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More Than Sex, Just Saying
Posted:Apr 8, 2020 8:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2020 7:57 pm
More Than Sex
During this hazardous time, society is being cornered into social distancing. People are being told to be more aware of things that many people do not give a second thought to. How close you stand to someone. How close did you stand before? How hard do you think now to keep back six feet? If you have an innocent cough or sneeze from allergies, asthma, some dust or a dry throat. Now it is considered a possible threat someone's life. You have to limit your touch of items that you might not think twice about grabbing before. But now you have to think about whether or not you should. To wear gloves if you do. Wash your hands thoroughly in hot water and soap after you do.
All of this. To protect your mortality. It is so much think about.
So much and it does not even touch the matter of sex.
If you are partnered with someone, being with a person who has no or little interest in sex has got to be one of the toughest things to get through. Whether or not taking an outside lover is consensual or not. There is the burden that you are endangering not just your own life, but the others in the circle of contact. If you have no partner or lover, there are the scary chances you will be taking with a stranger who you have no idea will pass on or contract this virus. It is a humongous risk.
What is a horny person gonna do?
Well the obvious easy choice is safe self pleasuring, sex toys with safe cleaning, pornography, cam sex, phone sex, sexting and your own imagination.
That is well and good. But these are very hard times. The hardest that some have ever had to live through.
I would like encourage as many as possible. Reach out be kind. Reach out with respect. Reach out and share optimistic and supportive words. This is the time when the world needs growth in compassion. The more a burden is shared, the less the burden is for one person bear. However, life is hard enough without dramatic fatalistic stories being spoken day in and day out. A person HAS to make the effort to search in themselves for something to be positive about. You simply cannot expect other people to carry the burden as you keep adding more weight daily. Some light within you should be shared as well.
It is hard to say where this virus will be directing our society in the future. We cannot despair over that which we have no control over. Right now we can only try to control our own individual thoughts and feelings. It is tough. But we need to be encouraging each other.
If you are a person who does not care about this virus and your health and life, please do not be careless and rude to those who are. Being on this site does NOT automatically throw everyone into the same sex pot. Although the same goes for those on here who are being extra careful during this time. There is no reason to be negative to someone who is not as careful. Life choices are still choices. I am not on here to denounce anyones sexual practices. Nor am I going to force my views about staying safe. We all have to live our own lives. We have to be who we are.
And yet, I hope and pray beyond hope and prayers that people will take the time to be kind and positive. I thank any of you for reading my ramblings. I have appreciated all of the comments that I have received to know what people think. I wish everyone good luck. Stay sexy!
Give some respect, Just Saying
Posted:Oct 12, 2019 2:09 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 6:29 pm

Just because a guy is horny, does NOT mean that he can treat a woman like a worthless crack Addict . Now, there are nice guys. There are decent guys. There are guys who get that. Thank you, sincerely. But you other idgit baffoons.... Get a grip. Take care a page from the good guys. You want sex, fine. Be respectful to all women, especially the ones you are trying to have sex with! You do not need to be a jerk about it, just saying...
Posted:Feb 4, 2020 11:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2020 9:14 pm

This is just a general disclaimer on everything that I put on this site. If you don't like what I say on my blog or vlogs you don't have to watch or read them. You can complain to the website or you can leave a post to tell me what you think. I have an open mind and I try not to delete a person's post unless it has nothing to do with the subject matter. Everyone has an opinion and they are more than welcome to share their thoughts with me. I read everything. I'm not here to judge you. Take care, good luck, stay sexy and be kind!
Just saying about Dick Pictures...
Posted:May 12, 2018 9:35 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2020 11:39 pm

