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I still me,too old to improve  

agelesssexylegs 78F
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9/12/2021 3:30 am

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9/30/2021 11:15 am

I still me,too old to improve

Well body of two halves big top sadly,petite waist down god knows how i manage to walk or stay upright tottering in my silly high heels but old age has robbed of valuable inches i can only replace with 5 or 6 inch heels feel better about myself,glad i can still wear them at my tender age,part of my make what makes and love be different and not act or feel my age often if i can help it,always being confused with younger from behind thank god for some mercy that i look younger from one side than the other and still gives me confidence look the part of a sassy lady,not dress my age where is the fun in that.

Apart from the dirty old men leering at me i totter past in the street and the too often nasty comments from other ladies,who looking at them could do with a makeover some even a wash and bit of make though i guess they more worried about keeping their men in check why do i get the blame,if they cannot control their partners gaze.Certainly not interested in them,or those with a girl already

I very old fashioned in some respects,love dress and please a lover get him wanting more,i guess trying keep him mine for long i can,before the novelty of dating an old lady wears off,i have tended be very weak willed and easily led by some very hot toyboys,god knows what they see in me,and,often question myself as i get older but not often wiser, but still enjoying their company and often adore what they pick out for me to wear or persuade me to buy myself as often some have a better taste than i do,though the length and fitting could do with some improvement but way they grab hold and kiss i know they made the right choice,still love being a girly girl and made glam maybe not so classy anymore but what the hell cannot have everything just thankful of the attention young still give ,though takes my body an age recover,i guess that is life,least have my health and libido more than many others have at my tender age.

Do so love turning boys into men,mmmm,to take what they wish sexually and through experience they certainly learn some very good tricks at such a hot adorable young age that still makes me blush and their willingness to try something new though the weather changing now so will have to think of wrapping myself warmer for those hot autumn days and evenings that i hope are still come my way

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author51 59F  
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9/29/2021 12:11 am

Love your stockings and heels and wish I had more opportunity to wear them for a lover.. Keep going until you can't anymore..xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life.xoxo


agelesssexylegs replies on 9/30/2021 11:15 am:
Oh love them more as i have aged,though tend to totter than able to walk in them,these days but know how much studs enjoy me to keep them on,well tend to stay dressed while having sex with them these days,yes i know bit tarty and slutty but what the hell,at least my bits tend to stay where they once were in something tight and clingy

easyrider4008 65M
2548 posts
9/15/2021 1:48 am

As long as you are happy to make the effort then I would ignore the comments and enjoy the positive attention you get. I think you still may win a leg competition with your pins.

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/15/2021 9:18 pm:
Oh that is very kind of you to say,after a bit of kissing and cuddling,i tend to be bent over and taken from behind or put in doggy position do not think until i tire myself out that i get to see their faces while flat on my back

lindoboy100 59M  
23968 posts
9/13/2021 8:11 am

As fine a pair of pins as ye'll see anywhere McLegs!

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/13/2021 8:49 pm:
Why thank you kindly sir,my best body assets sadly

Shouldbe_here 59M
53 posts
9/12/2021 10:47 am

[4413985] Don’t change a thing you are absolutely gorgeous and stunning and those photos makes the mind wander!

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/12/2021 8:45 pm:
Oh thank you,do so love to make a mans mind and eyes wander,also his hands too

Paulxx001 64M  
22487 posts
9/12/2021 9:09 am

Sounds and looks like ya got it all together. 😎❗❗

... is there another way to look at it
Going Too Fucking Far NEW Blog Features RevealeD O O

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/12/2021 8:48 pm:
Well do love to try and keep myself together,feeling young when i can,despite covid as i have missed the flirting and teasing them,though by their groping they certainly missed ladies like me,just thankful for that

Kalbi54 67M
1401 posts
9/12/2021 8:55 am

As long as both sides are consenting and adults (at least in age), enjoy your life as you see fit. Do be careful on those heels, last thing I want to read about is you falling or tripping.

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/12/2021 8:53 pm:
Oh well they certainly do not mind me feeling them,most times it just a release of lust and sexual tensions,yes tend to totter rather than walk in them,better to steady myself on arm of a toyboy though when i with one they do tend to find the beaten path in woodland where i do feel rather fragile and vulnerable over the uneven rough ground where i need their help more to stay upright till we find somewhere secluded to enjoy each other better

Mickstrike 61M
634 posts
9/12/2021 7:52 am

You’re a great instructor- keep teaching those young-uns

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/12/2021 8:55 pm:
Oh rather tease and flirt and wear risque clothing,they certainly know what to do and where to put their young equipment for mind blowing orgasms

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5028 posts
9/12/2021 6:50 am

No improvement need as far as I'm concerned...Your beautiful as you are. Have a good one!

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/12/2021 8:57 pm:
Why thank you sweetie,glad you are enjoying my blog,always lovely to read that i still got it,though i think beauty is in eye of beholder and see how they react to me,certainly feel it for days after but that life i guess

spunkycumfun 61M/66F  
40662 posts
9/12/2021 5:15 am

You clearly are a very good teacher!

agelesssexylegs replies on 9/12/2021 8:59 pm:
Well the attraction is there on both sides so we teach each other,very easily led off the beaten track and learnt to please a young stud almost anywhere

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