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Posted:Feb 22, 2021 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 12:23 pm

Hey guys help a pick a logo for a new project?
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The Morning After
Posted:Jan 21, 2021 3:53 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 1:09 pm

The sun rays silently creep through the slight opening of the curtains and fall warmly across my face awaken me with a dreamy, sleepy smile. I stretch leisurely and lazily yawn, like a contented kitten... aware of your body near me... the warmth of it next mine... the weight of it on the mattress. I lay and gaze at your beautiful sleeping face.
The sight of you simply takes my breath away. Ruggedly handsome, sexy, with a sweet little appearance. Covers loosely draped at your waist... chest exposed... arms over your head, you lay peacefully, unaware of my loving inspection of the vision you make. I smile when you quietly snore... deep in slumber.
Unable resist the urge any longer, I reach out and lightly stroke your face, tracing a finger gently across your brow and over the fullness of your lower lip. You stir. My finger moves along your jaw line... making an imaginary line with my nail, the hollow of your neck.
I lean over and softly kiss your chest... a warm wet sucking kiss. My hand resting lightly on you as I trail my lips. along your chest, side, and nipple, stopping to encircle it with my tongue. You stir, make a little moan, and shift your weight.
Placing random kisses upon your warm skin, my passion surges. I want you… I want to wake you wanting me. You move, placing your hand on my back... making slight stroking motions with your thumb... remaining in a place somewhere between sleep and knowing.
I slowly pull away the covers exposing you. My eyes drifting to the sight of your maleness. My desire for you increasing. I want you so badly... but I will be patient... making you awake with a smile, as I did, is now my mission for the morning.
My hand reaches out to touch you... a gentle finger moving effortlessly over the head of your growing cock... around it. along it and below... fingers lightly stroking the rounded fullness of your balls, then moving slowly up to lace through the down of soft hair. You murmur and begin to stir... legs becoming restless against the cool sheets.
I lean in... soft hair brushing lightly against my face... warm breath on you... my tongue lightly grazes across the tip of your cock... around the rim... a whisper of a touch... I kiss you there... a wet kiss, lightly on the head, which makes your body spasm a little. You become fully erect beneath my kisses. I nuzzle the base and continue my way along the length... moving once again to linger over the now tightening area of your balls… gently massaging and caressing... nuzzling and tasting... bringing you to life. You mutter a moan...
My lips and mouth moist... I easily glide the head into its warm cavern, holding you a moment, and then very slowly move from tip to ridge... feeling you grow even harder inside me... filling me... your hand reaches down as fingers grasp my hair... I pause... look up to see you looking at me... I smile at you... then, returning to the task at hand, you watch while I take the entire length of you, in one slow enveloping motion... You moan deeply and lie your head back down... eyes closed, body arching toward me a bit, moving your legs further apart, and gently caressing my hair.
Full and rigid... I move over the length... pulling and lightly dragging my tongue against it as I do... stopping at the tip to pull slightly harder... caressing and massaging you... moving my fingers up and down your inner thigh... so hard now, you arch into me... I move faster over you... tasting your excitement... longing for more... so excited myself...
