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Posted:Jan 21, 2021 7:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2021 8:53 am

As human beings, we do not have agree everything. Diversification what our world has become. History has made this way and our recourse now is accept .
We can not change what was or what will be.
We can not change our friends and neighbours, just what inside of ourselves. one and thing in this life that we have total and complete control over is what is inside of us. You can blame no one else for your thoughts or actions.
Remember, you can never take back anything that has already been done, but you certainly put your best face forward and make things better.
Posted:Jan 17, 2021 9:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2021 8:36 pm

I sometimes sit back and ponder life I have had. As difficult as has been, I feel blessed have survived when I had pondered getting out so many times. People tell me how "strong" I am, they rejoice in my bravery in the face of adversity. I smile and humor them.
What noone knows that strength and bravery are not what made survive. I lived out of fear, I got by out of fear, I am where I am now because I know fear.
Strength and bravery are wonderful but they are extremely superficial when being used in situations of life and death. Survival not brave, using your fear your advantage! greater your fear more you are willing be complacent in eyes of others. You don't plot and plan in silence if you don't know fear.
You learn where step and when breathe, you can time a charming smile and make seem real if you have fear.
Fear driving force behind survival.
be in a position where you learn fear, means that at some point you were weak, naiive, senseless. These are not used describe someone who strong. These are laughable traits. Those of nobodies and disposable people. The ones that never get anywhere in life.
I can guarentee that if you ask any recovering alcoholic or drug addict why they were so weak as begin their journey, will be based fear. Fear just transforms into other fears. never goes away, just compiles itsself into a bigger fear, a deeper predicament, a new reason to be afraid!
Fear what saves us, not being strong. Those who shed most tears and have most fears will be ones with accomplishments.
Without fear, courage does not exist, and without courage we have no will. Will is emotion that makes us act and we mistake for strength.
I am proud that I have known fear. made who I am. Fear makes us or breaks us, without it there no reason for more and we lay sedately and watch time pass.
Noone can ease our fears because we know them and they are unexplainable.
Fear sets us !
His Kink
Posted:Jan 1, 2021 9:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2021 2:11 am

She heard Him enter the room and looked up from where she was sitting to meet His gaze. He looked at her sternly and she knew.

She stood and walked to the bedroom without looking back. She heard Him head the other way.

She undressed and neatly folded her clothes laying them neatly and in order, on the floor, displaying them for His assessment upon entrance.

She placed on her blindfold and lay, silently, on the bed, on her back.

He finally entered. She heard Him walking around. She knew He was close and she felt Him bump the bed as He puttered. She jolted as she felt rope suddenly drop on her knees. She felt it caress her skin as it moved while He worked with it.

She felt Him grab her ankles....He pulled her down the bed by her ankles. She listened as He moved to the side of the bed. Again, He had her ankles in His hand and spun her so she was laying across the bed. Her ass was level with the edge.

Without speaking, He went about His duty. He lifted her leg and turned her onto her side. He bent her knee and she felt the rope as He deftly tied her calf with her foot rested on His shoulder. She felt Him release her leg and felt the rope suspend her leg in the air, toe pointing to the ceiling.

She then felt His hands on her other leg. He bent her leg so that calf touched thigh and she felt Him bind it in this position.

"Comfy?" He asked.

She nodded.


She heard the tv click on and heard him walk to where she laid her clothes.

"Hmmmm.. good girl," He said, " you fold nicely... next time you will roll your clothes. Do you understand?" She nodded.

She listened as she heard Him sit down in the chair and change channels on the tv. The chair was lined up perfectly so that He could look at her pussy in the position He tied her.

After a few minutes, He got up and walked to the other side of the bed. He positioned her arms straight above her head and gloved her with wrapped rope. She could not bend her arms. She felt the tug as He attached the loose end of the rope to some part of the bed so she couldn't move.

She listened as He went back to His chair. After a few minutes she felt her pussy lashed with a flogger. She gasped and jumped. Again and again, harder and harder, He hit her, intermittently, as He watched tv.

Again He got up and she felt His fingers touch her elevated thigh. Gently He traced her thigh, she felt his hot breath as He was so close. Finally, His lips lit the fire on her thigh. She moaned and for her effort a sharp slap was placed on her ass.


She felt His fingers travel toward her pussy. She squirmed with anticipation.

He clicked his tongue at her and released her, walking away. Her heart sank as she realized she was disobedient in her need.

Again, she heard the channels change. She lay silently and waited.

Without warning, she felt His fingers enter her. Waiting made her so wet and needy that He entered her with ease. She bit her lip and fought the moans deep inside her. He teased her G spot for a moment before pulling out.

"MMMM tasty," He said and she knew He had licked her from His fingers.

That is when she heard the buzz of the vibrator. She shifted with excitement, She listened.

He unzipped his pants and she heard Him moan as he ran the vibrator along his hard cock.

"MMMMM, I understand why you like this so much," He said. "Do you want this?"

She nodded.

He knew the minute He touched her with the vibrator He could no longer expect her silence. He knew she needed it it more than she wanted it.

She listened as He stood and walked to her.

"I think you were a good girl for Me and that you deserve this."

He gently ran the vibrator down her thigh to to her clit. He held it on her clit and watched her pussy ooze with pleasure. She felt the moan escape her throat but couldn't hear it as her ears were deaf to anything but Him. She felt His fingers slide deep inside her again and roughly tease her g spot. She tried to push against his fingers.


