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Night School
Posted:Sep 27, 2020 6:48 am
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2020 12:34 pm

I decided take a job teaching English non speaking citizens, that's the official title. My day job just doesn't enough. With my mortgage, car payments, utilities, and food, I needed additional income. A friend recommended me this job. Easy work, pays decent, and it'll keep out of trouble.

My current student load isn't very big. I have about 10 students from over. A few from Asia, some from Central America, and others from Eastern Europe. Ages are close mine and they are eager learn. One student in particular struggles over this class. Miko, my Japanese student. Her grades are marginal at best and I see the frustration.

The final test comes and goes. Everyone passed, except Miko. I felt so bad. "Why is she struggling?" I ask myself. She sets her #2 pencil on the desk and lowers her head in defeat.

"Miko. I really want you pass this class. I'll let you retake the test and help you get through this" She looks and smiles. the students leave, except for Miko. I grab a fresh test and pull a chair her left. As I set it in front of her, I can't help notice her perfume. Her hair, draped over her left ear. She smells like heaven. I tell myself pull it together. We go over each question. As she understands each one, she smiles and thanks . I'm trying focus my job, but she is so beautiful. I feel the heat radiating off her body. I glance over and my eyes can't help but look down her blouse. Her lacy bra exposing her nipples through the fabric. "Focus" I tell myself again.

We are halfway through the test and I feel her left hand my thigh. She looks over at and smiles. I pull her hand off my lap and tell her focus the test. Her eyes glaring over the next question. I explain the question in greater detail so that she understand it. Each question she answers I congratulate her. We finish the test. I look over her answers and mark it with an "A". Overwhelmed with excitement, she turns hug . I can smell her perfume coming from the nape of her neck. I wonder what that is. Jasmine? Lavender? As these thoughts run through my head, I feel her lips on my neck. She thanks me as she kisses my neck. Her hand back on my thigh racing my now very erect cock.

"Thank you" she tells . "I want show how much" I stand and go the door and lock it. I return and unbutton my pants. Her face smiles as she pulls my boxers to the floor. Her warm mouth over the tip of my shaft as I feel her breath. She grabs the base and begins to lick the side. Her tongue tracing the outline until she reaches the tip once again. Her mouth now sliding down the shaft. She lowers until she's halfway down when I place my hand on her head. Not really forcing her, but giving her the hint. She takes more of my cock in her mouth as her hands grab my ass. She pulls deeper into her throat util she gags....

...to be continued
the 419 to Chicago - Part V
Posted:Sep 26, 2020 11:19 am
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2020 6:53 am

As I am kneeling behind her, using my tongue in the best way possible to provide my lover nothing shy of extreme extacy. She squirms as she tries to contain herself. I reach under her thigh and begin to lift her leg up, she takes the hint and lifts her knee as high as she can. I stand behind her. Her head against the window as I feel the vibration of the moving train through her. I slide my hard cock inside her as she moans. She tilts her head back for a brief moment returning to the window. Her breathing begins to cloud the glass. Her moaning becoming louder as she reaches back to tell me to cum.

I take her and lay her on the bed. Her legs high in the air. I lay over her. As I enter her again, her eyes roll backward as she gasps. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist. I into her eyes. Her almond eyes no longer the sensual aggressor that she was, now the hopeless romantic caught in my snare. I want to kiss her, but I can't stop looking into her eyes. "cum baby" she tells me. I'm close to exploding inside her. My strokes long and hard. She feels my cock get as rigid as steel. She knows 's coming. Her head nodding as her whimpering continues. Within a few moments, I explode into her. As I do, she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls her head up to kiss me deeply. She feels each shudder as I continue to cum. My body freezes and my cock throbbing inside her. I at her and she smiles.

I roll over and lay next her. On our backs, we at each other. "Wow", she tells me. "I've never been fucked like that before". She rolls over and kisses my chest puts her arm across me and falls asleep. I nod off shortly after.

I wake a few hours later, hoping see my little vixen, but she's nowhere be found. I and see that I'm still in my clothes, my belt is still on, and my phone is charging. 's no evidence that she was ever here. "Fucking dream. Damn" I turn the television on see where we are on this journey. The announcement is that we have stopped in Indianapolis to pick up passengers. 's commotion in the isle as I hear people coming on board. I open the door watch people come and go. I step out and my left.

