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Young or Old....  

Mmmaria2018 53F  
91 posts
7/25/2020 6:09 am
Young or Old....

which are better lovers???

Younger than you? Or Older than you?

Or even same age?

And GO!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
63721 posts
7/25/2020 6:55 am

I'd long thought I preferred older women. Then I decided I like women my age. Then it became younger women. FINALLY it dawned on me - I'd liked the same thing all long - women 40-60, and the only thing that had changed was MY age.

But really age is not a good determiner of chemistry. A local 80 YO lady recently reminded me of that. (YES, we did and she fucks likes a 50 YO!!)

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maturemale0120 60M  
21 posts
7/25/2020 7:23 am

It's more than an age thing ... maturity is essentail

idblueswoman 62F  
784 posts
7/25/2020 7:44 am

I couldn't say. Most men in recent years have been younger. My husband is younger. But I don't have interest in men younger that say 40 or older that 64.

Mmmaria2018 replies on 9/13/2020 8:26 am:
I agree with you. I dated a few 35 yr old men recently, and we NOTHING in common. Our conversations lacked substance. Im a woman who needs my brain to be stimulated well before my body...
Thanks for your input on my blog, idblueswoman.

eyesgazer 64M
103 posts
7/25/2020 8:16 am

At my age, I say any lover is better! lol, but will go with younger.

author51 57F
104992 posts
7/25/2020 8:52 am

I never ever go younger than my three children..Having said that I have had wonderful lovers in their 40;s but also ones closer to my age that come with more patience, more skills and experience..40's and up for me...

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the_unspoken 50M
2 posts
7/25/2020 9:24 am

Anywhere from 30 to a few years older than me. I definitely wouldn't want to go younger not enough sexual maturity for me.

Suprcuk58 58M
96 posts
7/25/2020 11:59 am

I love older women. They just know more about what to do !!

lyavu 47F  
1375 posts
7/26/2020 1:06 am

From my experience. guys older than me seem boring . I like a few years younger than me.

I_willoralu 46M
1599 posts
7/26/2020 2:17 pm

My personal experiences, I like older. Find older women to be much better lovers.

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s2ndegree 61M  
9733 posts
7/29/2020 6:57 am

Too many unfounded assumptions go into
choosing ages to have sex for sex sake with. It's
about the encounter.It shouldn't always have to be
whether or not your date picked you up in their mom's
minivan or someone opened the car door and
walked you to your door after the evening.

Using more than all the road!

justfridays 66M  
47 posts
7/31/2020 8:55 am

You got to luv us old guys.. We ROCK..

fashionablegma 77F
8163 posts
8/25/2020 10:16 pm

Young and mature minded for me

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