She nodded.

"No." He removed his fingers and she slumped sadly. He pushed the vibrator harder against her clit. She felt His cock brush her wet entrance. She arched with need.

His hand landed sharply on her ass. She gasped. Again and again, she knew her ass would be nicely red and sore when He finished.

He caressed her burning flesh and removed the vibrator. He reached forward and pinched her hard nipple. She squealed out as pain met pleasure. She felt His cock against her pussy and the zipper of His jeans digging her lips.

"More... more!" She cried out.

He groaned as he pushed harder against her. His cock filled the length of her gash. She felt him move against her.

"Please more. Take me and fuck me. Stop teasing! Use me!" She begged.

Without warning, His cock took her, balls deep. His hand on her leg He pulled himself into her and she was completely open for Him. He slammed into her deeply as she she screamed for more.

"Cum Slut," He demanded, and she did.

She covered His cock in her thick cum. He kept fucking her and she no longer had control of herself. She writhed against her bindings trying to get more of Him. She screamed His name and begged and pleaded for mercy that she didn't want.

He fingered her ass as He fucked her.

"I am going to fill you up you dirty girl."

She tried to gyrate her hips and ride him but he held her tight.

"Cum !" She begged.

As she said this, he pulled out and entered her ass and began to cum immediately and fill her. She joined him, covering him in cum as she squirted on him, soaking his shirt and jeans.

When he finished he didn't move. He held himself inside of her and stroked and nibbled her thigh as He rubbed her clit and spanked it. Reaching forward he slapped her hard nipples causing her to pull back. He quietly chuckled sadistically as He enjoyed torturing her.

Pulling out of her He replaced His cock with a big butt plug. He owned her, He would be sure she knew as she would have to keep Him with her this way.

He untied her and she lay still. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the chair. He sat her on his cum covered lap and held her close and teased the plug from time to time as she cuddled close to him, making her cum over and over. Finally, He removed the blindfold and kissed her deeply as He slid 2 fingers deep into her pussy.

"Time to watch tv, Babygirl. We will play more later."
Posted:Dec 18, 2020 3:38 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2020 6:45 am

He stood back and admired His handiwork.

He looked upon her nakedness proudly. Her body entwined in blood red rope, that He adeptly maneuvered into a beautiful binding. Her breasts stood taut, as the rope, that was wound tightly around them, forced them, red, from being constricted, and erect from her body. Her nipples protruded hard and stiff, from the red mounds like cherries on a sundae. Her body was cocooned, brilliantly, in decorative knots. Lengths of rope crossed her soft abdomen and snaked their way down between her legs and were once again knotted. The rope trailed from these knots to her knees where they kissed her thighs and ended in well secured bindings at her knees. Her arms were tightly held behind her back, with a coiling of rope from her elbows to her wrist and entwined between her fingers. How elegant she looked with her woven gloves. Her pony tail had been braided with rope and tied to the black leather collar around her neck. She would have no choice but to look at Him as He dominated her.

He smiled at her wickedly as his gaze turned to the ceiling and followed the three ropes that were tied there. He saw how He had draped them to key points on her body. One was tied to the cocoon on her back. It fell between her arms and gave her body stability when she leaned onto it. The other two were tied to the rope on her knees. He had pulled the ropes tight so they held her in a seated position, while keeping her legs spread wide apart. He had suspended her high enough that He could use her body any way He chose, at his will.

His eyes lowered to the wet opening between her thighs. Pink and perfect, He would insure it was a beautiful red to match her breasts when He was finished with her. He saw how her wetness waited for Him.

He looked into her face. There He saw her anticipation as she watched him, knowing what was coming.

He looked into her eyes and smiled. He saw her shudder with need as he took a step toward her.

"Who do you belong to?" He growled.

"You," she said softly.

"And what can I do with what is Mine?"

"Anything You want."

Her eyes were downcast, showing her submission to Him.

He touched her chin and she knew this was a sign that He wanted her to look at Him. She looked into his eyes and He gently kissed her lips.


"Yes, Sir: Anything."

"Good girl."

He let His hands fall to her nipples as He stared into her eyes calming her, soothing her. The binding had made them very sensitive and as He grazed them, she caught her breath and pulled back without being able to escape Him.

"Don't move," He ordered and touched them again. Again she sharply drew in her breath and tried to recoil.

"I said, don't move. Does it hurt?"

She nodded.


He allowed his hands to trace her stomach, her hips and down her legs, slowly. As he got to her knees he pulled her against him.

"Does Sir enjoy your pain?" He asked as his erection rubbed against her wetness.

"Yes, Sir."

"Do you wish to please Me?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then stay still."

He released her and trailed his fingers around her knees and back up her inner things. As He reached her pussy, He smiled and kissed her again. He stroked her clit and then gently slid his fingers inside of her.

"This is...???"


He went deeper.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl.'

Pulling His fingers out He traced the wetness onto her nipples. When they were well coated He slipped His fingers into her mouth.


She did as she was told. As she sucked her juice from His fingers. He leaned in and licked her nipples clean. She squealed against His fingers as the meeting of pain and pleasure collided and coursed through her body. His tongue became more intense and the pain all but disappeared. He sucked one nipple into His mouth and caressed the other with His free hand. She hungrily gobbled up His fingers, drool running down her chin.

