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do we think he is turning Gay
Posted:Sep 13, 2020 12:53 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2020 5:20 am

A married Bisexual Male – love having sex with her – we have played femdom and Subby hubby rolls for a long time now. We graduated Hot wife – with boyfriends or lovers – or both. He has fluffing duties and cleanup after when he is home. We started training him be a pussy boy – found he likes that he can make a guy cum with oral sex – done it with 3 different guys so far – now he likes sucking cock. He has always liked anal penetration into him. He has had anal sex a few times from guys we played with. It does not do a lot for him but his submissive power play side likes to think he is doing something dirty. Now that he has admitted and come to terms with the fact that he likes sucking cock and he is enjoying the punishment from the femdom games – he wants to develop his skills to be able to get a guy off having anal sex as a bottom.
Is he turning gay ?
yes he seems to be Gay
he seems to be Bisexual
there is not enough info to make the choice
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It's Just Sex
Posted:Aug 30, 2018 11:42 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2020 2:53 pm

Becoming a hot wife and hubby - How did we do it ?
Well as a normal couple, after a few the novelty of sex between us wears a bit flat, same stuff. We were both quite highly sexed but even so, its only good for so long then it starts to become mundane. So we diversified “mentally”, to start with.
While we were having sex, we would fantasise about all manner of things sexual. It juiced up our sex life, we would paint a picture in dirty talk that was exciting enough, it makes a difference, a more powerful orgasm.
That’s how it all started……
As time progressed, we explored all manner of tangents to our fantasies and noted what was a turn on and what was not. In this way before we even got to doing anything kinky, we knew what would be a turn on and what would not work for us. So many fantasies were played out this way. And a few more passed and we were still together. But we learned through this process, to talk openly between us. About taboo subject too. and in this way we grew more close and open and familiar with the values of each other and what we would or would not be prepared to try. This way we were able to keep an open mindedness that many couples could not. We can discuss possibilities until they become accomplishments.
So after a while, more , you wonder what’s next – So its either another fantasy subject, or it’s the handcuffs or whip or the guy you have been fantasising about. Until you work up to actually doing the fantasy. Out comes the rope.

You cannot step into this lifestyle without first knowing each other really well. You have to be able to talk about anything shocking or sexy or way out there and navigate the pitfalls and negotiate between you to get something that works for you both.

The first such actualised fantasy for us was a third guy. He became an acceptable sex partner for her when time allowed. We had a family mad house going on too so it was a bit risky mum disappearing up stairs for 30 minutes.

Now we started to with a bit of BDSM and FEMDOM scenes – she liked this a lot. She liked the feelings of power. And she liked hubby worshipping her.

This combination laid down the foundations for her to find extramarital sex and have his approval. AgoraCosmopolitan Dating was handy too. We never knew it was cuckolding but it was. He loved it when she was naughty. Which was not nearly enough.

So one day they found the title “Hot wife” This was an acceptable name she liked, and would happily adopt. We explored the activities and as our lives moved through the we enjoyed many men joining her.
We have arrived now later in life and she has taken to the hot wife role with a vengeance. She wants to make the most of it while we still can so she is driving the game now.

Our particular fantasy is to drive him wild with jealousy to where they can have very intense reclaim sex. The scene demands her to be so busy fucking other men that she must deny him sex completely. He is further humiliated by having to serve her when she is with her lover in anyway they want. “Must obey” type of service.

In her latest hot wife role, she demands to have enjoyable sex for her if she is having sex at all. And so her quest for suitably skilled lovers has been a long and difficult one. Also reliability is a challenge, some men only visit once in months. In fact, not many want to have sex every week. So she has decided to work a stable to try to find enough suitable lovers to be able to get laid 3 or 4 times a week.

She has adopted a quite startling philosophy too, if they have had sex with her and they were any good at it. They can come back when they want and have as much sex as they want. She feels obliged to keep them happy if they are keeping her happy. “It’s only Sex” says she.
She has also made it clear that even if they all asked her for sex the same week – she will not refuse any of them. It is her duty to keep all of her lovers happy.
“As much as they want, when they want it”
And when she is having enough of them regularly she can transition to the next part of our game where hubby is denied sex from her completely. This should start escalating the feelings of jealousy he is having especially if she and her lovers are taunting him and rubbing it in to him how much she is enjoying her side of the game. She will clearly be having as much sex as she can handle.

