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How Do You Like It?  

Blueyedguy823 54M  
362 posts
10/5/2020 8:02 am
How Do You Like It?

Everyone seems like be touched a certain way. Some like soft, others like firm or even rough.

How do you like it? Women, how do you like your breasts and nipples touched? I suppose I could ask some men the same question. And your body, skin, pussy, cock?

This is the time to let Bloglandia know!

lunchandconvo 50F
2015 posts
10/13/2020 9:01 am

i used to have an old account on here called L&O for Loud & Often. i posted a few times photos of my deeply bruised breast. a lot of my readers freaked! but one PM'd me to let me know he was into this kinda thing, too. but it's not all rough play for me. i don't require BDSM. i like it. but if the sex is bad then i need to compensate the experience to balance it out.

Blueyedguy823 replies on 10/15/2020 6:35 am:
Years ago I was with a woman who was rather mild-mannered. She was lovely, quiet and was extraordinarily gentle. She was a completely different woman in the bedroom. When the door shut, she literally wanted he clothes ripped from her body, spanked on the rear and boobs. We played with handcuffs and she would struggle in such a way that she would have marks on her writs. And she loved it. So this wasn't exactly my thing and still isn't, but it became my thing when I was with her.

EnigmaInitiative 52F
4221 posts
10/6/2020 6:43 am

It really depends on my mood, if I'm honest. Sometimes I'm more in the soft and gentle, others something more urgent and rough. And, then, other times, I like a combination of both.

Good thing about me, though, is I'm happy to say what I want and when.

In a sense, sexuality is the built-in psychedelic experience that only a very few people manage to evade.

~Terence McKenna

Blueyedguy823 replies on 10/6/2020 7:32 am:
Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

Its awesome to say what you want and when.

author51 57F
104407 posts
10/5/2020 11:36 pm

soft licks and sucks at first Hun and then when things heat up increasing the pressure of the lips and hands on both breasts.Tugging on them is nice but do not like them bitten hard or clamped by any thing other than what God gave him..

Blueyedguy823 replies on 10/6/2020 7:31 am:
Seems like this isn't unusual. Start one way, end in a more heated pace!

BiggLala 48F  
29059 posts
10/5/2020 4:13 pm

I've reported this profile.

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Blueyedguy823 replies on 10/6/2020 6:06 am:
Thanks. I deleted the comment.

lust4life59 61F  
1013 posts
10/5/2020 1:28 pm

Well, other than the obvious nowdays without masks or gloves?

I don't know, I think gently at first it's almost like a dance, gently in an inquiring manner, then at some point the urgency increases, and it turns firm, perhaps even rough.

Blueyedguy823 replies on 10/6/2020 7:30 am:
...taking notes...

Blueyedguy823 54M  
663 posts
10/5/2020 8:04 am

Inquiring minds would like to know.(At least this mind would like to know!)

I also Find it curious that we don't usually have these conversations before. Most of the time I find out during or after. Maybe exploring and experimenting is part of the fun?

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