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As I used to be
Posted:Aug 6, 2020 12:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2020 3:30 pm
I just thought you might like ot seee how I looked back in the days before I had my stroke xxx

3 cocks are better than 1
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 12:45 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2020 5:24 am

Sitting in the hotel bar with my partner, I looked forward the night ahead. We had just had dinner and planned, after a couple of drinks, go our room and try my new sexy outfit, take some new pictures and maybe make a naughty video. I wasn't sure why, but I was feeling particularly naughty and got a bit hornier with every sip of my vodka. I was wearing a low cut dress and my 38ff tits were well exposed, giving a good view my partner. I could see him eagerly viewing the high cleavage my bra was producing. I also noticed the cleavage drawing the attention of the 2 guys at the table across from us.
They were younger than , maybe late 30s and both looked pretty toned in their jeans and T shirts. After another drink, during which I could see they were pretty impressed with my cleavage, often ogling at it and smiling at , I got some dutch courage and asked them join us at our table. After brief introductions, during which I discovered they were amateur football players, which explained their physiques, I blurted out "so I could see you boys admiring my titties." One looked a little embarrassed, but the other one said yeah damn right, there's a lot there be admired, they must look pretty awesome when they escape the bra. My partner said hell yes they do, as does the rest of her. By this time my mind was working overtime, although I had done some swinging in my time, I had never been on my own with guys, the more I thought about it the more I wanted it and my soaking wet panties were proof of how much.
My panties were a light pink and I knew there would be a very visible damp patch caused by my pussy juices. So ensuring the guys could see but no one else could, I raised my dress my waist and lifted my leg the arm of my wheelchair and said look what you boys are doing . The taller of the guys shifted a little uncomfortably, sitting his hand over his groin, the other guy was bolder, arching his back a little as his cock stirred a little in his jeans, it looked pretty damned impressive. I said Iook guys, we have some drink in the room, you wanna join us for a few? I am not promising sex but if it feels right we may have some fun. They readily agreed and my partner nodded in agreement.
In the room, we had a couple of drinks and my partner started get pretty touchy and coming . I asked the two guys just watch for a couple of minutes let see how I felt and started getting it with my partner. He quickly got naked and offered his rock hard cock , I grabbed it eagerly and started sucking and licking it's fat head. He drew his cock out and motioned stand. When I stood he completely stripped and I sat back down. He knelt in front of and played with my tits for a while, stroking, kissing, licking and sicking them. Then he moved down and started sliding his tongue into my hot and so wet pussy, sucking a little get more of the juices, he loves the taste of them and always drinks eagerly them. He said lets go the bed, so I wheeled over, stood , totally naked and massively aroused in front of our guests and then lay back on the bed. I told the guys to strip off, they did so very quickly, obviously keen to get involved. My partner lifted his camera and said lets get something to remember this by.
I looked at the guys, both were well toned and muscular, the taller one had a 6 inch cock, but it was a bit on the skinny side, not bad though. The other guy though ... OMG ... this was the biggest cock I had ever been this close to, inches long, maybe even and so fat I could hardly fit my hand round it, even though I have quite long fingers. As I can only use one hand, I sat at the side of the bed and told the big boy to hold it still for while I got my mouth it, at the same time working the smaller cock with my hand. I could hardly fit any more than the head of that huge penis in my mouth and I really worked it with my tongue, as my partner took some pics and a short video. I got the guys to switch places and my partner continued to take pics as I treated the 6 in cock to some deep throat work and ran my hand and down the other guy's huge shaft. After treating the guys for about minutes, I said ok my turn for some treats boys and lay back the bed.
The big boy was boldest and immediately knelt between my legs, stroking my thighs and slipping his fingers over the edge of my pussy lips, while his pal got work my huge heaving tits. My nipples were like door stops and he worked them like there was no tomorrow. My partner filmed us as the big boy stared slipping 2 fingers into my pussy curling them and working my g spot as his thumb rubbed my clit. I was so aroused already that my clit was huge and throbbing, I was thrusting against his touch and I quickly came to orgasm, I yelped a bit and clamped my legs closed tightly his hand as I came. As I relaxed again, he started trusting the fingers in and out of my pussy as fast and hard as he could. I found myself cumming again really quickly and this time i creamed. He drew his hand out looking a bit puzzled at first, then happily licked his fingers. The other guy had moved round by now and was licking my pussy avidly, while rubbing my clit, I just couldn't control myself and orgasmed 3 times, right after one another. I felt absolutely euphoric as he came up with his face absolutely soaked with my juices. I beckoned him over and kissed him, tasting myself on his face. I was as highly sexed as I think I have ever been and I said OK what now boys.
My partner stepped forward and said OK that wet pussy looks ready take 2 cocks at once. I looked at the 3 cocks and said Mr ins well that ain't gonna be one of them. My partner has a good fat cock and normally I would say no another cock going in beside it, but I was highly aroused, very wet and since the other guy's cock was a bit skinny, decided give it a go. I lay my side and my partner got behind and slid his throbbing dick the way in, thrusting deep and fast for a couple of minutes, he then rolled onto his back taking with him, his cock still in place. He got his legs between mine and opened wide, the skinny cock, now wrapped in a condom, was slid in from the front, pressed against my partner's cock. God it felt so good as they began thrusting into together, slowly at first but gradually building speed and force, making feel like my pussy was ready explode. I had the big cock in my hand again, sucking and licking the head while I worked my hand and down the shaft. I had a massive, shuddering, orgasm that I felt over my body and from the noises he was making, I knew my guest was emptying his 6 in cock into his condom. I had to slip the cock out my mouth quickly as I came because I nearly bit down on it. The guys drew their cocks out, the 6 ins getting withdrawn from the used condom and my partner still standing to attention and throbbing so much it was bouncing. I looked at that huge cock on the other guy and said you know I might just have let you use that on me tonight but my condoms ain't gonna cover it. He smiled and went to his jacket, pulling out a pack of XXL condoms, with a huge grin on his face.
I moved round and lay with my arse at the edge of the bed, lifted my legs straight and then spread them, he stepped forward with his huge shrouded dick in his hand and started slipping it into my sodden wet pussy. Even though I had just had a good fucking from 2 cocks at the same time, I felt my pussy stretch like never before, while my partner said we gotta record this and got in close with his camera, filming me being pounded by a monster cock. I actually screamed out loud as this guy gave me the most extreme fuck I had ever had, I was in pain and ecstasy at the same time and just found myself having a continuous orgasm which lasted so long I almost passed out, just before he came very loudly and almost fell right on top of me. By this time my partner was kneeling beside me, wanking his fat cock feverishly and he came in floods all over my tits and face. I licked it from my tits and then went for a shower. When I came back out the bathroom, my partner and the big guy were sitting having a drink, while Mr 6 ins was standing as was his cock again. I looked at him, said pour me a drink and you can have a wank or a blow job, but nothing else goes in my pussy tonight boys, its well fucked.
Rosie's first girl on girl
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2020 7:17 am