She has decided to include a wicked twist to the game though – as she becomes more and more used to her various lovers and their relationships with her. She has decided already, not to stop when the game finishes for hubby. She will instead work hubby to where he feels some femdom attention and his jealousy is tamed and drained. Then she can push on and build it up again.

What a tangled web we weave right enough.
So our relationship works on many levels but our way forward has for many been as a femdom couple. She was the dominant one in the bedroom and he worshipped her. in many very intimate ways. He is also submissive to her in her hot wife role and a natural cuckold who derives immense thrills and satisfaction because she has extramarital sex. Her HW role has been a huge boost to their relationship. And she is loving the attention and keeps herself very attractive even now in her sixties she is still probably more sexually active than most 40 year old’s. And why not. We only live once. Make the best of it.
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So what is a hot wife
Posted:Mar 17, 2018 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 8:46 pm

Becoming a hot wife is not about sex with other men, or living out your husbands fantasies.
It is finding the confidence, trust, generosity and experience to become a sexually powerful and adventurous woman.
And doing it for yourself.

So what is a hot wife really ?
Well she is still the same person who shares your living space with you.
But now she can also be your personal porn star who performs live naked sex with relative strangers.

And Guys - you should be aware, this probably leads - inevitably ....to some of his cum
finding its way into your mouth.
But if the idea of your wife fucking another guy is a turn on for you....then you're hooked already
My wife has often said - & Iquote;"Be careful what you wish for"; at which point I think - We cum this way but once WTF !!

Hot wife pros and cons
In marriage sometimes we do things for our partners, because it seems to be important to them. Cum and go if you will smiles.
But when a woman decides or is offered the freedom to become a hot wife, after they have discussed this fantasy in great detail, then there are a few ripples instantly created in the marriage pond.
Fidelity is deleted from the obligations, at least her fidelity.
Conjugal rights are back on the table to be reviewed and redefined. Certain character traits will play a major role in deciding the future ….as it is no longer cast in stone.
Jealousy and Trust are taken for a roller coaster of a ride too.
"What if?"….. thinking, produces many twists and turns.
Uncertainty is let loose and can run amok!

What’s in it for them ?
But on the plus side there is even more to be had -
He would not agree to – or beg her to agree to – the games they are about to explore, ….unless it excited him.
She would not agree to – or coerce him to agree to – the games either …..unless she could see the benefits to her.
So they each decide for personal reasons that its Game On.
Firstly, they both must feel secure in their relationship to be able to agree to this lifestyle. They should both see benefits they want to enjoy, and the benefits are huge and very intense. But they must let go, a little, in order to reap the rewards
He must grant her the freedom to enjoy sex with others, and She must want to do this for herself, not just for him
It’s a very complex equation to balance.
Her body will be shared with many men, otherwise she would not be a hot wife.
He must feel a thrill putting his beloved in the hands of a stranger and letting/watching them enjoy her intimacies.
He must enjoy seeing her enjoying this other man too.
This sharing is the most intimate sharing imaginable. Complete in every sense of the word

From the Hot Wife's point of view:
Feeling the attention and desire of these men has made me more confident and successful as a person.
I've been reminded how to flirt and take more care of my appearance, and show my availability more readily and am more aware of any effect I have on other men in day to day situations and encounters. I smile more readily too

Ultimately we all enjoy more power and I feel a unique power from my intimate successes with men.
I've almost certainly developed superior sexual skills with these intimacies by the exposure to the variety of styles I've experienced.
I have become used to the extra sex and the variety as well, and this is not reversible for me.
I plan to keep my freedom as long as I'm enjoying it.
I may have started this game to play along, to indulge his fantasy. but I continue to do it…. because I've found I like it, all of it, very much.
The power, the self esteem, the carnal lust, his renewed intense interests
and of course the clothes and public attractiveness are now worn as my new image.

What he can expect:
She will still enjoy sharing her adventures with her husband, but the thrill of new men and the chase are very addictive and she will rise to the attention she now enjoys and will not want to give it up. You cannot turn this game off and on as it suits you. The game comes into your life and stays there, Fixed firmly to both of you.
Once she has been with him and comes back to you – the reclaim sex is so intense its mind blowing.
She now loves…. On many levels
The sex adventures
The variety
The sharing it with her husband
She very much loves that you let her do this too.
And you love her doing it with other men
And you love the reclaim sex that is so supercharged it is pure rampant carnal lust like you never knew before.

That is a hot wife. xx
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