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satisfaction and craving more...  

CaIrishMermaid 45F  
64 posts
10/22/2020 8:27 pm
satisfaction and craving more...

how long do you stay satisfied after having incredible sex?

lately ive been finding it drives crazy and I want more. What's your experience?
be honest, it doesn't show your vote lol
I"m good a week or so
At least a couple of days to recover
I'm craving it the next day
I'm ready to go again later that day
Give me 10 minutes and its happening all over again

CaIrishMermaid 45F  
75 posts
10/22/2020 8:34 pm

I hope your satisfaction lasts longer than mine....

Fuklikedogs 49M
2301 posts
10/23/2020 2:21 am

I’m obsessed and need to find a woman who’s wired the same lol, there’s down time in between with the daily routines. My drive and desire is sky high.

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/24/2020 10:31 am:
so by obsessed, you mean you are insatiable?

Massass1963 57M
784 posts
10/23/2020 5:46 am

I am never satisfied with just ONE orgasm....a glass of red wine, 10 or 15 minutes and I need at least one more!

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/23/2020 11:22 am:
Ok so next phase,one session per session. Couple hours, a day, whatever that is for you, after having/giving multiple orgasms, how long do you stay satisfied?

Yours_4A_knight 55M
1441 posts
10/23/2020 6:46 am

Having gotten so little for so long I think that I could have an amazing experience and instead of being satisfied just feel all the more like I want more.

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/23/2020 11:23 am:
So the longer you go without, the more sessions it takes to keep you satisfied.... I can see that happening

CleavageFan4U 63M  
64351 posts
10/23/2020 6:58 am

Suffice to say that great sex is addicting!!

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CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/23/2020 11:23 am:
Mmm an addiction that isnt as harmful as many others

kentguy532 67M
63 posts
10/23/2020 7:30 am

i think people have different desires so when you can get them to cross each other and connect it becomes easier to find that happy place more often

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/23/2020 11:25 am:
I think something was missed in translation, I said after incredible sex, meaning the happy place was found a few times...

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10/23/2020 12:42 pm



CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/24/2020 10:32 am:
so descriptive....lol jk you don't have to share specifics. have a great day

Massass1963 57M
784 posts
10/23/2020 4:57 pm

When I have sex I like if it is all in the same general time period, say late evening, I would say one session. If I have sex in the morning and again in the evening that is definitely two different sessions!
Once I have a great night of sex, it is more dependent on what sexual situations and/or stimulations I receive the next day as to whether I wish to play again. Otherwise every other day I need to have at least one orgasm, even if by myself.

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/24/2020 10:34 am:
it looks like you're saying, no matter how good, and how many sessions, you still want an orgasm everyday. and yes, i agree if same time of day per se, its one session, which can have more than one round! yum

9000 posts
10/23/2020 8:41 pm


CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/24/2020 10:34 am:
thanks for participating!

Discreetdata69 47M  
171 posts
10/23/2020 10:17 pm

Great sex make me crave even more great sex!!!!

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/24/2020 10:35 am:
mmmm yes, I agree. but then bad sex makes me crave good sex, do you agree?

RavenGB 59M
1204 posts
10/24/2020 2:06 am

Once a Lord, always a Lord - but once a night is enough!

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/24/2020 10:36 am:
well ok then Lord Raven, congratulations lol

iraduu 40M
3139 posts
10/24/2020 6:32 am

fucking and fucking very yummy long time

iraduu 40M
3139 posts
10/24/2020 6:33 am

love much fucking yummy

naughtyguy1950 70M
50 posts
10/24/2020 7:18 am

I guess I'm getting old. Great sex every other day is good for me.

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/24/2020 10:12 am:
hope youre getting that...whatever makes ya happy

Fuklikedogs 49M
2301 posts
10/24/2020 10:41 am

I give satisfaction and experience it also.........I just want sex all the time and get turned down at times....oh well I’ll try again soon enough

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/25/2020 2:33 pm:
keep at it!

ProfessorNaught 108M
1226 posts
10/25/2020 2:09 am

Welcome to a mans world. He's been inflicted since high school
It has to do with age and women find much better response from men when they're interactive, even agressive about their desires.

sussi1028 60F

10/25/2020 1:11 pm

It all comes down to the type of men, perhaps also of their age, does it not? If they know how to keep it up, keep it going, shy stop? Just take a break and start with it again, if you love a man or men, you always want more, you want to keep receiving, you want them to keep you in heaven

It is too bad, that most guys can’t keep it up all night, some recuperate after an hour, and others take a day or two This is why I like Krk, you go for a swim, and when you come back, you see who is ready again and who is out for now, who can’t be stimulated to another round

Stove04 57M
9 posts
10/25/2020 2:20 pm

Nothing better than great sex every few days

CaIrishMermaid replies on 10/25/2020 8:11 pm:
do you have mediocre sex in between?

Dylan_ZD 27M
7 posts
10/29/2020 2:54 am

The longer you wait, the better it gets

s2ndegree 62M  
9737 posts
11/2/2020 3:20 pm

Would riding in a gossamer cloud qualify?

Using more than all the road!

Throbone69 51M

11/6/2020 1:37 am

More I have the more I want... love after play turning into foreplay then going again

iraduu 40M
3139 posts
11/6/2020 1:23 pm

5 minutes for stop fucking

DETSwitch 56M
208 posts
11/12/2020 2:23 am

I voted for the last choice! Even if I'm not up to thrusting my cocke for a while, I'm always down for more oral and two-way nipple play. I don't mind slurping my own semen from a hot vagina I've just fucked long and hard, and cumswapping and nipple action both get me back up and ready for more in no time.

Billybob567ui 34M
9 posts
11/24/2020 1:05 pm

Depends on time but nothing beats a good long day of pssion

yumehole 55F
122 posts
12/2/2020 7:30 am

I am ready lets keep going.

CaIrishMermaid 45F  
75 posts
1/14/2021 10:50 am

    Quoting DETSwitch:
    I voted for the last choice! Even if I'm not up to thrusting my cocke for a while, I'm always down for more oral and two-way nipple play. I don't mind slurping my own semen from a hot vagina I've just fucked long and hard, and cumswapping and nipple action both get me back up and ready for more in no time.
That's hot!

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