Lifting His head, He removed His fingers simultaneously. He kissed her roughly and then slowly walked behind her, swinging her as He did. Once behind her He reached around her and found her clit. He pressed his chest against her back and rubbed her in a circular motion. Her head fell back to His shoulder and He kissed her cheek,

"Are you ready?"

She moaned a slight "yes" that was barely audible. She was succumbing to His torturous ways and slipping away into sub space. He smiled and growled into her ear.

He gently directed His hard cock into her wet pussy. She was so wet already and she had yet to cum. He followed through with a few gentle strokes and began to fuck her faster. He felt her disappear into His offerings. The pain and the pleasure. He allowed his cock, wet with her juice, to fall from her and He heard her whimper at the emptiness. His hand trailed to her breasts again and tweaked her nipple. This time she didn't pull away and He knew she was all His for the taking.

He pulled her against Him again and this time when He took her, He entered her ass. She cried out and He felt her hands grasping for His body. Her nails scratching Him, digging at Him, with need, want and in a weak attempt to stop Him. She knew her safe words and He listened for them.

He pushed into her and stopped. Feeling her tightness on Him and waiting for her to relax. As she became comfortable, He began to fuck her, as He had done with her pussy. Her juice giving the lubrication needed. She came alive; moaning and begging for more, faster, slower, don't stop!

He reached behind Him and picked up a vibrator from the toy table behind Him. He turned it on high and placed it on her clit and resumed fucking her ass. Within minutes she was screaming wildly with extacy.

"Cum? Please? Need.. to.. cum.. please!" Her sentence was broken but direct.

"Cum for me and don't stop"

She covered the floor in her cum, over and over she gushed as he continued to fuck her hard. He was covered in sweat from the work and restraint. Cum dripped from His fingertips.

His breathing was heavy as He nuzzled her ear and moaned, "I am going to cum in your ass."

He barely got the words out when He exploded inside of her. He stood for a moment, holding her as He regained Himself.

He removed the vibrator and said "Rest."

She leaned against Him drained.

"OK, I am going to let you go. I will lower you. I will unbind your arms and breasts and cuff you in front. You will do as I say. We will continue this in the bed. Do you understand?" She made an exhausted motion of agreement.

He smiled as He walked around to the front of her and saw her slumped against the rear rope, Her eyes were glazed with passion and her body covered in sweat. He pulled her toward Him and kissed her deeply.

"Good girl."

She smiled weakly as he worked to release her.

She couldn't wait for what was to come!
Posted:Dec 16, 2020 4:22 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2020 6:44 am

She looked into His face to find
His pride as He began to bind
Her soul to His with gaze so deep
And rope around her hands and feet.

His words were course but soothed her soul;
Submission was her favorite role.
At His mercy, feeling safe
His dominance her saving grace.

He reached her core with nimble fingers
While on her body His eyes lingered.
Teasing, stroking, lovingly
He was a ferocious sight to see.

Her body arched to meet His touch
To feel the love she craved so much.
And for her efforts, gleefully met
A hardened hand that made her wet.

A strike upon her breast so sharp
She gasped so loud her lips did part.
And in that sudden breath did find
A smile on His face, sublime.

Her pain brought pleasure between the two
That simple words could never do.
And so they played throughout the night
Sharing pleasures and delights.

Ending peacefully in tender bliss
Her flesh alive from flogger's kiss
And soothed within His arms; with love
Two bodies entwined, to fit like gloves.

Drifting off with sated desire,
To deepened sleep, and love afire.
Two souls lay bare where few dare go
A depth of trust that few will know.
A Little's Fairytale
Posted:Dec 8, 2020 3:51 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2020 6:43 am

She sat at His feet. Her blankie pulled up to her chin and her stuffie cozy and safe in her arms beneath, Her head rested lazily on His knee as He played with her hair. She leaned her head back and smiled up at Him. He was gazing at her deep in thought. Lost in another world, He still returned her smile instinctively. His hand travelled to her cheek, gently stroking her soft flesh.

Turning around she placed her chin on his knee and looked up at Him, her beautiful, big eyes filled with innocent concern.

"Daddy, are you ok?"

He smiled down at her "I was just thinking about the day we met. I never thought it would come this far."

"Does it make you sad?" She asked concerned.

"Babygirl, come sit on my lap," He demanded.

She slowly left the comfort and warmth of her resting place and crawled into the safety of His lap. He pulled her into a tight embrace as she snuggled into Him, her blankie and stuffie in tow. She heard the rumble in His chest as He began to speak.

"Sweetheart, the day we met was the second best day of My life," He began.

"I remember looking at you and thinking how beautiful you were. How I wanted moments just like this where I could hold you close and take care of you. I imagined your eyes filled with all your love when you looked up at Me. I thought about your body, laid before Me, entwined in knotted ropes and your hands cuffed above your head to the bed. I remember those memories as vividly as the need in your eyes at this very moment."

She sighed contentedly at this new fairytale He was was weaving. The tale of their real life love. She loved His stories and reveled in them. She felt His hot lips on her forehead as he rested his lips in a long, gentle kiss. The kiss she obeyed for, submitted for, loved Him for. The kiss that promised everything was going to be alright.

As He pulled back and looked down at her she smiled up at Him. He smiled back as He squeezed her tight.

