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Happily Married / committed relationship  

futurefun2016 60M
8 posts
9/15/2020 1:25 pm
Happily Married / committed relationship

A great majority of women's profiles start with I love my husband or I'm in a committed relationship, yet they feel the need fool around outside their marriage/relationship. If a man is honest and says he's married in his profile he's a scumbag. Discuss

sussi1028 60F
858 posts
9/17/2020 10:42 am

You shouldn’t look at it from e point of gender, but rather who cheats his partner out of a pleasant experience.

If a married man neglects his wife, does not provide her with the amount of orgasms she so much desires, donates his ...\8 to another women, he is without question a scumbag.
However, if a man is neglected by his partner, wife, significant other, GF, why would he not find some satisfaction outside the relationship, it is only fair. Some women don’t like BJ’s and if he has his best orgasms while receiving a BJ’s, what options does he have? Same thing goes with woman who only desire, want intercourse once a week or month? It is his right to go outside to find some balance in his life. THE IS ONE GREAT BENEFIT, he will be kind and lovely to his wife, since he is satisfied when he gets home How do I know? I have some friends I meet with from time to time who are not satisfied at home

Is it wrong for a woman to look around, while hubby is watching football or is working hard to pay for her Porsche and then she claims she has a headache and does not want to make love to him when his is all go \8\8\8b?
God made us women to love more than one man, ready to make love to multiple men every day and yes, some of us desire at least two men at once A DP with hubby alone does not work, and some husbands do not want to do a DP, so we need to go outside. There are women like me, who experience their ultimate orgasms only trough DP
In addition, a high percentage of women requires multiple ...\8 a day to be content, most husbands have already difficulties to go from /8 to \8, don’t even ask for multiple donations ...\8 after 2 or more years of marriage Will you divorce him because of it?
Of course not, he may is otherwise the perfect partner, why discard a wonderful man only because he can’t satisfy your female needs! Appreciate him, value him for what he gives you, honor him and be sweet to him at all times, just find yourself some other men, who will take you to heaven a few times and make you smile on the way home, keep you smile all night long. A woman’s glowing face, a happy smile, can sometimes even make a tired husband getting an appetite for love making. This is where the difference is, a woman who loves her man will be thankful to receive his attention, to open up for his \8 and tell him how wonderful he is and how much she appreciates his ...\8 gift. No question she will fall asleep while holding him in her arms and feels totally happy.
If she refuses him, she would be totally wrong, she for sure should be condemned, she is not any better than some men on here, who neglect their wives only to please their egos shame on these scumbags !!!

U're boyfriends love U, U shall have a Birthday Weekendin heavenU want 2B in heaven contactYardstick236God’s gift 2 us women

undercover_bi469 56M
651 posts
9/18/2020 2:32 pm

sussi1028, very well stated, I agree 100%

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