Holy shit. It can't be. It's her. I smile, and she smiles back. "You okay?" I ask as she fumbles though her purse. "I can't find my phone. Oh is". I couldn't believe . body hugging outfit. Her long flowing hair. Great tits. Her cute little glasses. I can't stop staring at her. She smiles at me "Are you okay?" She asks. I told her that she reminded me of someone very special.

"I'm Mia", she says. "Nice to meet you Mia. Hey they have a pretty good restaurant car here. If you're interested, I'd love to take you to dinner". She smiles and responds "That'd be great". As the gentleman that I am, i allow her to walk ahead of me. Her ass better than imagined. Her long hair swaying as she walked. I think to myself. This is going to be a great trip.
the 419 to Chicago - Part IV
Posted:Sep 25, 2020 10:00 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2020 6:07 am

As she was riding my face, I could taste her. Feel her. Her hips squirming her body trembling. She began to cum. Her body shakes as she releases her juices. She gazes down at my lonely cock and bends down to take the shaft in her mouth. Her sucking is a fucking art. I'm talking museum quality art. She exploits every vein on my member, using her tongue like DaVinci with a paintbrush. I can't even focus on pleasing her dripping cunt. She looks back to me and lowers her hips. Her perfect ass hovering over my throbbing cock. She beautiful heart-shaped ass riding and grinding on me yet again. I tell her to turn around so I can look into her eyes. She gets up and changes direction.

She slide my cock inside her again. Not looking at anything except into my soul. Fuck this chick is intense, I thought to myself. Her eyes in a sultry stare. She bites her bottom lip. Trying to be silent, she lightly moans as she rides me. Not hard and fast, but slow and methodical. She leans forward and kisses me again. Her tongue warm, wet and soft. She leans forward and unties my wrists. My hands move to the side of her face as I kiss her with such passion that I feel her hot pussy cum again.

She gets up from me and walks to the window. The night sky racing by as she leans against the window. Her tits pressed firmly against the glass. I stand directly behind her. I start to kiss the back of her neck. She loved being nude in front of the window. Thinking maybe someone will get a quick glance as the train passes in front of them, but knowing that it'll just be a quick glimpse. My hands on her shoulders. Running down her arms to her hands. We interlock our fingers as i slide her hands above her head. I unlock our hands and leave them against the glass. I slowly kiss her back. I lower myself to my knees.

I kiss her ass, light kisses moving down. My hands on her thighs, opening her legs up little by little. Her body lighting in glimpses as the city lights pass by. As her legs spread, I stare at her swollen pussy lips. My tongue licking from behind as she pushes her ass closer to my face....

...to be continued
the 419 to Chicago - Part III
Posted:Sep 25, 2020 6:47 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 10:52 am

As she continues suck on my meaty cock, I look down see her hand rubbing her pussy. The faster she works her cunt, the more intense her mouth works my coc Her moans vibrate my shaft.

She stands up and turns around. Her pussy can't take it anymore. She rocks her hips against my rock hard shaft. I feel her wet pussy rub against head, until she lowers herself. I feel inch by inch. As she slides down, She lets out a loud moan. Her hair draped down her bac I stroke her back as she rides my coc I reach the base of her neck and grab her hair."Yes!" She screams out. She fucks faster as i tug on her hair, her head arching backwards. I watch as she plays with her nipples. Tugging and teasing her nipples. I can't believe how wet she's getting, feeling her juices drip down on my balls. I look over her shoulder and watch her through the wall mirror near the door. I see her eyes clinched shut, her hips bouncing on my coc Faster and faster she rides until she lifts and squirts. She reaches down grabs my cock and quickly puts back inside and resumes the ride.

I reach down and place my hands on the bottom of her thighs. I lift her up and carry her to my bed, while staying inside. I place her, ass up. My hands on her ass, I take control and fuck her my way. Each stroke harder than the last. Her juices covering my shaft as her moaning becomes louder. "Yes baby, I'm gonna cum", she screams out. I feel her body moving against me harder bringing herself to yet another climax. I bend down and lick her pussy as she cums. Her juices covering my face. My tongue goes from licking her wet pussy to her eager asshole. Her moans becoming more seductive. The pitch of her voice dropping an octave. "mmmm" she whispers.

