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Spanky's Drop Box
Posted:Nov 18, 2020 12:39 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2021 9:05 pm
Yes! Yes you can. You can with here no you! LOL I have made the setting such that whatever you write will never be made public. Drop a line or three... or four?

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ISO FWB Bicycling Female Friend
Posted:Feb 17, 2021 11:49 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2021 11:53 am
Ya, I'm a senior citizen but don't equate that with dead. I am very physically active, bicycling 40-50miles/day when I'm humping it. Just waiting for warmer weather. I am looking for an activity partner. Maybe that means just going for walks. I do jog but 3 miles is about it for me. This lockdown has brutal. I can travel, even out of state. However, I would much appreciate it if you could host. I love florida but the two day drive down gets old. . . unless I have an entertaining road trip mate. I am in Joliet and love doing the I&M canal from Rock Run to Morris. Looking to find a motel/cabin in southern Illinois to start biking again asap.

This post will have the settings set where only I can read replies. Hope to hear from you.

The older woman's body
Posted:Jan 11, 2021 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2021 11:50 am
I saw an article the other day about how rarely, if ever, men consider what women go through when having a baby. How it affects her body for 9 months and then the changes that remain afterwards. Most men know about the mood swings and sleeping habits changing. However, there are also other things, such as tooth decay, bone density loss, stretched skin that doesn't always go back, especially after multiple births, etc. And then there is the delivery itself. It is stressful and dangerous both to the mother as well as the .

Afterwards there are varying degrees of weight gain, tummy stretch, hair loss in one area and hair gain in others. For some women they easily get back being fit and trim while others are physically prone obesity and low self-esteem. I have always said the hardest job in the world is being a single mother. All that is involved in that out coupled with the physical and mental drama she had/has deal with just the pregnancy.

These are not issues with me. Battle scars are nothingto be ashamed of. Not everyone is going fit into a size 7 dress after having . Things are going sag a little more. But that doesnt mean she is less beautiful, less attractive, less alluring. Personally as I have matured, so have my tastes. Maturing involves the ability discern the difference between what looks go and what actually is good. Not all that glitters is of gold!

**Ideal** an addendum
Posted:Nov 20, 2020 6:50 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2021 2:59 pm
Having already posted perplexing question of describing your *ideal* match when filling out ones profile. And yet I continue consider just what my ideal match.

Now I have confess, being second born, I have, greater part of my life, always striven do what I think others desire in order be accepted by them. Though my parents never divorced, their home was never one that would be described as loving. As a , when one of us got sic... ok, when I got sick so as not speak for my siblings experiences/rememberances.... when I got sick, there were no motherly comforts. Largely you stayed in your room and weathered the storm by yourself. Mom would clean the pan at the side of my bed, open a can of chicken noodle soup or tomato soup, if I thought I could keep down. Dad was never around and when he was was best stay in your room, go outside or walk egg shells.

He finally moved family from our small rural community big city at my mothers request. I was still in grade school. It was a school of hard defined cliques. I graduated from HS without ever fitting into any of the cliques no matter how hard I tried to fit in to what I thought this or that group required.

My work ethic also reflected this need to be accepted. I outworked my peers and sometimes, excelled in raises and position. But I cannot say I was ever given accreditation for my accomplishments or anyone of my workmates ever pursued a friendship outside of work with me.

Now, when it comes addressing what my *ideal* female companion....

Deep down, I am truly that hopeless romantic. I love to swoon due to kissing a woman who actually knows how to kiss and does so with real desire and tenderness. Though my experience level isnt wide spread, especially over the last several , that sort of woman is hens teeth. Something about having a woman slip her arm within mine as we walk and drawing herself up close and smiling one of those smiles that makes the world all right. You know I am referring ?
Why is IM so ify here
Posted:Mar 4, 2021 12:31 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2021 9:06 pm
Me and a fellow writer have, via hangouts, been researching IM. It has come to our conclusion that the reason one often never gets replies on IM is because the profile that is being shown as active in IM is in fact not on IM at all. Just on my own, when I select the IM button at the top of the page (I only come here on my computer) the profiles shown as active on IM does not and never does match what a search of Who's On IM details. Even when I do a search of my own, the two never match. In one case, a certain profile is ALWAYS listed in my own search but is never listed when I select either the IM button or select Who's On IM.

We did this together with exactly the same cupid settings. And we both have also concluded that when you use your points to become a TOP FAN and you message that individual, either they are unable to read your message, or they are no allowed to reply or.... it is an old or fake profile to begin with.

I am sadly disappointed. I was once a Gold member here. Then somehow, someway, my CC began getting these bogus charges. Never again. Two weeks ago I put an add in CL missed connections and got two very nice replies. I can not remember the last time I got a genuine reply from sending a message because I became TOP FAN. Are others experiencing this same frustration?
Blogs on standard members home page
Posted:Feb 25, 2021 9:55 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:43 am

I can no longer see the link my blog on my home profile page. i.e. when I select the HOUSE icon. I have go COMMUNITY then select BLOGS and then select my own blog pull it up. Have other standard, non-paying, members had their blog link removed as well?
Not all moments of intimacy.....
Posted:Feb 22, 2021 6:29 am
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2021 6:32 am
Not all moments of intimacy are sexual. Many times they are simply moments of mutual nurturance.

Help me contact....BluEyesPassion3
Posted:Feb 16, 2021 2:15 pm
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2021 8:39 pm
I lost her email when my iBook died a premature death. I don't have enough points to contact her again. Would someone tell her to come to my blog so we can get in touch again? Thank you ever so much. -leefury
You'll Poke Your Eye Out....
Posted:Jan 6, 2021 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2021 11:53 am
I'd love see this under a satin blouse.

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Things I hate. Things that make sad. Things I like.
Posted:Dec 16, 2020 6:15 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 12:20 pm

Things I hate:

-- I hate spending all my points on one last profile and as you read it, all the while thinking, yowzer, this woman is right up my alley, then you get to the very end and she lists.... long term only, or no men or black men only .

-- I wished there was a way that those things would be listed up front. It is not just one man wasting his points, it would also IMHO cut down on assholes leaving unwanted messages.

-- Contacting or being contacted someone only interested in .
-- Chatting with a woman, arranging a meet only to then be told it is only!

Things that make me sad/disappointed:

-- only men looking at and commenting on my pictures. I am NOT gay!
-- reading profiles/blogs where you realize someone is not doing well with life
-- seeing profiles that are duplicates or even triplicates
-- A.FF not removing profiles or taking action onreported
-- Getting flirts and hot listings people who never looked at your profile.

Things I like:

-- I love the sincere comments on my erotic stories. Only men read them and only older men. It seems there are many of us who wax nostalgic about romantic situations and romantic women.
-- Comments and conversation on my blog.
-- Seeing a new listing in my area. It rarely happens despite huge population

Just my .02

Are you up front in your profile description?
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Glory of the Mature Woman 12/15
Posted:Dec 15, 2020 2:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 9:49 pm
Beautiful mature women. Check out my 3000+ mature women at x ham ster. lfury

Glory of the Mature Woman #8
Posted:Dec 14, 2020 5:35 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2020 7:35 am
Ah, women. Why do I never grow tired of looking at you? Where is my attractive woman friend?

Glory of the Mature Woman #7
Posted:Dec 13, 2020 9:22 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2021 8:39 pm
Beautiful pictures of beautiful woman. I am iso the real thing. O where O where could they be?


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