"It was the second most perfect day in My life," He repeated.

She looked up at Him quizzically and said, "the second?"

He chuckled deep inside his chest, the sound filling her soul and swelling her heart with love.

"Yes, Babygirl, the second."

Hesitantly she looked up at Him and asked, "W,,well, what was the first?" She held her breath and waited.

He was silent for a moment and then sighed deeply.

"Today, now, in this moment. The perfection of you at My feet and in My lap. The innocence in your concern when you see Me in thought. Your worry that My first best day didn't include you. Babygirl, every best day in My life, includes you, and it always will. You are everything to Me."

He lifted her chin as he stared into her eyes. She exhaled.

"I love you so much," he growled huskily.

"I love you too, Daddy," she said as she kissed his lips and stroked his face.

As He pulled back and stared at her, she felt Him tense for a moment. With ease He reached past her and clicked the tv off with the remote. He scooped her into His arms and stood. She rested her head on His shoulder as He carried her to the bedroom, her blankie and stuffie grasped in her hands, He quietly closed the door with His foot.

He was right, this was the first most perfect day!
Posted:Dec 3, 2020 12:45 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2020 6:46 am

She was left suspended in darkness, the silk blindfold soft, yet secure, against her eyes prevented anything enter her sight. The room was quiet except for a slight rustling in the distant corner of the room. Sitting against the head of the bed, her legs spread wide and tied the end with soft nylon rope. The nylon rope also bound her wrists, pinching gently, as she twisted slightly against them. There was little room for movement and no escape. She tried listen but could make out no discernible sounds. She knew He was there, watching her, yearning use her, admiring the sight He had constructed before Him with flesh, nylon and silk. Her mind reeled with anticipation. Her safe word was "safe", but she knew she would never need it with Him.
Finally, she heard Him move. It seemed like she had sat there in the silence forever. She cocked her head one side listening for His footfalls. She heard them stop beside her. She lifted her chin in the direction of Him and He reached over with a gentle hand to tough her face. He stroked her cheek with His thumb. Without warning a firm slap was placed on her cheek. He was ready to .
The slap didn't hurt, it was merely a show of force inform her that He was there and He was ready. She knew that she would obey Him and He would keep her safe. She felt His fingers trail down her hot flesh her neck. His had grasped her throat firmly, oxygen was hard get but there was enough for her keep breathing.
"you will be a good girl for Daddy, won't you," He stated.
"Yes, Daddy."
"Good girl."
She felt his other hand tweak her nipple as He continued hold her by the throat demonstrating His dominance.
"Do you like when Daddy treats His girl this way, little one?" He asked.
"Yes, Daddy, very much!" she exclaimed. She knew he was smiling as she submitted Him, He always did. Her heart soared as she knew how pleased He was.
"Do you want Daddy use His little girl today?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"And how would My little girl like to be used?"
"As You see fit, Daddy."
She felt his grip her throat loosen and found herself feeling empty without it there. He finally removed His hand completely, it's absence, more than, noticeable. Suddenly she felt His hand in her hair. He grabbed it tight and jerked her head backward.
"Are you Daddy's little slut?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"you make Daddy very happy, little one."
"Thank You, Daddy."
As He spoke, she felt a quick, but firm, slap on Her breast. She jumped at the sudden assault her body.
"Did I say you could move?" He asked slightly irritated.
"No, Daddy."
"Then stay still until you are told!"
Before she could respond, another sharp slap crossed her breast. This one was somewhat more intense than the one before. She steeled herself against the shock.
"Good girl."
"Thank You, Daddy."
He jerked her head back further and his lips were suddenly on hers. She hungrily took His tongue into her mouth, as He offered it. He pulled back and she could feel His eyes on her.
"Daddy's little girl wants to suck on something," He stated firmly.
She nodded, knowing better than to speak.
"Do you want Daddy's cock, little one?"
"Yes, Daddy, please."
"Such a polite little girl. You may have My cock for a moment."
She felt His hardness against her lips. She opened her mouth wide allowing Him access to her. Slowly He entered her waiting mouth. She gently closed her lips around it and began to suck Him, teasing with her tongue. She heard His throaty moan as He pulled her head deeper onto His stiff cock. She moaned too, knowing that her mouth was the cause of His pleasure. He began to slide in and out of her mouth slowly. Her lips and tongue working furiously to please Him. Suddenly, He pulled her head in tight to his balls. As deep as He could get inside of her, and He held her there. She held her breath a brief time before she began to gag. He pulled her head off of His cock and let her catch some air. She knew better than to close her mouth when He did this. She felt saliva run down her chin. Knowing that her gagging gave Him deep satisfaction, she took a deep breath and prepared for the next assault on her sensitive throat.
He did as she knew He would and again stuffed His cock deep into her throat and held her there until she gagged. This time for a few seconds longer. As He released her, she gasped for air.
"Does Daddy's baby like that?" He asked.
She nodded.
"Good girl."
He released her hair and she felt the heat of His body move away. She heard him pick something off the dresser and she squirmed with anticipation. He chuckled throatily and said,
"Does My little girl know what Daddy is going do?"
"No, Daddy."
"Do you anticipate it, little one?"
""Yes, Daddy," she sighed hardly restraining her desire for the games commence.
He chuckled again as He moved closer.
"Daddy loves when His little girl squirms around for Him."
"Daddy, I am excited with You."
She felt His hand her clit. She knew her pussy was getting wet and she knew, also, that He would take full advantage of this. His touch was gentle as He teased her in circles. She caught her breath and He stopped. She felt Him shift his face to within an inch of her face.
"Does My baby like that?"
" yes, Daddy, very much!"
"Good girl."
He leaned in and nibbled her bottom lip. She felt His tongue trace the opening and then dip inside to taste her. She allowed her tongue to touch His. This was rewarded with a firm slap on her clit.
"Did I say you could taste ?
"No, Daddy."
He slapped her clit again. She wimpered.
He began rub again, this time harder. She tried not move. He slapped her pussy. Again, she didn't move.
"Such a good girl! you make Daddy very happy, slut."
"Thank You, Daddy."
"But you were a bad girl today weren't you, little one? You tried to take what you wanted from Daddy, didn't you?"
"Yes, Daddy," she pouted mournfully.
"Daddy needs to punish bad girls."
"Yes, Daddy, i was a bad girl and i need to be punished."
He slipped a finger inside of her.
"Little girl, you are wet, very wet. Should I spank you or punish you in another way?"
"Daddy, You know what is best for ."
"That's Daddy's good girl!"
She heard the smile in His voice and she knew she had pleased Him. She felt Him slip a second finger inside of her as he teased her clit with His thumb. She moaned with pleasure. She felt Him push His fingers in as deep as they could go and curl in order find that sensitive spot that drove her crazy.