I stand up again and take my cock and place the head on her asshole. She pushes back introducing just the head. Her hands grabbing the sheets. Her fists are white as she clenches. A little deeper each and every time until I'm as deep as my cock will allow. My hands still on her hips as I move from slow and easy to hard and fast. I keep going wanting her to cum again. She reaches back and grabs my thigh. I think she's going to get me to go faster, but she pushes me off. Her body collapsing on the bed. "You okay?", I ask her. She rolls over onto her bac She tells that she has other plans.

She grabs a charging cable from the wall and ties my left hand the bedpost. Then she grabs my belt and ties my right hand. She smiles and tells relax. She goes into the bathroom and gets a towel and wipes my cock clean. Then she sucks my cock again. No hands, just her mouth. Her eyes looking into mine as she increases her speed. Her mouth moving faster. Her eyes not breaking the gaze. She moves her hand up to stroke while changing positions. She straddles over my face and sits up. Her arms stretched out against the cabin wall as she grinds on my mouth. She sways her hips maintaining control over what she wants....

...to be continued
the 419 to Chicago - Part II
Posted:Sep 24, 2020 4:39 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 5:17 am

As we fall to the bed, still engaged in passionate tongue play, Her hand on my back, raising my shirt up. I feel her nails scrape against me. Not strong enough to draw blood, but enough pressure to tell me that she is really enjoying herself. My hand starts to climb up her shirt. I feel her lacy bra when she takes my hand away. "Not yet" she whispers. My cock is rock hard and I'm waiting for her to attack me. Instead she continues to kiss me passionately. I figure, I need to step up a little. I need to pour on my seduction. I begin kissing her neck. Little bites from the tip of my teeth. Her head leans back giving me access. I move my head a little lower and kiss her shoulder. She reveals a little more shoulder. Her bra is back in view. "I just need to get a little lower" I say to myself. My hand again making a second attempt at it. She pulls my hand away and makes me sit on the chair. "Don't move from that chair", she demands. Fuck me, what did I stumble onto?

She stands up from the bed and slowly undresses. She is standing in front of me wearing a black lace bra, matching panties and thigh high stockings. My hand grabbing my cock while she stares at me. Bright red lipstick, her glasses near the tip of her nose as she peers over them. Her fingertip in between her teeth as she contemplates her next move. She sits on the bed. Her back against the headboard.

Without losing eye contact, she traces her breasts with her fingers. A seductive smile as she continues her torture. She reaches back and unclasps her bra. She slowly slide it down the front. Exposing her breasts slowly and seductively. Her nipples appear. My God. Her nipples long and hard. She uses her thumb and finger to roll them around. Her back arches as she turns herself on. Her moans drowning out the sound of the train. She lifts her ass up and slides her panties off. She tosses them to me. I can feel how wet she is, and by the feel of things, she's been wet since dinner. She parts her legs slowly all without breaking eye contact. Her little landing strip, perfectly groomed leaves me speechless.

Her finger tracing down her stomach, and through her little patch of heaven. She lightly strokes her pussy lips which are being illuminating by the city lights passing by my cabin window. "I hope you like what you see". I can't speak. I try, God knows, I can't even make a sound. She laughs as she introduces a finger inside. Then 2, as she arches her back. Her other hand, playing with her hard nipples. Faster and faster she works her fingers. I can't take this anymore. I rip my clothes off. She orders me to stroke my cock. As I do this, she takes the gaze from my eyes to the action below. She licks her lips as her fingers work her pussy. The faster I go, the more intense she becomes.

She gets up and kneels between my legs. Not even a tease from her mouth. She takes my cock as deep as she can. Her head moving side to side allowing more of my cock until she reaches the base. She chokes a little and backs off. She gasps as she catches her breath and resumes where she left off. Her mouth sliding up and down my shaft with a ferocity I've never experienced before.