Alright so this is just my convoluted opinion
If you are proudly showing dick pictures, it doesn't matter about size or shape. Show it proudly! Yes!
However, a few pointers...
1 Closely trim or shave your business. It's sexier
2 NEVER take a picture with the toilet seat underneath your dick in the background. That's just nasty. Plenty of other places and shots
3. Break the boring old trend. Shoot it in black&white, take it laying down, do something different
4. Don't take a picture with trash piling up next to you or in the background. That's really gross and sets you up for getting ignored
5. Don't take pictures with another woman unless you are seriously looking for couples mostly. Other women are more than likely to reject you, seeing as how you are posting your last conquest.
6. Don't send it in a message or IM before saying hello. That's just rude dude
7. Ask if a woman wants to see it or asks you first. You have a better chance of not being immediately rejected.
8. Very important to just be a nice person when sharing your dick around.
FWB and Fuck Buddies are different, just saying
Posted:Nov 1, 2019 2:35 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2020 8:50 pm
When I get asked if I want to have a FWB(Friends With Benefits) , I always have to ask if they know what it means. Because lots of people think fuck buddies are the same as FWB. No, it is NOT the same!
Fuck Buddy, it starts with fuck. The main reason to be with the person is to fuck. You say hi now and then. You might chat for a hot minute before or after fucking. You kind of have a combination of regular sex and spontaneous booty calls. But mainly it's a booty call to fuck with someone you are familiar with. No shame in it. Some people need that type of thing.

FWB or Friends With Benefits, it starts with friends. FRIENDS! So you are mainly a friend with that person. You text, you chat, you hang out with each other now and then. You chill out and have some laughs. You also have sex. You mostly have regular sex, not to be confused with routine sex. You have days and times that you are available to have regular sex with each other. Sometimes you can fit in spontaneous booty calls. It's not complicated. You aren't in a committed relationship. You don't expect things you would in a relationship. You like each other. It's not a big deal. Some people rather have this kind of thing.
Of course there are some differences in each situation that are tailored to the people involved. It's not cut in black and white. But there are differences.
So figure out what you really want and know what you want to discuss about it with a prospective person. If you jump into it thinking that you know, but it turns out to be wrong, then you are in for a bad experience. The best thing to do is discuss these things beforehand. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You want to be with the right person in the way that's right for both of you.
FWB and Fuck Buddies are different, just saying...
Just Saying, Bullying NOT funny or cool...
Posted:Dec 9, 2020 7:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2020 5:52 pm
Just Saying, Bullying NOT funny or cool...

I really could go on a rant about this subject. I can name names. I could be just as mean. But I find that it would be a waste of negativity. This bullying in the chatrooms is NOT cool. It's not funny. It's not wanted by lots of people. There's no good reason Cyber bully. There is no good justification. In this instance I want put out there that I'm NOT accepting cyber bullying. Yes I announce that I IGGY out loud. Those who truly, I mean absolutely don't care will block me without needing comment. I believe that. Those that comment, well I've been blessed that most have common sense. Hahaha I'm not a fighter. But neither am I the type of person who accepts my friends getting bullied. You've got something say a person? Be upfront, say it , and get the hella over it. Going bully my friends or ? Yes I'm going tell you that what you are doing is WRONG, before I ANNOUNCE that I Iggy you. It's quite simple. I realize that posting this blog isn't going change bullies. But here's the thing, I'm posting this for people who are being bullied or are against bullies. Those of you with minds, with hearts, with kindness and goodness. (Or let's face it, don't care enough do bullying) Let's not fight, But let's not let an opportunity just say, what you are doing is wrong. If you choose Iggy or not. Just saying, you know?
Just A Little
Posted:Nov 3, 2020 9:06 pm
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2020 1:17 am
Just A Little

It's been such a long long while
Since I had a lover I can dial
On the telephone
I've been so alone
Each passing day
I'm just okay
I can do whatever
That I want endeavour
All on my own
I'm somewhat grown
I choose what I eat
be messy or neat
But I need
Right now I need
Just a little touch
Not too much
Not too long
Not to belong
Just a little touch
Not too much
Hug me till
Hold me till
I can be strong again
I can go on again
Its been such a long long time
Since I heard the chime
Of a lover at the door
Someone to briefly adore
To snuggle skin to skin
Like a yang to the yin
Just basking in the glow
No promise of tomorrow
For one to be
Wrapped around me
From sunrise to sunset
Please don't leave just yet
I really need
Right now I need
Just a little touch
Not to much
Not to long
Not to belong
Just a little touch
Not to much
Hug me till
Hold me till
I can be strong again
I can go on again
Don't you want to touch
Just a little touch
Just a little touch
Copyright February 2019

