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Another lovely lady.  

Jadefalcon 49M
48 posts
9/16/2020 2:42 pm
Another lovely lady.

I don't know what anyone else might think of her, but I'm going try and post some pics every so often of some of my favourite ladies.

Her name is Julia Asthon, not be confused with the American actress of the similiar name. She's French, and I think there's just something about her.

lindoboy100 57M
22203 posts
9/16/2020 4:05 pm

Ooftah! No' three bad McFalcon........vive la France!!

And it's good to see another jock post, there aren't many of us. You seem to write well, it would be good to see more from you!!

And a wee handy hint if I may - if you add your own first comment to the post, the site will read it as active, and it will appear on the blogs front page, and so will reach a wider audience. The blogs is a good place to hang around for some fun and banter, it would be good to see you drop in to some of the posts now and then.

Pull ma finger.........

MikeHockinhand 45M
74 posts
9/16/2020 8:34 pm

Good looking gal. Very attractive 👍

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