Rosie’s first woman
My friend Rosie had popped round for a visit ad we were having a couple of glasses of wine. It was a evening, she was wearing a nice summer dress and I was sat in my wheelchair wearing a nightshirt. We chatted away, catching up things and feeling a bit woozy from the wine. Rosie noticed the skin my left leg looked a bit dry and I explained that in weather it dries due poor circulation in that leg. She went into her handbag and took a jar of moisturizing cream. She said it was very good for helping with dry skin and knelt in front of , applying it gently to my leg. She suddenly looked , turning a bit red and said she reckoned she had just seen something she shouldn’t have. After a moment I realized she must have seen my short nightshirt, I wasn’t wearing panties. I said its ok we are both women, what’s a pussy peek between friends. She giggled at that and went back applying the cream. I could see she was now peeking my nightshirt deliberately as she rubbed the cream in and from the way her nipples were starting push through the material of her thin summer dress, I could see she was liking what she saw. It was a long time since I had ever been with a woman and suddenly the thought of doing it again seemed very enticing. I came straight with it and asked if she had ever been with a woman sexually and she said she hadn’t, but often wondered what it would be like.
She sat and sipped her wine, looking a little embarrassed. I told her that in my swinging days I had fun with women several occasions and really enjoyed it. She shifted in her seat a little and I could see the top of her thigh as her dress rode . I put my own glass down and unbuttoned my nightshirt, seeing her eyes light as she saw my naked breasts. She got and came over , immediately starting stroke my already erect nipple. I took a sharp intake of breath and took hold of her arm, pulling her towards and began kissing her, my tongue probing her mouth as she grasped my breast and squeezed. She moved down and started to suck and lick on my nipple as her hand went down and stroked my thigh, slowly moving towards my pussy. Just the anticipation of what was to come made my clit become aroused and stand out. Rosie saw it and began stroking it gently, then went down and started to suck it and flick it with her tongue as she slid two fingers into my , wet yielding pussy. I arched back in my chair, pushing against her fingers and mouth. It may have been her first time, but as women do, she really knew how work a pussy and I was soon soaking wet and panting. Rosie then slid her tongue into my pussy and licked avidly while she rubbed my clit as I stroked the top of my pelvis, one of my favourite things. I soon had a great orgasm with Rosie sucking and enjoying the taste of my juices.
I told Rosie to come with me and I wheeled through to my bedroom, dropping my nightshirt on the floor and laying back on the bed. Rosie took her dress off, exposing her 36D breasts, her nipples were standing out amazingly and I beckoned her over. As she reached the bed, I slid her panties off and was pleased to see it was smoothly shaved. I got her to straddle me and I began sucking her clit while reaching and caressing her breast. Her nipple stood out so far and felt great as I rubbed it between my fingers. I slid my tongue back and forth between her lips, it was so good to taste pussy juices again, I had forgotten how good they were. I worked her pussy and clit with my mouth and fingers until she came, her juices running over my and lapping as much of them as I could. I reached into the bedside cabinet, lifted my toy bag and removed my rabbit and my 8 inch realistic vib. Rosie turned round and knelt over , licking my clit again which made shudder as I was now so aroused. As she worked her magic tongue on , I turned my rabbit on and slid it between her lips into her soaking pussy, feeling her start to gyrate against it. As I did so, Rosie turned my 8 in vib on full speed and quickly slid it’s full length inside , immediately starting to push and pull it in and hard and fast. I adjusted the rabbit inside her so it pulsed rapidly and started the ears spinning against her clit. We were both thrusting and moaning, her lovely wet pussy looking so good in front of as I worked that rabbit inside it. Soon she let a yell and shuddered violently as she had a huge orgasm. I pulled the rabbit and sucked so hard between her lips, swallowing her free running . She started working harder, pounding my throbbing pussy with that vibrator till I arched hard against it as I came. She did not stop there though, she kept pounding me with that big toy, making me again and then cream. Seeing cream, she went down between my legs and lapped it , turning round then and kissed passionately, sharing my cream. That was the first I had ever had my own cream in my mouth, but I decided immediately it was something I wanted do it again. We lay together for a while, gently stroking each other’s bodies and kissing. I know this was not going to be Rosie’s last experience, or mine.

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