. have a good night. he left all nervous and probably confused haha. then Kyle say. damn. you sure can easily get dick if you want it, that was crazy, I said, I know, we both laugh, had some pizza and continued watching movies

Below are the pictures that I got from that night of me teasing and getting the pizza guy horny

Bite Me or Kiss Me...Who Cares...MY PIC
Posted:Apr 15, 2017 3:42 pm
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2017 11:21 pm
Bite me or Kiss me

Picture was taking by Rodney. I met Rodney from this site.

Rodney is a great guy, we met at my place this week. we are planning on meeting again to go for a car ride together

Thanks to AgoraCosmopolitan Dating for matching me up with such great guy

I have another meeting plan with another guy from this site, we are talking about meeting this coming Monday. He is also a member from this site. he has commented my blog a few times. we can't wait to meet. he sounds awesome, can't wait to see him face to face


When People Create Profiles to Comment their Own Blog..CHEATING!!!
Posted:Apr 15, 2017 12:02 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2017 8:05 pm

ATT: SiteSupport. Help us. Please make sure that the Active Blog List. Ranks bloggers by " 30-day Responders" NOT by "30 day Responses". as is currently ranking people as of today. Cause that makes it too easy for cheaters to cheat the list.

Please returned the list to "30- day Responders. that is how it used to be all along for years, until last year in July, when something happen. maybe a glitch. that is ranking the list by "30- day responses". is only giving the illusion from outside, that is ranking by 30-day Responders but is not. if you actually open it up. Please fix it for us. Returned to show by "30- day Responders". I think there is a glitch going on there. Please make sure to look in to it for us


You know some people will resource to anything to cheat. it has been proving before. Lats year. A female blogger was using dozens of profiles to comment her own blog. you know such person was earning 250 to 300 plus comments per day. you hear it right. per day. every day, rain or shine. just amazing. well some of us notice it. at the end she couldn't keep going with out being so so obvious. so that LARGE amount of of daily comments went away from her blog. She also went away after that for a little, she took time off from blogging. she knew what was going on. taking all the fake profiles away with her. she knew people was up to her cheating ways. listen to this. her blog that is all about internet porn. was bringing in at that time more comments daily than the other 4 top bloggers combined together. including myself. she was racking 300 plus comments every day. that is a record blog in history. and if you look at her daily posts, she barely gets 15 comments per post. that if she gets that many per post. how the 300 plus comments were coming in daily. well, close to a dozen of her own fake profiles. were commenting her very old posts. when I say old. I mean like 2 years old, those profiles will go comment there. why. cause in her "smart" mind. she couldn't have all those fake profiles giving her 30 comments or more per day per individual profile in her current daily posts. cause people would immediately know something was off. so those profiles will go and find very old posts of hers. maybe a year or two old. and comment over and over there. but she should know. that numbers always have a trail. you just gotta follow the paper trail to find the source. besides, by having all those "different" profiles. find her same old post of hers from a year or two, and they all commenting that same old ass post, that same present day. What are the chances of that??. by doing that, she herself exposed all her fake profiles. that is how we knew 100% which were her fake profiles. not so smart. she pin point her own fake profiles. it was ridiculous to follow their trail and watch the show of comments in ALL her old posts. a group of bloggers, me included, took turns watching her and taking notes and screen shots. some of those screen shots were email to AgoraCosmopolitan Dating. but some of us also blog about it. she knew the gig was up. so she stop and took a break from the blogs. so did the fake profiles. after that, everyone drop the ball. thinking it was over. and everything was sweep under the rug.

We were hoping she would change her ways after that experience. we left it at that. never mentioned again. But the person is back to the old cheating ways. I guess some people don't change, they just change their way of cheating when caught. she is not using as many profiles this time. but still has 3 to 4 fake accounts working. some of them have about 3 thousand comments. other profile had 2800 plus comments. the other fake profile has 2877 comments. And of course. all comments, yes all comments made in ONE blog. Hers of course. not one comment to anyone else.

The funny part, that if you look at the record or history of comments of her fake profiles. all those profiles. have that gap of time off, same length of time that she was not blogging. those profiles have the very same few months off. she came back. and suddenly that is where you start to see the fake profiles starting all over again. same days when she start it blogging again. Brilliant.

Is easy to spot the cheating, if you pay attention to numbers. cause the number of comments usually don't add up with the number of posts. so they resource to comment in her old posts in large quantities. besides. if you add up her 4, 5 or 6 daily posts, numbers just don't add up. there is a big gap of extra comments somewhere in there at the end of the day. not matter how the cheating is done. at the end of the day things just don't balance.

I am not going to say how you get the balance at the end of the day cause I don't want her to figure out how is that she keeps getting busted.