He applied pressure and quickly jerked his hand and down stimulating her. She moaned again and pushed deeper against Him. Without warning, she felt a painful slap her breast. She cried out.
"I didn't tell you I needed help did I, slut?"
"No, Sir."
"Then stay still until told!"
He continued His . She could feel the explosion building inside of her. She didn't move but she began moan.
"Daddy, i'm going cum!"
"No you are not! you will not cum until I say you can is that clear?"
She moaned an inaudible reply.
"I said, 'is that clear'?" He yelled.
"Yes, Sir!"
It was she could do not cum, the torment was painful. She was so close and she was unsure if she could hold it. She threw her head against the headboard and tried to be still. Her moaning was beginning to get louder. The buildup between her thighs almost unbearable. Suddenly, there was a sharp slap to her face, quickly followed by one to her tits. Both were assaulted rapidly and roughly, snapping her out of her pleasure. He stopped playing with her and removed His fingers. Sliding the gooey mess into her mouth to be cleaned off, He continued to assault her nipples with pinches. A brief pause informed her that there was more to come.
He removed His clean fingers from her mouth, and stopped the well placed slaps on her breasts. A brief pause told her that He had something planned. She inhaled deeply and waited. She felt his hand gently rub her tender breasts to sooth them. She moaned with satifaction.
"you make Daddy so proud, little one," He said and kissed her cheek.
She smiled. As He rubbed she felt something hard touch her breast. She knew what was coming. She knew what it was. She anticipated it but dreaded it at the same time. She caught her breath and waited. She felt Him kiss her nipple and tease it with His tongue, wetting it. She felt His teeth nip it, making it erect for His pleasures. He moaned against her taut nipple exciting her the more. He pulled away from her nipple and gently kissed her lips.
"Daddy loves His baby," he said.
"i love daddy too," she murmured against His lips. She felt the . The sudden pain rushed her chest and was about exit her mouth in a scream when he covered her mouth and swallowed her pain. He gently rubbed the sensitive area until she quieted. He repeated the action on the other breast. How she hated nipple clamps! But He loved them. She was so easily controlled with them. Her Surrender Him complete.
"ok, baby?" He asked when her screams subsided.
"Yes, Daddy."
"Good girl," He said as his thumb stroked her cheek and he leaned in kiss away the tears He had caused.
Again, He paused as if looking for something. She felt his hand slide down her stomach, caressing her, and finding her clit He began to tease it again. Between the pain in her nipples and the pleasure her clit, the turmoil caused her become much wetter. She could hear His fingers playing in the sloppy mess between her legs.
She felt something touch the opening to her pussy. She moaned. It pressed in deeper. It was very big and she found it difficult for it to enter as she was so tight. He pressed her abdomen as he forced the toy inside of her. She whimpered a little bit as it stretched her.
"Daddy's girl," He said as He the switch turn the vibration. He knew this would send her over the edge quickly. He stopped pushing it deeper and moved away from her, leaving her in this position. She lay her head back, trying to avoid the inevitable. She heard Him sit in the chair beside the bed.
"Daddy, i am going to cum. I can't help it."
"you better not, little one."
She began to cum, her body vibrating with every ebb and flow of delicious torment he had inflicted upon her. The release was incredible. She knew she shouldn't but she couldn't stop. She knew He had planned it this way. She knew He was smiling. She knew she would be punished.
When she stopped cumming, His voice was in her ear.
"You are a very bad girl. I said you weren't to cum and you disobeyed Me. I am disappointed in you. Now I have to punish you."
She felt him release the ropes on her feet, gently untying her. Painstakingly slow. Next He released her hands in the same incredibly, controlled manner. The vibrator was still running between her thighs, although, not inside of her now. As he stood from untying her, she felt a sudden painful slap to her clit. She cried out.
"Then you should not have disobeyed, little one."
"Yes, Daddy," she said, tears streaking her face.
Her nipples ached but she dare not take off the clamps.
"Stand up, slut."
She did as she was told. She heard Him sit on the bed.
"Come to me," He ordered.
She went to Him and He lay her across His lap.
"little one, this hurts me to have to do this."
"Yes, Daddy."
He spread her legs and slapped her pussy hard. She jumped and whimpered. He did it again and again. Each time rubbing the sore spot to erase the pain.
Then he reached for something. She stiffened.
"Do you want this, little one?" He asked.
"Yes, Daddy."
She knew in His hand was the paddle. One side was wooden and one side was covered in velvet. She felt Him rub the velvet across her ass in circles, without warning, he flipped the paddle and spanked her with the wooden side. He was very adept at spinning that paddle from side to side. Pain and pleasure. She felt herself getting wet again. Her nipples throbbed but she dare not ask for a reprieve.
"Stand up," He finally said.
She stood and she felt His hands gently touch the underside of her breast. She whimpered.
"Do those hurt, My baby?" He asked, knowing full well they did.
"Yes, Daddy."
"Ok, baby, stay very still while I remove them. I don't want to hurt you."
"Yes, Sir."
She was frozen in place, knowing that He truly didn't want to cause her pain. With expert hands, He removed the clamps, freeing her from their grip. She felt him place a warm, damp cloth on her nipples to ease the pain.
"Thank You, Daddy," she said as he doctored her wounds.
He instructed her to hold them in place and He removed her blindfold. He stood before her as she blinked back the darkness. Cupping her face in His hands he leaned in and gently kissed her lips. She kissed him back.
"Ok, baby, it is cuddle time. Crawl into the bed."
She silently did as she was told. She watched as he undressed, His hard cock springing free. Easing Himself onto the bed He gently lifted her head and placed it on His shoulder. He stroked her face as they lay there. Tossing the cloths aside, she reached down between His legs to with His stiffness.
She looked at Him and He smiled down at Her.
"Can we , Daddy?"
"Yes, baby, you can now."
She smiled and stroked Him, watching as He became fully erect. She looked at Him again.
"baby, you can any way you like. You were such a good girl for Daddy."
She got her knees and began fellate Him. He gently guided her. His hands wandered her dripping pussy and began find that special spot again. She pulled away when He did and she heard Him chuckle. She straddled Him and slid Him deep inside of her. She teased Him with her pussy, stroking His balls with her ass. She leaned down and kissed Him passionately, and He returned it.
With His hands on her hips, pushing her where he wanted her, guiding her and forcing her fuck Him hard, He said," you are a very special girl for Daddy, a very good girl. you please very much and I love you."
"I lov....." her voice trailed off as she began cum Him, her muscles spasming and tightening his hard cock.
As she began cum, He did also, filling her with His seed. Sated, they both collapsed and He held her, He gently covered her nipples with the palms of His hands help sooth the remaining hurts.
He kissed her forehead as she drifted off sleep in His arms. He too fell asleep, eventually, smiling at his baby girl.
Here I Am
Posted:Dec 1, 2020 7:54 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2021 11:22 pm