I feel you tighten your grasp around my hair, using it as a lever… drawing me to you. I raise and slide my body languidly over you... kissing your sleep swollen lips…gently nibbling on your lower lip…feeling the roughness of morning stubble against my chin. Your hands clutching my head... holding me, as our kisses become more passionate. Slow deep kisses... gentle but impatient, building to an urgent sense of need and want in us both. Tongues moving against one another... tasting, exploring, intensely searching… hands clutching…holding…forcefully embracing, as our kisses become all consuming.
I feel you hard and full, against my thigh... hot... pulsing... sending warm rushes of excitement and anticipation, further enhancing my desire. Butterflies move quickly in my stomach... my heart pounds, each beat sending a new wave of sensations... breath coming shallow and quick taking, in the scent so unique to you.
I slowly position myself over you... the head of your cock pressing firmly against me... feeling the moist heat generated by my desire makes you grow even harder... I move, grinding into you... making you feel my excitement... wanting you to know how much I want you.
My wetness coats you as I move my body against you... breasts pressing against your chest... hard nipples piercing you... hotly... almost bruising in their intensity.
I move higher... taking the tip gently between my wet pussy lips... holding you there... and then slowly easing myself over you, wrapping your cock in the silky texture, completely enveloping you... holding you tightly... loving the way you feel inside me... my eyes close in unison with yours as we both sigh...
I rise to a sitting position... feeling you deeper inside me... snuggled tightly against my inner walls. Hands resting lightly against your hard stomach... I raise and move my hip back in one motion, pulling on you as I do so, then lower again taking you in, surrounding you.
Your hands move to my breasts... softly caressing and moving over the nipples... making them even more erect... I lean in to kiss you, my tongue gently probing your mouth... pulling forward on you as I do... withdrawing to the tip…and then return holding you deep inside me once again... moving up and down on you... rising off you to stroke your entire length with my muscles. Undulating my hips as I rise and lower my self... moving you with me... rocking, stroking, as my hands graze your chest and tummy.
I lean forward and kiss your chest, your nipples... sucking, nibbling, and gently biting on them with my teeth. Moving off you as I do... raising my hips and slowly lowering again over you. You feel so good... your hand moves between my legs as I slowly rock and pull on you... gently moving a finger across my hard, throbbing clit…feeling the bud grow at your touch… stroking me... sending little biting shocks throughout me.
Oh my God…. what a sensation... you touching me and filling me... all at the same time... the motion against me, the movements as I rock over you... off and back.. holding you tightly within me. Rocking over and over... hands caressing you, as you stroke me... feeling you tighten deeply inside me... oh baby…it feels so good. I can't get enough of you...
I need to kiss you… deeply... hands holding your head... an urgent, hot kiss... expressing all the passion I feel... the desire, the longing. Moving faster, harder, grinding against you... your hands move to my ass... pulling and pushing me down at the same time, while I continue to rock against you... moving frantically against one another... kissing... devouring...
I move harder against you... feeling the overpowering sensations of climax... my body shudders... flushing waves travel and pulse up my thighs... over my tummy... my chest…my face. Goosebumps form on my skin as I feel my hands clutch, and muscles contract against you…flooding, breathless... heart pounding... oh baby... oh my God, baby... you tighten, arch... and I feel the rushing warmth of your cum filling me... mixing with my own... kissing you deeply... deeply... deeply... and subsiding to more gentle, loving, tender, kisses... as our breath gradually slows... our heart beats return to a normal pace... holding... not moving... not wanting to be apart...
I place soft kisses along your face as you gently stroke my back... I move to nibble your ear... and whisper "good morning sexy."