Dedicated to hlznhoze4u, someone who embraces themselves and inspires me, thanks to you!
Before I Met You
Posted:May 21, 2020 1:23 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2020 1:32 am
Together we are all wrong
There should not be such a thing
As ours, us or you and I
We are too much alike
And yet we are ages apart
There would of been a time
Fresh, young and filled with ideals
We would have been made for each other
We would have found perfect harmony
Stars would have aligned
Our hearts would have melded
Our bodies would have set each other
On fire with such a great passion
We would of understood each other
We would have been each other's safe harbor
Like two pieces of a puzzle
We would have fit together
This feeling I have for you now
It's just a tinge
A little bubble floating
Along an angry wind that wants to crush it
It could vanish
Or it could turn into a dreary rain
That drenches you from head to toe
Instead of a soft warm ray of sun
That makes you smile
This is not the right lifetime
We were not born this time to be together
Not as friends and not as lovers
I knew you before I met you
We were never strangers
The things I know about you
I know them from instinct
Not because you told me
But because we knew each other before
I know things I should not know
I know you like I know myself
I know why you tell me the things you do
I know you want to tell me more about what's on your mind
I know you wish you could share secrets
I know that you struggle
But you must keep struggling
Until the right one comes
You must fight yourself
To open for that right one
Because we are wrong for each other
In the brief moments
But to make more of it
Will destroy everything
You think of me
You send thoughts my way
You look at me
You send smiles my way
You touch me tenderly
With hesitant and unsure hands
Though it is not a touch I can feel
You kiss me in your mind
Softly and with reluctance
Wishing I wasn't me
But needing something more
Because I'm wrong for you
Because you are wrong for me
We don't have what it takes
To overcome such wrongness
Like a bubble in your bath
I travel up your legs
Making you effervescent
I travel up your back
Making you relax
I tickle your ear
Making you laugh
I float up until I burst
Then I am gone

SakuraMar Copywrite 2019
Dudes, Guys and Men, Just Saying
Posted:May 15, 2020 2:03 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 1:00 am
Dudes, Guys and Men, Just Saying

