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Forbidden Desires
Posted:Sep 14, 2020 11:49 am
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2020 12:53 am

We had been together for some time, over a year. Our relationship isn't what you would think it would be at this point, it's purely about pleasure. We first meet online and met in person soon after at a local coffee shop. He wasn't my typical 'type' but we had a mutual connection that was undeniable. He had asked me to come with him to his car so we could talk a bit more open and I agreed.
His car had of the windows blacked out and I laughed about how cliche' it was. He confided he had a fetish and wanted know if I was interested in breast . I was intrigued and agreed try it out. He asked if he could see them and I revealed them him. A smile crept across his face.
We've met many, many times over the last year or so and each time, our conversations and acts became more dominated and controlled; I loved every minute of it. I came trust him fully, even letting him tie bed for a while before he bent over and took my ass. Until then, our had only been my breasts. He had hinted on occasion that he wanted nurse from ; given his fetish, I wasn't surprised by the request. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted try it.
I greeted him as I usually did, in my red satin robe and he exposed my breasts before the door was shut. His hand cupped one of them before he even got hi out of his mouth. I could see that he was excited spend the evening dry nursing from .
The reaction my body had was something I never expected especially after climaxing several times with him not doing anything! I couldn't take it anymore and I had start stroking his rock solid cock. I sucked the tip, it was as far as I could reach as he continued stay latched my breast until he came in my mouth.
The heat
The energy exchanged
The passion
The explosions were nothing like previous times we were together. I had never been so satisfied even after hours of penial penetration. I was hooked! So when he started talking about wanting milk, I couldn't stay away. It felt wrong at first, doing this out of pleasure but then I came to accept my fetish, my desire, my want. Now, I look forward to each night when he comes over and lays with me in bed and drains me.
Good Morning!
Posted:Sep 10, 2020 12:27 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2020 12:53 am