Example. there is fake profile right now that she is using the most. that fake profile is a "couple" profile base in TX. yep gotta make it sound real. lets pic a "couple". that profile has 2877 comments. ALL those 2877 comments are made in one female blogger. Her. also from TX. Sometimes, more often than not. that profiles puts in a dozen of comments daily in that blogger.yes, a dozen of comments daily. not matter if the blogger post or not, if there are no new post from that blogger, then that couple still has to go and comment her very OLD posts. but those comments gotta go in somewhere. usually some of those ghost profiles she uses, pick after 3am to do their job. you know. when most bloggers are probably sleeping. that way we don't see them play. that is when they usually come out to comment her blog. by the time 6am comes. the fake profiles have already giving her the number of comments that she lost after the reset that takes place at 3am.

But the proof is there, all you gotta do is follow the comment trail. they cannot erased that. people doesn't have to be watching.

Personally, I have not been here that much lately. and not planning on spending too much time In the blogs. but is a shame to see people doing that. padding their own blog with fake profiles. especially doing it to the same people that she is competing with in that list that she calls "friends". I spoke to AgoraCosmopolitan Dating before about that. maybe is time to bring it the subject back up. cause I have captures with proof of what I am saying.

It would be nice if that person will drop her cheating ways at least for once. but no. she has done it before, and she can't stop cheating. little by little is pulling more and more fake comments.

Honoring mention. that one of her fake profiles is actually a gold member. male from CA. looking looking looking something.

I am writing this post cause I am going to direct people from AgoraCosmopolitan Dating to this post on Monday...and will submit the proof to them if they need them.

ALL those fake profiles, right now is about 4 of them. are all commenting that one same female blogger from TX. but before, LAST YEAR. she had about 10 to 12 fake profiles doing that, all putting comments in her blog. some of those profiles were leaving over 30 comments per day. yes. you hear it right, over 30 comments per day. EVERY day. that is true. I hold to prove it if necessary. I saved everything I have. sounds like they love internet porn. cause they only comment that ONE blog that many times per day every day. Now days. as of today, is in less scale. but still using 3 or 4 of them to keep doing it. less amount of comments daily than before, but they add up. she switch profiles around.

I have not been blogging but been watching. I notice that this past week. more and more comments were pull out from the fake profiles. very unfair for the other ladies bloggers that probably were hoping to raise in the list. cause they stand no chance with her. again. no chance, don't waste your time. CAUSE THE "PORN LADY" IS CHEATING. she can get comments whenever she wants and as many as she wants when she needs them.


I will reach out to someone from AgoraCosmopolitan Dating this coming Monday. cause some there are already aware of that issue from her last year.

She really think people in here is stupid. that people don't see it or can't get it. when is obvious. so there is only one person being stupid by doing that.

You can be anything you want or like. you can rise or go down. but do it RIGHT. If you earned the honest way. No one will fuck with you. they will have no bases for it or proof. but when you CHEAT. you deserved to be thrown in the middle.

The fake profiles have me blocked. like the "couple" from TX. they have me blocked from viewing them. not so smart. but anyhow. you can still see profiles track/record of comments even if they have you blocked. you cannot open them up, but you can see the whole history real quick, where they commented, when and how many times they comment that post or blog. AgoraCosmopolitan Dating gives you a good history, with dates and times included, You cannot see their blog if they post something, but you can see where they comment and who they visited every day. I have CURRENT screen shots of their comment history.

Hopefully AgoraCosmopolitan Dating will change the format, and NOT rank blogs by the number of comments in that cursed list. cause that only make sick people create fake profiles. to pad their own blog with comments. Dishonest, yes. but AgoraCosmopolitan Dating is making it too easy for cheaters like her by ranking them that way in that damn list.

Update. A fellow blogger made this comment below and I totally agree: "Perhaps it is time that the site returned to list placing according to UNIQUE comments in the past 30 days. This current system is too easy for cheaters to manipulate"
People Gone Wild on Good Friday...My PICS
Posted:Apr 14, 2017 6:54 pm
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2017 11:23 pm
I am one of those people

At first I was covering my mouth, like saying. oh, should I suck this cock on good Friday or no???

He said, yes, Thalia, you will be fine. meat is ok on good Friday, especially mine....I said. oh ok my friend. in the second picture it shows I was gone wild on his cock...Then we fucked like rabbits in honor of the Easter bunny

What about you. Have you gone wild on good Friday yet???

Orange and Red= Bold & Stunning...PIC
Posted:Apr 7, 2017 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2017 11:52 pm
Love the orange color on me. especially with red lips. it really makes the red stand out so rich and bold. I simply love it {=}

Now, Who Needs a Kiss, Who needs the mark of those red lips on his neck???

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