Can you meet a forever DD on these types of sites? Has it happened? I am sure it has, but we always wonder if we will find ours.

So many pass through our inboxes. They claim to be everything we want. Nine times out of ten if you give them that shot, they really fuck it up because they are players.

So, what if you find that one that is much younger than you? Is there still the stigmatism attached to women dating younger men? Can you feel comfortable calling a much younger man whatever he deems appropriate for your dynamic?

If you surpass that, do you fear he will want someone else as you age? Will you be replaced easily? Do we really still have these insecurities as women? Should we? How much fact is incorporated into this type of insecurity?

We are beautiful, smart women. Should we appear needy and stupid to keep him? How far do we need to go before we lose ourselves? Should we do these things if he asks because he needs this to feel superior? To be what he should instinctively be?

To me the answers are clear.

If you have a chance at love, take it. Age is a number.

Never be what you are not to attract or keep someone.

And ALWAYS be aware that you could be being played. A player can't keep it up forever so go slow and be wary. Follow your gut because your heart is an emotional mental case.

Preserve who you are for the right one.

Don't ever give yourself away!

Be true to your amazing self and you will never be let down in the long term!

As for me, I know what I want, and I seek that without an explanation for him to fit himself into in order to confuse me. If you want me forever, man up and impress me.

I am waiting.
Posted:Nov 26, 2020 8:17 am
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2020 11:50 pm

She sat reading her as He walked into the room

He caressed her cheek as He lifted her chin and looked in her eyes.

"Now," He said gently.

She stood and removed her clothing and kneeled before Him, her eyes not looking Him.

He walked behind her and stood admiring her soft curves and the smoothness of her skin. He drank in all of her self perceived flaws that ,He loved more because she hated them.

He walked around her slowly, drinking her in. Every inch, every microscopic inch. He knew she hated when He did this but He enjoyed this part the best. She assumed the position of submission and left herself open to Him and all His whims. Her discomfort during this would later be rewarded as He worked his magic on her body.

He circled her, desiring to reach and stroke her hair but He willed himself to have restraint. Every muscle tensed and His jaw hardened. He didn't realize how his denial made him appear. He seemed an unemotional god to be worshipped and laden with the sacrifice of one's body for His pleasure. And, it seems, the willingness to do so was enhanced by his roughness.