The Shower Part 2
Posted:Jan 21, 2021 3:47 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 1:10 pm

Clinging you, my legs tight around your waist, arms around your neck, and…mmmmm. Your cock rubbing deliciously against my wet slit driving me crazy as you quickly followed my directions my bedroom.
You walked into my bedroom.... and gently lay me on the bed... you were kneeling over me.... staring at me.... wanting me. I wanted you too.
I reached up and slid my hands gently through the back of your hair.... pulling you slowly towards me. I began a slow tracing of your lips with my tongue... feeling your soft hair in my hands... tasting your mouth.... swallowing your soft moans as my tongue probed it's way inside your mouth again.
You climbed back over the top of me.... licking at my ear.... making me tingle... and raining gentle kisses on me as you work your way down.... on my neck.... my shoulders... my chest.... and I could feel you lightly kissing my nipples through the material of my bra. A few expert flicks of your tongue... and I feel your hands sliding around my back and undoing the clasp... removing my bra and tossing it on the floor beside the bed... and then the warm, wet sensation of your lips and mouth covering my nipple.... sucking at it.... pulling at it as you dragged it from your mouth... then gently blowing at it... making it hard and erect... then the same to the other one...
I was wet with excitement and anticipation.... I could feel you continuing to kiss further down my body now.... kissing me tenderly on my stomach... my belly button... my entire flesh was covered in goose bumps now as I felt you move lower still.
I felt you nuzzling and licking at the crease where my leg joins my body... making me moan a little and writhe my body up to you... you kept kissing me.... all around my now soaking panties.... kissing at my pussy through the thin satin material.... your hot breathing against me... sucking my cunt through my panties... making me crazy... your hands on my thighs... rubbing.... and I could feel your hard cock pressing against me... a little pre-cum wetting my leg.
I laced my fingers through your beautiful hair as I felt your hands tear my panties away from my body as if they were paper... and then the delicious sensation of your tongue sliding slowly up my pussy. I felt like I was on fire.... again, you licked at me... lapping at me like a kitten with cream.... faster.... tasting me.... sucking on my clit... feeling the bud grow and throb in your mouth.... then teasingly flicking with your tongue.
I was going to cum.... I could feel the sensation running through my body... sending shock waves pulsing through me.
I began to moan louder.... calling your name.... body in spasms, as you brought me to orgasm with your tongue.
You didn’t stop... I was going insane. I had to push you away while my entire body continued to writhe and shudder.
I sat up and gently pushed you down on the bed.... I wanted you to take me like I had never been taken before. I straddled you.... leaned in... bit softly at your earlobe.... and dragged my tongue down your neck.... stopping to flick at your lips.... then continued down your delicious, tight body. Licking you and kissing at you with a hunger I’d never known. Whispering. Need you Daddy.. Now…
Hearing my words a low growl comes rolls up your throat… the passion in your eyes so intense it almost scared me as you twisted your body, turning me so that I was on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed…. Body trembling with need and anticipation, knowing I was about to get what I have been craving for so long.
Turning my head to look over my shoulder at you as I felt you move up behind me.. spreading my legs further with your knee.. dragging the head ofyour cock back and forth along my slit.. It was like pure torture… as your thick shaft dragged back and forth over my clit.. getting drenched in my juices..
I felt your hands on my hips, as you slid back.. and then slammed your cock inside of me.. making me gasp in surprise at the sudden intrusion. Feeling you force my body to stretch around you.. You hold yourself still.. staying deep inside of me for a few seconds, until the lust took over. Grinding your cock inside me a little I feel your lips and you kiss down my back. Hips pulling back.
A whimper escaped my my lips at the empty feeling as you pull out of me.. that quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as you quickly slammed your hips forward driving into me hard.. again and again. building up a slow and steady rhythm of hard thrusts. Making sure that you make me feel every hard inch of that big beautiful cock, as it drags across my gspot over and over.. Making my breathing speed up and my my moans of pleasure to increase in volume.
Begging you to take me harder and not stop. I feel your hands slide up to my shoulders, grasping them to help you slam into me even deeper and harder making me scream for you. You pull me up on my knees pulling me back against you as you power fuck my dripping pussy..reaching up I grab one of your hands and put it on my throat.. feeling you squeeze slightly as you keep slamming your hips forward.
As my body starts to tremble and shake, to jerk slightly as I stared to cum. Pussy squeezing your cock hard convulsing around it as my wetness squirts out around you... coating your cock.. Your voice deep with lust I hear you growl before telling me “That’s my !” and keep pounding yourself into me.. fucking me through the orgasm...
The sensations are indescribable as you take my body like this. Making me push back on the mattress with my hands to slam my hips back against yours. Meeting every hard thrust with my own. Grinding myself in circles back on you.. Leaning over my body I feel your lips on my neck and then the sharp bite of your teeth making me whimper loud...
Lost in the feeling of your body the pleasure you are giving me. I feel your breath tickle my ear as you whisper “You are mine!” my whole-body shakes goosebumps breaking out along my skin at those words. The next pushing me over the edge as you tell me “Cum for me again baby, NOW!”
Just like that I feel a tightening in my belly as my body explodes for you, and I cum twice as hard as I did before... My pussy working your cock hard as it squeezes you. Hearing your breathing sped up as you slammed deep inside of me and I felt your molten hot cum shoot deep inisde of me. Felt you fill my womb full of your seed. Claiming me inside and out. You move just hips slightly as you made sure you gave me every drop of cum, knowing how much I needed and wanted it. As our breathing slows I feel you pull yourself out of me.. and then pulling me down on the bed with you. Making myself comfortable beside you... my head resting in the comfort of your arm. Snuggled closely into you I could feel sleep creeping up on me uncontrollably. The combination of my long flight and our session of lovemaking finally making my mind and body insist on deep, relaxing sleep.
And my hand resting on your chest... feeling you kiss at my head as my eyes closed.... your strong arms reassuringly about me.... I drifted off.... I felt your hand gently stroke my face....


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