I smacked her her as it was sticking out while she leaned against the kitchen counter. My love spends her days in a bikini when we're at the beach house. She's my mind the time, I crave her body against mine. She was reading the paper and drinking her coffee when I walked in. As usual, I became hard just seeing her there.
I pressed against her round ass as I slide my hands her back and leaned forward kiss her head. "Good morning" I whispered. She moaned as she felt against her.
"Good morning. Your alive today," she responded. "Not that I mind." She smiled. My hands ran along her back and to her hips. She gasped and I held her there. Her body started signing to , knowing my intentions. I love it that she responds my touch that way. I spread her cheeks and my erected member slide between with her bikini bottoms. I caressed her back and hip with one hand while my other hand was enjoying smacking her cheeks. She braced herself against the counter firmly and her breathing became heavy.
My hand firmly gripped her chin and she arched back against me. "May I have you?" I asked her as I kissed her neck and nibbled her on her ear.
"Yes," She said grabbing a hold my other hand as I gently allowed her breasts to pop out of her top and lightly touched her erected nipples.
"My God woman, you're beautiful," I whispered. She moaned and I released her chin. She leaned forward again and I stepped back just far enough to dislodge my cock from between her cheeks and removed her bottoms. With a slight tug, my shorts fell to the floor.
He was sticking straight out and wanting to be inside of her. He slithered between her legs with great ease wit all of the wetness that was there and felt his way around, enjoying the feeling of the heat. Her ass pushed against me as her cunt rubbed along him, beckoning him to enter. She deeply moaned as his head found its mark and slid in slowly; eagerly, she swallowed him. I released the hold I had on her so she could move and let her slid and down my shaft, taking as much or as little as she wanted. Just caressing her body as it bounced off of and feeling her cum run down my cock. She kept pumping until I grabbed her hair and pulled out long enough shot my load between her cheeks and rubbed it around her hole. Then I slammed it back in her cunt before he could go soft .
Only he didn't let down, he stayed there, wanting more of her. As he thrust into her repeatedly, making her scream ss she climaxed, I played with her asshole, preparing it for what I wanted next. Just pressure at first, until she pushed back my finger allowing it enter her and making even harder. She slid pon my cock and finger for a moment before I added another finger, making her fuck my me harder.
She pushed on as deep and everything could go and stayed there as she came ; feeling her body quake . "Please" she started beg, moving her hips.
"What do you want my love?" I asked her, taunting her.
"I want you" she replied.
"What do you want do?" I asked.grabbing her hips so she couldn't move them anymore. I could feel her muscles straining, wanting move. She laughed and arched back, grabbing my head with her hands.
"Fuck , baby. Fuck my ass. Fuck as long as you can. Don't stop!" She leaned forward again and held still. I caressed her back and grabbed her hair, making her arch more. Her round ass was begging for , I smacked it. She moaned louder. I was going make her wait for it. My cock was still in her cunt pulsating as she sucked him. Her cunt kept cinching him like a massage. I reluctantly pulled out of that incredible spot and slid him across her ass.
"Please" she whimpered and I looked see my friend Matt at the door so I slammed my cock back in her cunt.
"Come in Matt!" I yelled. I had her by the chin holding her against me as she whimpered.
"Ah, Am I intruding?" Matt asked looking embarrassed.
"Not at ," I said, "Perfect timing actually." He was looking at her breasts move as her chest heaved, I knew he would want partake. "My incredibly sexy and beautiful woman here is in a mood. She wants a lot of pleasure so this will take a while. I'm willing share if you want join in" Matt's eyes went wide.
"Wow. Are you sure?" He asked her. I let go of her chin and she leaned forward meeting him face face.
"Fuck ," she said staring in his eyes as my cock was inside of her. "Split in two." I withdrew from her dripping cunt and guided her the stool with her ass hanging over. I hopped the counter and she began sucking . Matt dropped his pants and was as hard as can be, wasting no time sliding into her. She swallowed my cock as he fucked her repeatedly.
"Going sit the couch," I told him and he reluctantly complied. He sat the couch and I guided her head from my crotch. She had such a smile her face and it was about get bigger. I jumped off of the counter and grabbed her by the waist, turning her around so Matt could watch her as we approached. "Straddle him" I whispered and she quickly complied, sliding easily him as he grabbed her hips and then started sucking her nipples as they bounced in his face.
I gave them a few minutes and just watched, letting her enjoy a different cock and him enjoy her nice cunt. I liked what I was seeing before and so did my cock. Watching her move her hips and being lost in her pleasure was erotic as hell.
I walked over and came behind them, making sure her ass was lubed and ready, I slid inside her making her scream and climax as I did. She was stretched more than ever before. As her body stopped shaking, I began to slowly and fully fuck her ass. Matt couldn't move, she had him pinned with his cock fully inside of her. He held her hips as he yelled and shot his load inside of her. I didn't stop pumping as she continued to quake on my cock. I was hitting my breaking point so I stopped, fully inside her voluptuous ass. I could feel Matt hard on the other side of her. I grabbed her hair and she held still.
"Baby, I'm going to cum if you move. The choice is yours. Give us a minute or this will be the end." I told her. She began to catch her breath as she stayed still. I could feel her cunt and ass pulsating and sucking on us involuntary, wanting more. I regained my composure and slowly slide out and slid back in making sure her hole felt his head stretch it as he slid back in. She moaned loudly.
"Yes." she said "please", so I did. Mat was tending to her breasts while I tended to her ass and her cunt just sucked on his cock while I fucked ass her repeatedly.
As much as I didn't want it to end, I couldn't hold on any longer and blow my load in her. I couldn't move until I stopped shuttering. As I withdrew, I could feel her continue to shake as she climaxed again also. I got up and helped her off of Matt. He sat there and started laughing. "I guess we don't need to go to the gym now," he said. "Damn!"
Best Friend's Fantasy
Posted:Sep 6, 2020 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2020 12:53 am

