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What attracts you to another person?  

Mmmaria2018 53F  
91 posts
9/21/2020 6:06 am
What attracts you to another person?

Inquiring minds want to know.....

We all are attracted to different aspects of a person.
Im interested in hearing from many of you....

For me, I am always attracted to the other person's FACE.... Specifically their
EYES and LIPS...
Then I browse thru the rest of the body... Height, Hands.... chest.... legs and of
course the ASS...

Do ya'll only look at pics or do ya'll read profiles too, to learn a little bit more past the pretty pictures?

CleavageFan4U 63M  
63721 posts
9/21/2020 7:32 am

My screen name here is NOT an accident! So YES, bewbies are the first thing I notice - followed by hair and smile.

But truthfully, while those are what gets my attention, in the end what keeps it is a fun attitude, being smart, funny, and adventurous.

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13922 posts
9/21/2020 9:33 am

Hey, Maria.

*Look At Photos and Read Their Profiles*

I Am Attracted To Women's Asses!!

~ Phat_Asses_To_Be_Exact ~


redrockrascal 62M
21949 posts
9/21/2020 9:40 am

Every woman is a package of various aspects physical, mental and emotional. Here on the inter/web/nets we generally see someone first - but only what they choose to show. Given that I try to be open to various aspects.

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Granny872 68F  
3025 posts
9/21/2020 10:02 am

The superficial nature of this site is a harsh filter. If I'm not attracted to a man's face it's over before it begins. But face or not if his personality sucks neither his face or not his penis will do him much good.

Yep, it's my blog, and the content is not up for a vote or for manipulation. If you don't like the content, just stop reading. Easy peasey.

ChuckUFarlie2020 46M
98 posts
9/21/2020 3:10 pm

I'm odd I notice the face first..yes, but I'm actually attracted to personality first, intelligence second, and legs finally.

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