So, I was talking with a girlfriend about the difference between dudes, guys and men. We were having a good laugh how we were turning the tide on men who separate women into boxes of the bitch, the ho and so forth. Typical stereotypes that we get thrown in.
I am going to quickly throw in my disclaimer
So, this is totally not a serious post. I am just kind of giving you a little peek into the minds of some of the women I know. I am not in any way shape or form speaking for all women or women in general. If any women who read this agree, well then Party On!
Dudes.... ohhh I could do a whole post on dudes alone. (insert eyeroll) Now a guy being a dude is not always the same if a woman says dude to a guy. Sometimes I personally just like throwing around the word dude in the chatroom or while messaging a guy because being playful. Some women use the word dude as a habit.
"Dude, you got to be kidding me"
" dude, I told you that you should not have had sex with your wall plug. It does not matter if it was a blackout"
You get my meaning.
Moving on.
A man who is put in dude status...tsk tsk. Dude status is a guy who sends unwanted dick pictures. It is the guy who shows how thirsty he is in a chatroom. He is rude and crude. Most of the time he does not like typing out full sentences or use real words
"Hmu babe"
"Wuts up. Hru"
"Ur sexy, lets fuck"
Dudes are annoying and disrespectful. Dudes like to play mind games and will pretend to be friends or to want a relationship. Dudes will say they love a woman and then on all of her friends to try to sext or have sex. Dudes are one night stands and fuck buddies.
FWB and Fuck Buddies are different, just saying
Lots of dudes get blocked or barely tolerated. Dudes can be amusing. Watching them desperately try to pry a woman away from a chatroom to privately chat and bomb. Yeah, it's funny. Dudes are more prone to MIDD meltdown
[post 42658]
Even though dudes are annoying, you kind of feel sorry for them.
Moving on to guys. Guy status is above Dude status. Guys can be good friends. Women like me can be drawn to guys for a relationship, but it is usually a bad idea. Guys are good to talk with and hang around. Most guys do not talk very much. But when they do, it is usually a decent conversation about sports, shows, cars, ect. Spontaneous brief chats. They can be good for flirting at times. They definitely like attention and want a little bit of a connection, but not too close. Guys want to flirt and chat a bit before sliding into sex chat or getting you to meet up for sex. Unfortunately guys are good at starting relationships when they get a wild hair, but they don't last long. Guys are more into having FWB, but will indulge in the occasional fuck buddy at times.
FWB and Fuck Buddies are different, just saying
Guys are good to have around. Keep things simple and light. Being put in Guy status is not too bad. Just do not get knocked down to Dude status. Then you are screwed.
Let us now slide into Man status (Cue the singing birds and soaring magic soundtrack) Now, there is the regular Man status and there is the very lofty Gentleman status (think fantasy unicorn for women)
When a woman thinks about a man or a gentleman, it brings a smile to our , a comforting feeling or even a heart skipping crush. A man is desirable. A man is polite and nice and sane (mostly or least what is manageable) The man is responsible (mostly). The man can make the absolute best friends and are good for relationships. Many in the man status are more into long term relationships or FWB. Man status is very desirable. We love having the man around and they are fantastic in chatrooms because are polite, funny, interesting and flirty in a classy way.
So, there you have it. Which one do you think you are?
I Got A Crush On.... Just Saying
Posted:May 12, 2020 12:56 am
Last Updated:May 12, 2020 5:43 pm

I Got A Crush On... Just Saying

So, I am going to ramble about a subject that I am kind of twisted about.
I had a huge crush on this one guy. If I am being honest... what the hella, let me just be honest. I still have a little crush on him and I think about him on a blue moon. Especially if anyone brings him up.
He seemed to be popular, but I didn't care about that. I got to know him for awhile. He seemed like such a sweet guy to me. The nicer he was to me, the more I liked him. I would be so happy to see him in the chatroom. I probably looked like a fool around him. I just could not help myself. It was thrilling to go all out and flirt with him. I liked who he was as a person. To me, that was his biggest attraction. Not his sexy pictures or videos. We got to chat a lot. In the room and out of the room.
But, I was not encouraged to. Some people, who previously lauded how sexy he was, started telling me how ugly he is. I really couldn't believe it. Why would they publicly say he is sexy and privately say he was ugly? This upset me greatly. If I said anything about it, I knew that I would be endlessly persecuted.
I hate knowing that I allowed myself to be cowardly. I just decided to try to stick by him in and out of chat. It was not appreciated. I was later told that he was in a long distance relationship with someone in the chatroom and that I was being used. I refused to believe it and I ignored this. Soon after, the person they said was in a relationship with him was throwing her weight around and making possessive remarks that seemed to be encouraged by him. There was no promise between us, so I had no reason to do or say anything.
I just stayed quiet.
Finally, she ended up confronting me. Telling me that they were together. She knew about me. She was pretty cruel. Telling me that he told her all about our conversations and how they would laugh together at me. Well, I refused to argue with her. I let her run out of steam to get it all out.
It did surprise me how much it hurt as much as it did. However, I decided to step back gracefully. I stayed quiet and I avoided both of them as much as possible. No reason to make it into a huge dramatic deal. He didn't seem to care that I was around or not. So I found a distraction who kept me busy a few months. When I came back they both were gone, probably they are still together. Who knows.
I regret not standing up for myself.
I regret not standing up for him.
I regret being a coward.
Closure would have been complete and I could have been able to wipe him completely off my mind. All I can say is that it was a lesson I hope that I do not repeat.
I never thought he was ugly. I should have stood my ground and said so. I did not completely confirm if he was the total douchebag that was portrayed to me by others. I should have asked him directly. This is one ending that will not have a satisfactory closure. But I still move past it.
I was a fool.
I chose to make those mistakes.
I am just a human being.
This is just to share that I am just as vulnerable as anyone. I have no reason to look down on anyone. My glass house is full of cracks from throwing stones at myself in frustration. That is part of life.
The hard times you look back on and think, wheeew, I am not there anymore. I am where life is better than it was. That's what I'm working on now, that better life.
A person can have a crush at any age, maturity does not safeguard emotions.
I heard this line somewhere. "Crushes are hard. That's why they are called crushes. If it was easy, they'd call it something different, like pillows"
Sexy Hair
Posted:May 9, 2020 12:22 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2020 11:49 pm