...to be continued
the 419 to Chicago
Posted:Sep 23, 2020 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 3:37 pm

The train sped down the tracks and my mind was a blur. I looked out mindlessly at the scenery speeding by me. I hear the bells as we glide over a railroad crossing. As I look out to the open, the calming nature hypnotizes me and I begin to doze off. I wake up a few moments later looking for her. Where's Julie? I thought to myself. That's right. She had an epiphany and decided that we weren't right together. She was fine until we reached Charlotte. We even had mind blowing sex, but when we reached that last stop. She disembarked to fly back to Miami. Who the hell gives a fuck? She's gone now. Fuck me. I need to take a walk and get some air. Wait a sec, I'm on a fucking train. Where am I going to walk? I open my cabin door and look to the left, then to the right. Nothing. Just a long empty isle. I decide to go to the bar car to grab a drink. Anyway I can wash away this feeling. I get to the bar car and I'm the only one there.

I turn back to return to my cabin, maybe put a movie on. As I get to my door, my neighbors door opens. Oh my God. I thought to myself. "Hi, you are breathtaking" I say, okay actually I just smile, but i did think about saying that. She smiles Her long brown hair, gorgeous smile, stunning eyes, and my God, what a set of tits. She was wearing a cute little skirt which hugged her body like a second skin. She walks by me down the isle. I watch her walk until it almost seems inappropriate. She turns back and sees me watch her. She giggles as she keeps on walking. I go in my cabin and put on a movie.

A few hours later I hear a knock on my door. It's her. I brush my hair really quickly. She taps again. I check my breath and open the door. Standing there like she fell from heaven above. "Hi. I was wondering if you want to join me for dinner" I tell her yes, and grab my key. She walked in front of me, sashaying down the isle. Her hair waving in sync with the movement of the train. We enter the dining car and sit at a small table in the corner. Dinner comes and goes as we talk about everything under the sun.

She has a smile that won't go away. I watch her finger trace her bottom lip. She keeps her mouth open just a little as she traces it. Her hand on my thigh. I can feel my cock get hard as she is teasing me. She confesses that the last night Julie was on the train, she heard us fucking. She continued on and said how she was leaning against the wall that separated our cabins. Rubbing her throbbing pussy as she heard Julie scream and moan. Hearing us was such a turn on for her. At this time, her hand moves closer to my cock. She playfully bites her bottom lip. She continues up my thigh and unzips my pants. She pulls me cock out and using just her fingertips, she glides her fingers along my shaft. Her finger making circles along the head, feeling a little precum. Without hesitation, she leans forward and buries her tongue in my mouth. As we kiss, her gentle strokes turn into a strong grip on my shaft. "You've got a great cock". I look to the porter. "Check please" She giggles as she returns my cock into my pants.

We leave the dining car and head back to my cabin. What is about her? Is it her smile? Her hair? The way she and I have so much in common? Maybe it's a combination of everything that has me so memorized. I open the door to my cabin and she kisses me again. Locked in a passionate kiss, we walk as one to the bed...

...to be continued.
The Revenge Plot - Part V
Posted:Sep 23, 2020 12:50 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 2:58 pm

As Pam continues ride , Kim straddles my face. I missed how she tasted. My thumbs parting her lips while my tongue danced on her clit. She gyrating back and forth on my face. Her moaning louder and louder. This moaning was turning Pam on even more. I can feel her pace as she rides my love stick increase in speed and depth. Kim bends forward to put her face as close to Pams cunt as possible making sure not to disturb her rhythm. Pam grabs Kim's long blonde hair, and pull her face closer to that action. In an instant, Pam slides my cock out, rubs her pussy and squirts her love juices on Kim's face. Kim without hesitation, licks her cunt with a feverish passion.

I enjoyed watching Kim lick Pam's pussy, but I loved feeling Kim's cum over my face when she did that. Kim pauses as she quivers my face. I feel her juices run down my cheek as she screams out. Pam leans forward taste Kim my face. Everyone seems be cumming, except for . Of course, that is strictly by design.

Kim collapses the bed, while Pam gets off and grabs a few waters from the mini fridge. "Holy shit" Pam says. "That was intense". I let out a little laugh. "What's that for?" Kim inquires. "You two are done, and I'm just getting warmed " Pam laughs as she tilts her water bottle . "Come Teddy" She grabs me by the hand and me the bathroom. She reaches in and turns the water . "Kim" she calls out. Kim comes the doorway and leans against the wall. Standing in the doorway, her skin dampened with sweat. Her eyes watching as Pam and I enter the shower. Pam extends an invitation Kim. She enters the now crowded shower behind . Pam pushing her ass against . Kim reaching around and rubbing my cock. "You could always fuck for days", she whispered. "I miss that" Pam telling Kim trade places.