She wanted be tied up at a sex club. I told her she was out of her mind but if that's what she wanted, we would make it happen; after all, it was her birthday party and that's what she wanted. I had made the arrangements with the club to have a room with a stand that she could be bent over. I ordered the biggest box of condoms and a couple of bottles of lube off the internet.
We showed up at her place and she was dressed in a spandex dress that barely covered her breasts and ass.
"Are you sure about this?" I asked her.
"Of course! I've been looking forward to it!" She responded. She looked at Max and Jake hungrily. "A warm-up?" She asked me.
I laughed. "Their friends of mine that agreed to help me try and keep you safe."
"Hmmm..." she mused as she walked up to Jake.
"A warm-up huh?" He said. She shook her head yes. He caresses her erected nipple and grabbed her by the back of her hair, planting her against the dining room table. "This is how they are going to treat you tonight. Is this what you want?" He said smacking her ass.
"Yes!" she screamed. He had her pinned in place with one hand and raised her dress over her hips with the other exposing her holes. He dropped his pants and didn't wait until he slammed into her. I watched as both of them had their way; she wanted to be used and abused and it was going to happen.
When they finished with her, she pulled her dress back down and became noticeably soaked in their cum. "let's go" Max said.
We arrived and I walked in first with her behind me. After I checked in and gave me a pin to wear to signify a nonplayer, we were escorted to our reserved room. All eyes were watching her. I hadn't noticed that a blindfold was put on her. Max had her arms behind her back and Jake had pulled down the front of her dress so her breasts were bouncing as she walked in her stiletto heels. They were parading her as they walked slowly through the club. By the time we entered the room, the back of her dress was around her waist and a line was starting to form.
Max bent her over the stand as Jake tied her to it around her elbows. I watched as the line took turns at every one of her holes. Some shot inside of her, others used the condoms I brought but most of them enjoyed showing off their load on her face, back, and ass for all to see. The line continued to form until the club cut it off at closing time and they kept fucking her until all of them were done.
I was surprised by the response of the club, I expected them to put an end to it but when the end came, they joined in before escorting us out. As dawn was breaking, I could see the bruises forming all over her and the smile on her face.
Driving around town
Posted:Aug 31, 2020 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2020 3:10 pm

He contacted me online. I wasn't interested in having sex with him but the conversation was fun. After a few days of banter, he confessed that he had dreamt that while he was working, I had slipped into the back of his car and he watched me masturbate as we drove around town. At first, I laughed but when he said his car had tinted windows all the way around, I became intrigued.
I was leaving the mall and what he had said never left my mind so I sat in my car and sent him a message. I had been in a mood all day, so of course, I instigated. He happened to be a few blocks away dropping off a fare so I had him come pick me up at the mall entrance.
As I stood there waiting for him, I became aroused and nervous. I could feel my temperature rising and nervousness growing. I was close to walking away when he pulled up. He walked over and introduced himself as he opened the door for me. After the door was closed, I slid to the center of the seat so I was in line with his rearview mirror. He seemed as nervous as I was as he kept talking and glancing back at me. I told him to turn on the radio and just drive.
He smiled and winked as he did so.
I leaned forward and reached up unclasping my bra and slid it out from underneath my tank top. My large breasts expanded, stretching my shirt and showing my erected nipples. I heard a noise from him but I simply smiled as I ran my hands around the shape of my breasts feeling their fullness. I reached in through the top and pulled out my left breast, holding in one hand and caressing in with the other. I let it hang there as I pulled out the right one. He had a full view of them as I arched my back and leaned back in the seat. He turned up the air conditioning and directed the vents to blow across me, making my nipples even harder. I just kept feeling the pleasure from them as he drove down the interstate. I'm not sure when but I started moaning and opened my legs.
My hand slid down my abdomen and into my shorts. I could hear him readjusting in his seat. I decided to take my shorts and panties off and placed them next to me, that's when I noticed a towel on the seat, clever, he listened. I slide the towel underneath my ass and propped my legs up so he had a nice view of me.
I ran my finger around the lips of my cunt and slowly worked my way sliding into my hole. I gasped and my glistening cunt swallowed my finger. I moaned louder as my finger was sliding in and out, playing hide and seek with my g-spot. As I started to cum in my palm, I screamed and my juices squirted onto the towel.
Two fingers slid in as I continued. When both of them were nice and soaked, I slid one of them in my ass as the other one was in my cunt. I don't know how long before I climaxed again on his seat but I could seem to stop, I was enjoying this too much. I opened my eyes briefly to find we have parked int he middle of nowhere and he was stroking his cock openly while watching me.
"Fuck me please" I begged him. "Fuck me as hard as you can for as long as you can. I want you to keep going until you're soft." I said as I was beginning to climax again. As I came down from the shuttering, the door opened and all I could see was the sun. He pulled me out of the car and bent me over the trunk. He wasn't rough about it just commanding. He grabbed the back of my hair as he ran his hands over my entire body, neck to my legs. I braced my self, waiting for him to slam me but he didn't. He inhaled me, kissed me in various places, even licking my juices from between my legs.
He spooned against me as he whispered "you taste like candy". Then, I felt the head of his rock hard cock slowly slid in my cunt. He was large enough to make me gasped and wince slightly. He noticed and stopped pushing forward. A few seconds later, I slowly pushed back on him until the head popped into me, making me cum immediately. When it subsided, he slid in the rest of the way and took his time pounding me. I felt him shoot inside of me and to my dismay, each time I thought he was going to be done but he wasn't. We were there for some time when he leaned forward again and told me "I have one more and I want to leave it in your incredible round ass." I shook my head, yes and I said "please".
His hands were on my hips as he ran his wet cock over my ass. He had been playing with it off and on but now he was going to take it. He spread my ass cheeks apart and set his cock at the hole. "Slide it in, you control it. I don't want to hurt you." I complied immediately as I slowly pressed back on him having to stop and catch my breath as he stretched me even more. His cock pressed against me gave me enormous amounts of pleasure that kept rippling through me even as the snakehead penetrated.
I slid onto him and started stroking him from tip to base until I came. With him fully inside of me, I leaned back on him so he could fondle my breasts and I fucked him. I came multiple times on him, cum from both of us running down my legs. I felt him shoot his load a few times, so much for only one left, not that I minded.
I was sad when he started to become soft, I didn't want it to end. Both of us were out of breath as he withdrew from me. "What a mess!" he said as he laughed and pulled clean rags out of the trunk. We wiped off the best we could, got in back in his car and he dropped me off at the mall.
Posted:Aug 14, 2020 11:47 am
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2020 2:28 pm