Just a quick superficial poll. Nothing deep or meaningful. I'm sure that the person and or lover inside is way sexier. But let's set that aside and just say that at a quick glance, or in a sex fantasy... what is sexy hair you?
Long in an updo
Medium length in an updo
Short slicked back
Long straight down and loose
Medium length straight down and loose
Short straight, slightly mussed up
Long curly down and loose
Medium length curly down and loose
Short curly and untamed curls
Closely shaved and/or bald is beautiful babe, just something about it
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Just Saying, It Is What You Say
Posted:Apr 20, 2020 4:17 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2020 11:41 pm

Just Saying, it is what you say

Thinking about some of the things said between myself and others. I know that I was not thinking of it through enough at times to see how it could be taken wrong. When I am quietly observing others in chat. That is when I can see how things can be read differently than what I mean them to be. Because I am goofy and random, this simply does not occur to me. How many times have I said things that have pushed people away or made them angry at me? I cannot say for certain. But I am realizing now that it is most likely more than what was ever intended. I admit that I am a foolish one. Even though I have not ever intentionally set out to alienate or make others angry. But even so... The truth of the matter is that I am a blunt sort of rough edged person. So I would rather not have someone sensitive around me hurting or angry. Which is why I am largely relieved when I get ignored or blocked. I can not change the structure of who I am. I do not carelessly speak to hurt or anger. So, I would rather have those sensitive ones not be bothered by me. I do try not to be brutish. It is not like I intentionally ignore diplomacy and tact entirely. But when it comes down to it, there is a choice. You can choose to be bothered and upset by others. You can ignore them or block them. You can even outright ask them if they are speaking directly to you and what they mean by it. Even though I do try my best to be kind, I am just human. I am hopelessly flawed. Those like me, we do our best. But we are never going to please everyone or even most people. I know that I am not looking to impress. I just want to have some chuckles and chill out and be accepted as just that. Getting things twisted doesn't do any good. This time I am not apologizing for who I am or how I am. Sure, it might be sad to see you go. But that is how it will be sometimes. For those that get this, I am grateful for you. Letting me be myself. For those that condemn me, I accept it. But every single person in the world has had that moment. The moment when what they said was not taken as it was intended. When you thought, "That is not what I meant." So if you must condemn, be sure to remember that it is what you say, not what you were thinking that will matter to the other person.
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What kind of poll?
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 6:04 am
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2020 2:58 am

So, with all these different polls, I'm really curious. What kind of polls interest you? Which ones are you likely to actually read and fill out? If you have any suggestions please feel free to add!
Funny polls like which of Trumps famous words are the most ridiculous
Sex polls like which sex positions are the best
Interest polls like how many times a week do you drink
Ranting polls like what on A F F pisses you off the most
Food polls, like what kind of wine goes best with pasta
TV polls, like which character on a show are you most like
Movie polls like which movie do you think should have been Oscar Movie of the year
Music polls like which song is the best for working out
Book polls like which writer wrote Harry Potter
I don't really care I just want someone to notice me and entertain me
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