Now Kim is in front pressing her ass against . Pam strokes my cock until I'm rock hard. She leans forward around my hips guide it over Kim's asshole. She uses my cock like a paintbrush and teases her asshole. Slowly she puts the head inside. Kim lets out a loud gasp. Pam pushes my shaft deeper when Kim reaches back spread her cheeks. She pushes back as Pam advances my cock inside. I go a little faster and a little faster. Pam whispering "Fuck her Ted, fuck her tight little ass" My pace increasing while the water rains down . I can feel Kim's hand brush against my balls while she fingers herself into another climax. Kim quakes again as she screams.

Pam opens the shower door and pulls out. She leans over the vanity and lifts her knee next her hips. I stand behind Pam and tease her tight little asshole with my rock hard shaft. I slide in, slow and steady. Deeper each stroke. Kim gets out of the shower and sits behind the floor. Her hand reaching rub my balls. "Give it her Ted." My thrusts now deep. I look in the mirror and see Pam's face. Her eyes clinched shut as she enjoys it. She's biting her lower lip as she forces her ass against . I can feel getting close.

Kim starts run her wet tongue on my balls, I look down and see Kim's finger deep inside her love box. Within a euphoric instant, I cum deep inside Pam's asshole. My aftershock quakes unloading every bit of cum my balls had to offer. I pull out and Kim licks the cum from Pam's quivering ass.

Pam looks back and says to "truce, I give". We laugh and go back the bed. Just as soon as we lay our heads down, we fall into a deep sleep. "fuck that was intense" I say as I close my eyes.
The Revenge Plot - Part IV
Posted:Sep 22, 2020 11:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2020 2:47 am

...As I get right behind Pam, her perfectly shaped ass hiked in the air. Her pussy is well primed receive my cock. Without hesitation, I enter her, shallow at first. I was in the mood tease her a little bit. Why? I don't know. I've been wanting fuck her for years, and now I am in the drivers seat. As it turns out, Pam pushed back taking my entire cock inside her. So much for teasing. I looked down at my cock watching Pam bounce against like a porn star. She moans as she continues lick Kim's hot pussy.

Kim decides rotate and get into 69 with Pam. My cock dancing between Kim's hungry mouth and Pam's eager cunt. The sounds of both women moaning and screaming is working against me. I need to focus. I don't want to cum too soon. I need to keep things nice and steady. I can feel Kim's tongue licking my shaft as I thrust inside Pam. Pam lifting her head off Kim to catch her breath. Her head arches back as I tug on her long flowing hair. I pound Pam's pussy hard and fast. Between Kim's talented tongue skills and my hard throbbing cock, it doesn't take too long before Pam cums. Her juices flowing like a fountain into Kim's mouth.

Pam get's and has lay my back. She directs Kim ride . Kim mounts my cock like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby. Her wet pussy sliding and down, faster and faster. Pam sucking her large double D tits. My hand Pam's ass as she kneels next . Pam squats over my face and allows suck her swollen pussy lips. My tongue sliding in her honey hole. She grinds her pussy against my face, as if she is directing where she wants be licked. She lifts leg , allowing some ventilation accessing just the tip of my tongue. I look and see Kim and Pam engaged in epic kissing. Pam being the more dominant one, drilling her tongue down Kim's throat. I can feel Kim's pussy release her juices down the shaft as she continues to fuck into oblivion. Pam decides to sit back and watch as Kim and I fuck like we used to. Hard, fast and intense. Kim's body glistening with sweat as i look over to Pam. Her finger rubbing her throbbing clit. I see Pam slide a few fingers inside as Kim and I continue. I know Pam is no where near finished.

Pam lays on the bed next to and kisses . Kim gets off watching Pam and I make out and rides faster. Kim arches back as her pussy slams against . Her hands cupping her tits until she pulls off squirt my stomach, Pam rubbing Kim's juices over . Kim rolls off of and collapses next , when Pam, who is fully recharged, climbs my shaft.

Kim rubbing her pussy as she watches Pam in action. Pam take Kim's hand and puts in on her clit. Kim rubs Pam's clit fast while Pam plays with her nipples. Pam increases her pace and intensity as she rides ....

