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To MEET or to NOT MEAT!  

Mmmaria2018 53F  
91 posts
5/18/2020 5:58 am

HOW many people are meeting face face this site?
zero, just here to chat
zero, just here to jack off
YES, i meet everyone i chat with
NO, i lead them on, set dates and then ghost!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
63721 posts
5/18/2020 6:23 am

Haaa, I detect a WEE bit of sarcasm in the options given here.

I selected YES, as I have met a decent number of people from here, mostly bloggers. But of course, even going out of the house unnecessarily is not NO DO of late.

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devilinhereyes72 48F
219 posts
5/18/2020 7:03 am

Since the Stay home order, none.
I have met a few in person.. sexting with some I will never meet, and chatting mostly.
Some get it, some don’t( pun intended)

Mmmaria2018 replies on 8/21/2020 9:56 am:
As same with me. Im pretty selective who I meet up with.
Not every guy is gonna get the jewels...

Suprcuk58 58M
96 posts
5/18/2020 7:18 am

NONE of the members in my area have been interested in chatting much less meeting. Guess too many of them are "afraid" of it getting out that they like to fuck around for fun.

Yours_4A_knight 55M
1424 posts
5/18/2020 7:59 am

I would like to meet the right women but they are so hard to find, but I would never set up a time and place to meet unless I was sure that we were both excited about the prospect.

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Mmmaria2018 replies on 8/21/2020 9:57 am:
Yes, there are some serious lookers on this site... Unfortunately, we have to sift thru alot of flakers and fakers.

fisherman5999 57M  
714 posts
5/18/2020 8:09 am

I have met & played with several from AgoraCosmopolitan Dating, but 95% don't follow through.

gentlelovrjust4u 62M  
182 posts
5/18/2020 8:20 am

Other than right at this moment, I have always been more than willing to at least meet with most anyone that contacted me and definitely with everyone that I have contacted. I have been stood up on a number of occasions but have NEVEN not shown up on time for a meeting. I do not know what the problem is with the people, men and women that pretend that they are willing to meet only to flake out when it comes time to actually meet. I would never do something like that to someone else.

Mmmaria2018 replies on 8/21/2020 9:58 am:
Amen to that! Its such a turn off to be stood up.
Especially when they give such lame excused when they
'resurface'.... I just block em... I hope you do too!

Brownie202 63F
1946 posts
5/18/2020 8:55 am

Doubt anyone will admit to the last option. Not that all who do not show up for a meet are playing games. Something called life happens. Sex isn't the most important thing to some of us.

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Here4sum_fun 37M
15 posts
5/18/2020 9:04 am

Wish women would meet in my area. Way too many fake profiles anymore. So hard to just fine some casual sex.

FresnoWoman 49F
841 posts
5/18/2020 11:46 am

I decided to take a break from trying to meet anyone back in late January. Thought it would be a short break. :\ Nope. But prior to that, I used to chat with various people. Only a few of those chats turned into meetings. Never got far enough to be ghosted per se but quite a few men flaked on me or stood me up. So unless this pandemic runs its course or until I get COVID-19 and recover successfully, I'm not even chatting with anyone because I see no point in chatting unless it potentially could lead to meeting someone in person. If I feel like chatting online without intent, I head to the chat rooms.

fashionablegma 77F
8163 posts
5/19/2020 4:34 am

Yes i meet,not like it use to be on here though,many arrange a meet up but far too many do not turn up

ghost90025 56M  
1259 posts
5/21/2020 4:13 pm

I've met a few, but not in a while. I agree though, there are many that say they want to meet, but won't when you actually try to set something up. Of course, it could just be me they don't want to meet. I'm still willing, once this Covid thing blows over.

s2ndegree 61M  
9733 posts
7/29/2020 7:14 am

There is certainly no shortage of confidence on the site.Unfortunately
courage all to often takes a back seat to the chore of amassing

Using more than all the road!

oralafternoons 65M  
18 posts
9/9/2020 7:35 pm

Unfortunately this place is rife with facebook syndrome. It seems the new norm long before Covid-19 had become play games for shits and giggles then suddenly ghost people. I've found a quick way to weed out people .. after a few seemingly interested chats .. suggest a simple phone call with their number blocked ..

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 60M
3787 posts
12/2/2020 12:13 am

I have restricted myself to just the FWBs I had before COVID became apparent. However, have had to narrow that group some as 2 of the gals basically fuck anything they can get their pants off, and since I dont know anything about those partners, well, it just seems the rational thing to do. However who ever said having multiple partners is rational? So, most of my funn in the last 10 months has been with just 2 women, but the other two are still out there, and someday I hope we will get together again.

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