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Female on Female play  

gentlelovrjust4u 62M  
61 posts
11/29/2019 6:48 pm

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11/30/2019 2:59 pm

Female on Female play

How many of you, man and woman, are ok or better than ok with female on female play?

Bare with me on this as there will be another blog that will shine some light on this one later.

gentlelovrjust4u 62M  
188 posts
11/29/2019 6:51 pm

Give me a couple of days and I will post the other part of this blog.

idblueswoman 62F  
795 posts
11/29/2019 7:15 pm

If you're talking about women having sex with each other, porn and this site totally cured any curiosities I had about being intimate with another woman.

xxxgreatimes69 39M  
172 posts
11/29/2019 7:21 pm

Who cares what one person likes? Does it affect you no. Worry about yourself!

Doubleleg2020 44M
8 posts
11/29/2019 7:45 pm

agreed... to each their own...

gentlelovrjust4u 62M  
188 posts
11/29/2019 7:48 pm

I would tend to agree with XXX. When it comes to sexuality and sex between people, it's only the opinions of those involved should matter.

Firemanbd 37M
8 posts
11/29/2019 7:53 pm

Fuck it to she cums

bigwhtdck86 34M
17 posts
11/29/2019 7:54 pm

female on female play is great, especially if your allowed to stay and watch

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