.... be continued.
The Revenge Plot - Part III
Posted:Sep 21, 2020 10:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2020 2:39 am

...As the 3 of us enter the room. The Miami skyline lights up the sky. Beautiful view, but obviously that's not the view I'm after. Kim is hesitant and says that she really must get going. Pam encourages her stay just a little while longer. I sit on the bed while Pam unclasps my belt, then my pants. My cock is rock hard as it tries escape the confines of my boxers. Pam smiles as she pulls my shaft out. She looks at Kim, deadlocked in the eyes and begins lick just the tip of my coc Her mouth lowers deep. until she reaches the base. She lets out a long moan as her mouth slides up and down. I'm looking at Kim, assuming she's uncomfortable. She bites her bottom lip as she begins to rub her breast.

Pam looks over at her as she continues to suck and stroke my hard coc She smiles at Kim and tells her come closer. Pam takes her mouth off, while continuing stroke. Kim uses her tongue to lick the side of my shaft while Pam is taking care of my balls. Kim Deep throats my shaft, while Pam looks at and smiles. "You like that Ted?" She says in the most erotic voice.

While Kim continues use her mouth and suck my cock fast, deep, and wet, Pam stands. and removes her gown. She has on thigh high stockings and a lacy bra. Her juices glistening in the ambient lights. I couldn't believe how wet Pam was from sucking my coc I expected that from Kim, who was still fully clothed, but I wasn't sure on Pam. Pam straddles over my face as my tongue begins to furiously lick her clit. She unclasps her bra and tosses it on the floor.

Kim looks up and sees and says "Lick her pussy baby". Kim continues work my cock as she uses her free hand remove her wet panties. Her gown sliding up her waist, she takes her hand and finger fuck herself into an early climax. Pam rocks her hips against my face while pinching her very erect nipples. Pam looks at and rotates her body. She bends down and kindly removes Kim from my cock and begins suck fast and deep. Pam's hips shuttering as she leaks juices from her nicely trimmed pussy. Kim pulling her breasts from her gown plays with her nipples. Pam gets off my cock and looks back and say. "I need taste you Kim". I remove myself from the bed and sit in the chair. My cock in my hand stroking as I watch Kim lay back in the bed and Pam between her thighs. Pam's face buried in Kim's wet pussy. Kim, never experiencing this with a woman, screams out her moans. Her hands on Pam's flowing hair.

I can't take this anymore, I think myself. I stand behind the bed and pull Pams hips into the air. She keeps using her tongue on Kim. I bend down to taste Pam once more before I stick my cock inside....

...To be continued.
The Revenge Plot - Part II
Posted:Sep 20, 2020 5:52 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2020 5:14 pm

...As Pam was stroking my cock, she kept looking over toward Kim. I couldn't imagine what was going through her head, though I knew damn well was going through mine. Her hand slowly stopped her stroking. "You need to cool down now. We may have to actually get up from the table sometime. Don't worry, I'm only getting started" I can't believe this is happening. She reaches over and gives me a kiss and tells me that she needs to go to the ladies room. I watch her as she weaves through the hotel ballroom.

Kim approaches and starts drilling me on why I'm there. She accused Pam of being an . I had explain that she's not an and that we had been friends long before Kim and I ever even met. "She's not an , she's actually a pediatric general surgeon"."Well, you were pretty much fucking on the dance floor" She barked at . "You lost your shot with . I've moved up from a BMW a Bentley. How are things going with your man? I see he's not left his phone since he got here" I couldn't help have a smirk on my face, but slowly my heart was breaking for her. "He's just busy with work". As she tried justify his lack of attention, Pam returns. Kim smiles and returns her table. "It's working", I tell her. Pam puts a hotel room card on the table. "Whenever you're ready, we can go upstairs". Well so much for my erection going away. The thought of fucking Pam got rock hard. I need get this fucker go down or I'll never make it upstairs. After a few minutes, I grab the card off the table and grab Pam's hand. We make our way the elevator, when Kim calls out as she catches up. "Ted, I'm sorry I hurt you. I only want you to be happy". Pam looks at her and with a glare in her eye. "Kim, I'm Pam. You really lost a great guy here. When you broke his heart, I was there for him. Now I'm going to take him upstairs and give him some overdue pleasure." Hanging her head lower, Kim says, "I understand". As she turns to walk away, Pam tells her. "You're welcome to join us" What the fucking fuck? I thought to myself. I look at Kim who smiles as she nods her head. "What about tech boy?" I'm not even sure if I want to see Kim, but the thought of Kim and Pam is impossible to resist. "He can leave without me."