She kept her eyes down and watched Him peripherally. His hard foot falls beside her gave her goose bumps. Every time He stopped and stared at her, it felt as if He stared at her forever. She felt His gaze penetrating her flesh, caressing her from afar, making all those terrible things that she saw in the mirror disappear. He made her feel beautiful and wanted, desired and loved. He claimed her, all of her, in her nakedness of mind, body and soul. She was was posed before Him in her surrender to Him. Proving her love and her willingness to please Him in her obedience for Him. He stepped again and she heard Him sigh quietly. Was it frustration? Was it need? Was it simply desire? Whatever it was, it made her feel priceless and perfect.

After what seemed like an eternity, He stood behind her once again, where she couldn't see Him, she heard a rumble from His chest as He began to speak.

"Now, little , you are Mine, do with as I please and you will like it, all of it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ," she replied quietly.

"Then is time," He said.
The Ultimate Sub Drop
Posted:Nov 12, 2020 11:38 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2020 10:57 am

It has been four years since we have met. since I have seen you.

I refuse you because I love you and I am so scared that I will be hurt when it isn't reciprocated.

|I deny others.

You don't deny your love, but you don't claim it either.

You say you miss but what do you miss?

I fear falling into your arms with all of my love and watching, in slow motion, as you drop .

I fear that the kneeling I will do will be because of defeat and not service. I need you but I can't even tell you that.

I profess my love you and you embrace it but do not return it.

I am so confused. I feel misled and used but at the same time, I don't. I am so conflicted.

How in the hell did I get here!

I need an escape one way or the other but I don't know if I have the strength walk away.

You say you want be yours and that you can't think of the possibility of being with others. You say that you are afraid love, afraid that you can't love. But, I have felt your love. In your words and your touch. I have felt it in your kisses or I would not have allowed my guard to fall and to immerse myself in you so deeply.

Four years....


You are my Superman, but also my kryptonite.

What am I doing?!
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Good Girl
Posted:Nov 11, 2020 9:48 am
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2020 1:08 pm

She was on her knees, naked. Her legs bound at the ankles. A rope harness was around her chest, causing pressure on her tits. A rope entwined itself from her ankle bindings to the ones connected to her wrists, disallowing her to straighten her body. The sides of the harness were fastened to the sides of the bed with tether straps and clips. She could not move. Her long dark hair was fastened into a ponytail and secured by more rope to her ankle bindings. Her head left at an uncomfortable angle. Her back arched and her knees were spread apart. Her fate was in His hands.

"Are you My good girl?" she heard Him ask from somewhere behind her.

"Yes, Master."

"Are you going to behave and do as you are told for Me?"

"Yes, Master."

She heard Him stop beside the bed, but she could not see Him.

"Do you remember your safe word, Darlin'?"

"Yes, Master. It is "safe"."

"Good girl. Are you ready to play with Me?"

"Yes , Master."

"Then W/we will begin!"

She heard the change in His voice from just being Him to being Master. He had her consent. It was time to play. She heard His movement beside her. He placed a firm but solid slap on her ass. She wimpered, "thank You, Master."

"Good girl," He said as he rubbed the spot gently before placing another there. He repeated this a few times enjoying her thanking Him.

He reached up and grabbed her hair. She felt the pull lifting her chin higher. Her breathing slowed as oxygen was harder to find. That is when she saw Him. His face was in front of hers. He kissed her lips gently, then eased her head back down. She breathed deeply and He repeated it. She ached to feel the flesh of His body against her but when she glanced at Him, she knew she would find Him fully clothed.

She was brought back by a swift slap to her breast.

"Slut, answer Me when you are spoken to!"

She hadn't heard the question.

"I'm sorry, Master, what did You ask me?"

Another sharp slap followed to the other breast.

"I asked if you want to be a good slut for Me. Now answer!"

"Yes, Master, I want to be a good slut for You."

His hand landed hard on her ass.

"Do not ignore Me again!"

"Yes, Master."

She heard Him walk around the bed to the other side. His hands were hot as He rubbed her back and slipped His hand to her tender nipple. The other hand slid down her ass to where she was already wet and aching for Him. She wiggled against His hand, conveying her desperation to feel Him inside of her. As His fingers slipped into her, His other hand harshly pinched her nipple that He had been stroking softly.

The combination of pain and pleasure made her cry out.

"Good girl."

She rocked against His fingers, taking them inside of her. She could feel her juices on His fingers.

"Master, please..." she trailed off.

He began to jerk His hand up and down rapidly, but gently, teasing her G-spot.

"You are going to cum for Me, slut, and you are going to cum hard. You better squirt for me. I want to feel it run down my arm."

"Yes, Master," she gasped as He sent her body convulsing against him.

"Open your eyes when you cum, I want to watch you. Do not close them or you will be punished."

He knew she would close her eyes. She knew it was unfair of Him to ask her that, but she also knew that they both enjoyed the punishments.

He pinched her nipple harder and jerked at her cunt. She rocked against him, eyes open.

"Oh fuck," she exclaimed as she started to cum, her eyes closing.

She could feel the cum running down her legs from his wrists. A well placed slap landed on her tits as he continued to jerk her. Her eyes flew open. He would not tell her to open them, He would make her. She felt another wave hit as she started cumming again. The latest one coming easier and faster than the rest.