Some days you're in a mood; I was horny. That has always been my excuse but the truth is I'm just a slut. I love sex and everything about it; even pushing boundaries I shouldn't. I had been talking this guy online for some time. Our conversations have gotten pretty detailed so spea my surprise, he was in town and wanted to meet me in person. Today was one of those days and I could think about was playing with a nice hard cock so I agreed. We hadn't discussed sex, in fact we were meeting in a public place so I did somethings I probably shouldn't have.

Thinking about meeting him all day just stirred me up even more. I couldn't help but start touching myself in the shower, caressing the soap across my nipples. When I finally pulled myself out, I changed into a red dress that hugged every curve and put on my adorable matching heels. I felt that I was missing something as I looked into the mirror. I reached into my nightstand and pulled out the lube and my butt plug. Slowly and quite enjoyably, I inserted the plug. This is what we agreed on and I was going to hold up to my end of it. Nothing but a slutty dress, heels, and a plug. He didn't think I would go in public like that.

He was waiting out front for me when I arrived. The look on his face was that he didn't think I would do it. He took a deep breath and looked at my smiling face, "Ok, you are insane. You can't go in there like that." My breasts full and bouncing with every step and my ass was contracted on the plug as my cunt was watering. "Change of plans, come on," he said as we started walking next door to his hotel.

There was a group of guys hanging out at one of the rooms, more men than the room could hold. They looked in shock as we walked past and went inside a room further down. "You really did it," He said in amazement.

"I did" I replied as I turned around facing the closed curtain and pulled my dress up over my round ass to expose the plug that was being sucked on. He grabbed my hips and smacked my ass. He rubbed it some more and grabbed the back of my hair forcing me to stay right as I was. My juices started flowing down my leg as he pulled my dress down from my breasts and grabbed one of them. His hand went back to my ass, a light caress than a hard smack; hard enough to make me jump and yelp. He unbuttoned his pants and rubbed his cock against me, sliding it up and down from my cunt to my ass. He smacked me again as he rammed his cock into me making me gasp loudly. Loud enough to get others' attention.

He pushed and pulled the plug as he fucked my cunt like a beast. Suddenly he stopped. I thought he was done until he pulled the plug out and dropped it to the floor. He smacked my ass again and again just before he rammed his cock in my ass and continued to fuck me wildly. He was some kind of animal I had never been with before; even roaring as he came in my ass. He was panting, pushing me against the table and he leaned against me and there was a knock on the door.