The of us make our way the elevator. My heart racing in anticipation. I never knew Pam was such a sexual dynamo. We get in the elevator, the doors slide shut and Pam kisses , essentially burying her tongue in my mouth while Kim watches. Pam backs off, gives her cute smile, and leans in kiss Kim. Kim, reluctant at first succumbs the lust. I watch as my date and my ex make out, when. there is a ding. The door opens up as we walk room 824. A number I'll never forget.

... be continued
The Revenge Plot - Part I
Posted:Sep 19, 2020 9:02 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2020 6:17 am

Ted - Hi Pam

Pam - Hey Teddy. How's things?

Ted - Eh. Could be better.

Pam - Why? What's wrong now?

Ted - I ran into Kim.

Pam - Really. Please don't tell you're still hung up on her.

Ted - I can't help it. Something about her.

Pam - She ripped your heart out. Let it go.

Ted - There's always you.

Pam - Hey. you know I like you. But I don't think being in a physical relationship with each other is the answer.

Ted - Then what is?

Pam - Move on.

Ted - Well. When I saw her. I told her hi. And she got all weird. She was there on a date.

Pam - Ouch.

Ted - So I found out that she's going to this fundraiser dinner on South Beach Saturday night.

Pam - Don't even think about it. Move the fuck on.

Ted - I bought 2 tickets.

Pam - I'm afraid to ask this, but who do you plan on taking?

Ted - I was kinda hoping you'd be my date.

Pam - No. I'm not going to be a part of this.

Ted - Loo You don't have do anything, but just be my date. She'll see and get so jealous, she'd come running back .

Pam - Why would you want her back?

Ted - I don't know. Look, I paid 5 grand each for these tickets and I want you be my plus one.

Pam - Fine. But just because I don't want you showing up making an ass out of yourself.

Ted - Great. I'll pick you up at 6.

Pam - You owe big time.

Ted - I do. I love you Pammy.

Pam - Uh huh. Love you too.

This is how the whole thing started. My ex Kim, broke my heart and really crippled me. I don't know why, but I want her bac So one of my good friends Pam, who used model and I'd give anything fuck her, agreed help make Kim super jealous and run back into my arms. Pam has always rejected my advances and decided to be my confidant, my best friend, and my therapist.

I pick Pam up at her condo at 6 on Saturday. I'm so used to seeing her in casual clothing, I'm curious to see how she looks dressed to the nines. I'm wearing a tux I rented, bow tie and everything and I got to tell you. I look pretty good. Her door opens and she walks down the sidewal "Holy shit. She is breathtaking" I said myself. A long red evening gown with a long slit on the side revealing some beautiful stockings. I am standing next to the passenger door watching her walk closer. In my hand, a single red rose. She smiles and says "Wow Ted, you clean up nicely" She gets in and I can't help to picture her under that dress. "You loo..hot as hell" I tell her.

We arrive at the dinner. As it happens Kim is seated at a table close . She sees and turns her head pretending not notice . I look at Pam, her long flowing brown hair. Makeup done perfectly. Her body being hugged by her evening gown. I had moved up. Then reality sat in and I realized that Pam was too hot for and that I should really settle for Kim.

As the night progressed forward, people began dancing on the dance floor. I look over and see Kim dancing in her seat while her date played on his cell phone. I know that was killing her. But put the nail in the coffin, Pam grabbed my hand and pulled the dance floor. A slow jazz song was playing as she wrapped her arms around my shoulder and gazed into my eyes. "I think it's working" she whispers, "Place your hand on my ass, let's send her over the edge". I place my hand on her ass. "Fuc She's not wearing any panties" I said myself. Her ass was perfect., like Michelangelo sculpted her himself. "Pam. You're not wearing any panties". "What can I say. I hate pantie lines". She pulls herself closer as we slowly dance. Her body against my hard coc "I can tell you're okay with that". "I'm sorry, sometimes he has a. mind of his own." Pam continues brush her body against my coc "I've always been curious about your cock Ted. Very impressive" This song is going end soon and when I walk my table, this entire room is going see my erection. I need think about something else, like my grandmother. I look back and see Kim still sitting there, watching me while her boy toy is immersed in his phone. She looks so sad and helpless. I kinda felt bad for doing this. Well, what do you know. My cock went back to normal. We left the dance floor back to the table. We passed by Kim's table. She gives me a half smile as I breeze right by her.

