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Sexy Hair  

SakuraMar 46F  
152 posts
5/9/2020 12:22 am
Sexy Hair

Just a quick superficial poll. Nothing deep or meaningful. I'm sure that the person and or lover inside is way sexier. But let's set that aside and just say that at a quick glance, or in a sex fantasy... what is sexy hair you?
Long in an updo
Medium length in an updo
Short slicked back
Long straight down and loose
Medium length straight down and loose
Short straight, slightly mussed up
Long curly down and loose
Medium length curly down and loose
Short curly and untamed curls
Closely shaved and/or bald is beautiful babe, just something about it

Sakura Just Saying, Be kind it doesn't cost you anything

SakuraMar 46F  
107 posts
5/17/2020 11:41 pm

Thanking all the dudes for the responses and votes!

Sakura Just Saying, Be kind it doesn't cost you anything

letsplay71563 57M  
62 posts
5/16/2020 6:50 am

I like pulling the hair back so has to be long enough to grab hold of.

allnitelong2063 57M
223 posts
5/13/2020 6:49 am

I like long hair!

Paulxx001 63M
18347 posts
5/9/2020 7:50 pm

Backlash? 🤔
Oh... puhleez... lol 😂
This place needs more people with NO inner monologue. Join the club I started. Free membership, a complimentary glass of wine 🍷 included and the benefits are... a clear conscious and a good night's sleep.
lol 😂
It's all good. 👍 🌹🍷🍷😎❗
Have a peaceful Saturday night... 😊

JustLookn439 55M

5/9/2020 8:14 am

I voted. One thing I'd add is that certain styles look sexy on one person and not another. For example, long hair on older woman that is graying isn't my preference. On older woman I like medium length.... a rounder face might look better with shorter/medium length, as well. For younger women I like long, loose curls. So, I picked what I thought looked good for what I am seeking.

SakuraMar replies on 5/9/2020 8:39 am:

I thank you kindly for your opinion!

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5/9/2020 7:59 am



Paulxx001 63M
18347 posts
5/9/2020 1:31 am

There was at least one you didn't list.
I appreciate it when she braids her armpits.

SakuraMar replies on 5/9/2020 5:28 am:

I thought of that,but I wasn't willing to go through the backlash. Hahaha

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