I could hear them outside, partly confused and partly interested. "Are you alright?" he asked me. "Yes. You weren't kidding, that was hot as hell" I responded. He laughed as another knock was on the door. "We have company. What do you want me to tell them?" he asked. "Don't tell them anything, open the door and watch." I directed. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes, we'll take care of another one of your fantasies and one of my as well. Besides, I want more." I winked at him. He nodded his head and smiled. He reinserted the plug into my ass and zipped up his pants. He opened the door and stepped to the side, gesturing for them to enter. The last I saw of him was him grabbing a chair off to the side and getting comfortable.

"I see what all the noise was about." One of them said as they entered, surrounding me. They wasted no time fondling, waiting to see what I was going to do. The pants started coming off and I was forced to my knees before I knew it; this was going to be a long night.
New Partner
Posted:Aug 10, 2020 2:59 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:12 am

"Relax, I won't hurt you" I whispered to him. He smiled at me.
"I'm trying," he said. "I don't know why I'm so nervous, I'm not new to this."
"You're new to me, that's all. It's a normal reaction when you want something new."
I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands across his chest. A smaller frame than I thought he would have but his body was incredible to look at. I unbuttoned his shorts and made sure I ran my hand over his butt as I pulled them down. Commando, he was ready for the taking. I wrapped my lips around his beautiful cock that sprang out to meet me and greedily took it in. He grabbed ahold of the dresser as he moaned and began to sway.
"Damn, you're good at that," He said as he grabbed my hair. Reluctantly, I let his cock slip out of my mouth and sat on the bed. He pushed me back and took one of my erected nipples in his mouth as he slid his finger inside of me. I moaned and he found all the right places.
"You like that huh?" He teased and I laughed. "How about this?" He slid another finger inside of me, fingering me completely as he continued to nibble on my breasts. "I want you to cum in my hand and I'm not going to stop until you do. Fill my hand."
I happily obliged him as I screamed and my hips met the pumping of his fingers. His nervousness disappeared as he slid between my legs, holding them open wide and penetrated me.
Posted:Aug 6, 2020 11:47 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2020 2:51 pm

He walked up behind and stood there, so close to that I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and yet he wasn’t touching , physically anyway. I could feel his energy wrap around and his arousal peak mine. My wetness grew and fast as my desire for him and he knew it. He enjoyed the tension, he enjoyed watching squirm.

“May I touch you?” he whispered. I nodded my head slightly, soaking him in. He placed his hands gently on my hips, one of my zones. I love having my hips grabbed. Instinctively, my butt pushed back slightly inviting him to come closer.

He kissed the back of my neck and my nipples became even more erect. I couldn’t contain the pleasure it gave me and I moaned. I could feel the smile on his face even though I couldn’t see it. Gently he grabbed the back of my hair and my body instantly posed for him. Butt and breasts sticking out, abdomen tightened, wetness soaking my panties and my breathing becoming erratic. His hand slipped the back of my spandex dress over my curves, exposing my large round butt. His fingers glided down the area between my cheeks and cupped me between my legs. His palm began to fill as he slipped fingers inside of .
My moaning increased and I started whimpering. My desire was boiling over and he knew it, that was the point.
“Shhhh” He whispered. “Unless you want be desert for every man in this bar.” He continued slide his fingers in and out as I climaxed in his hand as quietly as I could. “Good girl,” he said as he kissed my neck again. “You want more don’t you?” I shook my head yes.
“Tell .”
“Yes,” I whispered.
“Yes,” I said at a normal tone.
“Yes, what?” Now we were talking normal and the other customers were starting to notice.
“Yes, I want more,” I begged. He slid his fingers back inside of me as he slides his thumb in my butt, making me gasp loudly and close my eyes. I was lost in fingering, enjoying everything he was doing when I felt a hand brush across my hard nipple.
“What do we have here?” Someone had said standing in front of me. I grabbed his arms as I climaxed in the hand that paying with me and shuttered as it the orgasm ran through me. “Very nice. I want some.”
The fingers withdrew from inside of my holes. “She’s all ready for you.” He said.

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