Pam and I are sitting at the table, when she reaches over and plants a deep wet kiss. Her tongue dancing in my mouth. My heart racing. My cock throbbing now. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" I as She smiles and said "I kinda am. You are making very horny right now". As if my cock couldn't get more rigid. Pam places her hand on my thigh, moving up closer and begins rub my shaft through my pants. "I am really impressed Ted. I may have take this up the next level".

... be continued
Accidental Hook up - Part V
Posted:Sep 18, 2020 4:37 pm
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2020 4:55 am

...As she lays on the bed quivering from a mind blowing orgasm of epic proportion, my tongue working hard to lick every drop from her swollen pussy. She rolls onto her stomach and hikes her perfect little ass up in the air. My hands holding on firmly to her hips, I slide my cock in for another round of mind numbing fucking.

Each and every thrust harder than the last. My hand sliding up her back to her hair. I wrap my hand entangling her hair. I give a slight tug, she screams, "Yes baby, pull my fucking hair!" She matches my stroke pushing against my cock. "Fuck me baby!" I think, "this is it. I'm going to fill her pussy up." My strokes becoming more methodic as she pushes against me.

My hand grabbing her firm ass, as the final thrusts come to the forefront. "I'm gonna cum babe", I tell her. This confession causes her movements to increase in intensity. I feel the eruption coming on. Like Mount St fucking Helen, I erupt my hot load deep inside her quivering pussy. A few aftershocks and she is still fucking me. My fingernails digging into her skin. My body rigid as each and every drop is unloaded into her.

As she slides off my cock and collapses face down on my bed. "Christ, I can't believe we could've been doing this a long time ago". I collapse next to her. Our sweaty bodies laying down. "That was intense" I whisper.

She rolls over and falls asleep in my arms. I nod off shortly after.
Accidental Hook up - Part IV
Posted:Sep 17, 2020 5:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 11:28 am

...As I laid on the bed. She straddles over my cock. One leg tilted higher than the other. She rocks her hips over my hard shaft. Her hand using my cock like a paint brush. "Da Vinci, eat your heart out", I thought to myself. Slowly I feel the tip just enter her very wet pussy. She lowers herself on to me until she feels the base of my cock. Her pace moving faster and faster. My hands on her hips as she reaches to finally pull her shirt completely off. Her skin glistening with sweat. Her nipples as hard as my cock, as she pinches them. We lock eyes again as she leans forward. Her moans increasing in volume. She leans down and buries her tongue in my mouth. I can feel her pussy becoming more wet. Then without hesitation, she arches back and grinds on me until she cums with a loud scream.

Turning herself around, she decides to ride me reverse. Who am I to complain? Her tight little ass bouncing on my cock, like I'm a fucking championship thoroughbred and she's my little equestrian lover. I smile as I watch my cock coated with her juices slide in and out. Faster and deeper each time. I slap her ass a few times as she screams. "Yes! Yes!" I can feel my buildup coming along, but doing my best to stretch this fuck session out as long as I can. "I can't cum yet" I tell her.

I roll her on the bed and begin to lick her pussy like it was my job. My tongue working her clit with such fury. She grabs her heels and raises her legs high in the air. I introduce 2 fingers inside her and with an arch of my fingers, I massage her little love button. Faster my fingers work her button, "I'm going make her squirt like a fucking water cannon. I can feel it". Faster and faster my fingers fuck her, with each stroke brushing her g spot. Faster and faster. She can't hold her legs anymore and wraps her thighs tightly around my shoulders. I back my head away focusing on the work of just my fingers. Faster and faster I move. My other hand resting on her landing strip, my thumb reaching down to rub her clit. I feel her begin to tremble. Her eyes roll to the back of her head. Either she's possessed, or she's going to erupt. Her body moving faster as she grabs my fingers and pulls them out while squirting her juices all over me, the bed, hell I think she reached the closet with that blast. I lean forward to lick her pussy to taste as much of her as I can.....

....to be continued

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