Her hair pulled as she drooped her head against the rope. He began squeezing her sensitive nipple again. She started to cum for a third time. It was harder than the last and again her eyes closed. Again, He slapped her tit to make them open.

As she was finishing, she felt His fingers slide out of her.

"You can to better than that for Me, Darlin' ", He said as He walked around the bed again. She heard the rustling of Him removing His shirt. She must have soaked it.

"Yes, Master," she said weakly.

As He reached the other side, she felt His dry fingers slip into her dripping cunt. She caught her breath as He entered her. Without warning, He started to jerk that G-spot again. Her stomach muscles ached but she knew begging would not gain her any rest yet.

"Master, my tummy..." she said as she lost her breath to His expertise.

He reached beneath her and gently started to rub her tummy. He knew where it would ache and He soothed it as He continued.

"It's ok, you are being a good girl for Me and I will take care of your hurts."

She was far too breathless to respond and she could almost hear him grinning!

Again she came and closed her eyes. This time the rubbing on her tummy stopped and a swift, hard slap to her clit was given. Her eyes flew open and she cried out from the sting.

"DON'T be told again, slut!" He said without humor.

He stopped and withdrew His dripping fingers. As He walked to where she could see Him, He slipped his cum covered fingers deep into her throat, hearing her gag on his fingers and her cum. He pulled them out and fucked her mouth like that, making her swallow her juice as He undid His button and zipper on His jeans. As he stepped out of his pants on the floor, He withdrew His fingers and went behind her. He pulled the blanket, sliding her lower to the end of the bed. Her aching neck was relieved to feel the rope holding her hair being released. She didn't have the strength to hold her head up and he gently lowered it before removing the rope from the ponytail itself.

He placed Himself on the bed in front of her. Her eyes devoured His nakedness with a renewed hunger. His cock was hard and He smelled so good.

"Ok, slut, suck My cock. And do a good job."

Before she could answer His hand was in her hair and His cock in her mouth.

Hungrily she took Him. As she pleasured Him, He rubbed her neck, again, knowing where her aches were from His torment. As the pain eased, she sped up and took Him deeper. The rubbing stopped and He forced her head down on His cock. She couldn't breathe as He was deep in her throat. She felt her throat protest and He pulled her off as she gagged on Him. As she caught her breath He placed her mouth back onto His shaft and let her please Him until He again forced her.

As she pleased Him he spoke.

"You are such a good girl."

"Oh you make Me so proud of you."

"Darlin' , that feels so good ."

"I am such a happy Master."

This fed her need to continue to please Him, even when she wanted nothing more than to scream out "SAFE".

Finally he removed her mouth from Him. Drool ran from her chin and her eyes watered.

"You are beautiful," He said as He stood.

He walked around behind her.

"Do you want this hard cock in your pussy?"

"Yes, Master."

"I don't believe you." He placed a slap on her ass to rival the previous ones.

"Master, please fuck my wet pussy. Fuck it hard. Please Master. I want to feel You inside of me!"

"Much better, little one, you are My good girl."

She felt His cock slam into her. There was no easing into it with Him. He liked it rough and hard. He slammed into her, over and over and over. From time to time His hand would redden her bottom. The more excited He got, the harder His hand landed. Each cheek was burning from His touch. She reveled in it.

Without warning she began to explode on Him. Her cum spewed and ran down His hard shaft. He gripped her hips and pulled her tight to Him. She heard Him exclaim His extacy as He filled her with His hot load. She felt it oozing out of her as He pumped it in.

As He finished He began releasing her from her restraints. He kissed her reddened cheeks as He slid the ropes loose. His palm was soft as He reversed the knots. She sighed with pleasure as He did so. Within minutes, she was free and in His arms. He covered her face with kisses and praised her for her obedience.

"Thank You, Master."

"No, thank you, Darlin'. You are My good girl."
For Tomorrow
Posted:Nov 10, 2020 10:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2020 4:00 pm

Sometimes, we crave someone so much that we lose ourselves for them, even in their absence.

We forget who we are and pretend we are someone else.

We hurt ourselves more than they could ever hurt us.

Looking back is sometimes nice, but trying to regain what was, is futile; it can never be the same.

The connection may always be there, especially if it was your first love, but if it had been meant to be, it would have never dissipated.

So, look back, smile, laugh and love what you see, have coffee together and talk, but embrace the fact that you can only ever got forward.

Something that was meant for you is coming.

The memories simply made you who you are.
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Posted:Nov 10, 2020 7:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2020 4:59 pm

He bound my hands and feet with red rope. It bit my flesh and made smile with anticipation.

"Close your eyes," He said. I did as I was told.

I heard the rustle of His movements, and then silence.

The silence seemed to last forever.

I squirmed in my bindings.

I moaned and whispered His name.

Silence greeted me.

I tugged at the rope, slightly struggling and feeling it tighten as I pulled.

I squeezed my eyes tight but I was so tempted to peek and see where He went.

I whispered His name again.


I lay still for a while longer wondering if He had left me.

My body began to feel the icy fingers of fear trace their way along my flesh.

My skin rippled with goosebumps.

", I love you," I whispered into the silence.

"I love you too, little one. Such a good girl for obeying," I heard from beside , and then He touched .

Silence doesn't mean you are alone, it just means that in time, when the void is filled, it will be worth the wait.

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