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It's Crazy To Think, But....
Posted:Feb 16, 2021 2:12 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2021 2:1 pm

The sheer amount of scams that are being run on this site. And the sad part is how outright obvious these woman are, but it works or they all wouldn't be running the same game.
What's worse is WTF guys. Who the f#@k out there is that blind that you are actually sending them money and gift cards? And then wait, actually expecting anyone to show up! You need your man card revoked.
Listen there isn't any woman that you meet online gonna be planning our lives together, full of bliss and crazy hot sex, after 3 freaking emails. Followed closely by the sudden urgent need for an influx of cash for a family tragedy.
There are no verification websites according to Google. That is a scam, try and find the terms and readthrough them. Explaining the multiple sister sites you are being charged for. And that they are only models on that site with no implication of physically meeting.
I have very little faith that there are any actual women on these sites, but still hold out hope. I don't ask for much but when I make it very certain from the opening email what I will and will not do but yet it always ends the same way.
But I have hope there may be a few freaks of similar interest out there. Certainly hear enough about them just so many evil doers in the way
Are Men Really That Gullible?
Posted:Jan 27, 2021 5:38 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2021 2:1 pm

Are There Really Men Out There Falling For This?

When I was younger I would do just about anything if I thought it would get me laid. That's how we are wired as men. From the first erection at - onward, if we do anything the end goal in some form or fashion is get some action. But times were a lot different back then, there wasn't internet, or endless cable channels showing tits and ass every 2 seconds. We had be creative and maybe swipe a skin mag from an older brother. Or if we were lucky found a video with porn. Today you click a mouse and you have endless porn of any type at your disposal.
Point is we will travel to the ends of the earth if we thought we would get laid. But in todays world I am amazed at the way woman are trying to capitalize on it in the most obvious ways possible. And it is the same almost every time. And I do not know if it works now or if it would have worked on me when I was younger. But come the fuck on. You can not tell me that you are actually earning a living in this fashion. And Ladies I am not blaming you at all. If I could do it I would. I am talking to the men or boys that really fall for this.
Men if a complete stranger starts talking to you online, and within 5 minutes is getting you to go to another app, to make it easier to talk. And within 2 messages on that site she is wanting to meet up and rock your world, sending you pics from every conceivable angle, telling you what she wants you to do. It is not real! The very next thing will be a request for some cash or gift cards so she can get to your place and make your dreams come true. Not gonna happen. I have no problem making a financial for the cause, Hell pussy is a powerful thing. But you will be on site prior to getting my .
If you think for one second that once you send the agreed upon gift so she can come to your side, that she is actually gonna show, then your a dumb ass. Why the fuck would she. She just got something for nothing. And be honest most all you have to offer is a few minutes of being on top of her with some grunting and posing , then your big finish. And she is left there still unsatisfied and depending on the guy somewhat of a mess. That is not appealing to any woman. So when you send her a and think she is gonna rush right over to that, your an idiot.
I'm not saying this to try and out the women either. My goal is to get the men to change. Woman are not as into sex as men are because of men! Now if you learn the ways to actually satisfy a woman then I promise. They would start showing up. And satisfying a woman starts long before you ever get her into the bedroom.And the best part is once your can seduce a woman and satisfy her most wildest desires, which is very enjoyable for you as well. But the back is just unheard of. By taking the time understand her and how please her gives her back what is embedded in her dna as a woman and that is please her man in every way. We need get back our caveman days. Mean provide and take care of the family unit. And the woman are the queens and should always be treated as such. And they will happily take care of your needs out of appreciation of you doing your job.
I am a man and as much as I hate take blame for anything, but as a man it is 0% mans fault that this is going the way it is. And we never realize it until we are much more mature and for most of us it's too late to do anything about it. Or so we think, we are just ready to go to pasture and wait to die. Well fuck that, not me. I've got something to offer you women, something these younger men will never come close to giving you. And once I show you , you will be ruined for all other men. Not because I have crazy secrets or made skills or anything of that nature. Because I have taken the time to know what a woman wants, what a woman needs, and how to bring it all together and take you to a full bodied orgasm from head to toes without ever bring my penis into play.
And that is what i want to convey to the men as well. This is what you need to learn so you can live happier, healthier lives. Everyone would men and women. Building stronger relationships, not the disposable ones it seems we live with today. My grand parents married and stayed married 50-60 years. Why because they didn't fight or have arguments? No I'm certain they did. But back then it was a commitment to one another . Till the end. And I bet there wasn't a bunch of sleeping around. Men make a commitment to learn to understand woman, emotionally as well as physically. And how to stimulate her and things will grow from there and you will find that your are happier and she is as well and on from there.
In the mean time ladies while the younger generation decides what they want to do with that information, if there are any of you that would like to know more about any of what i said. I am available for questions and answers

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