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Is she from Texas or Long Beach  

HerpesNHollywood 45M
27 posts
9/27/2020 8:05 pm
Is she from Texas or Long Beach

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lokingforfun82 39M
167 posts
9/27/2020 10:21 pm

You can change your location when traveling. She's probably just looking for tips in in different areas...

BiggLala 48F  
29059 posts
9/28/2020 4:27 pm

I think those are definitely scammers trolling around for suckers.

I had that happen on another site (not associated with this network) where a person's location changed like...every 20 mins while we chatted. I was näive to it when it first happened, but...I wised up to their game. I mean...it's one thing if you really do travel for your job. BUT...unless someone has invented teleporters, no one can go from NY to Seattle in 20 minutes.

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HerpesNHollywood 45M
32 posts
9/28/2020 8:55 pm

Profile is hidden from me already or deleted.

author51 57F
104407 posts
9/29/2020 10:41 am

I just find it sad that there are so many fakes and scammers on this site trying to lure men in....

HerpesNHollywood 45M
32 posts
9/29/2020 5:01 pm

author51, I also find it sad that we have enough men around that are so lonely that they would fall for such tricks.

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