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BiSussi 60F
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10/14/2008 10:46 am

I never do a train, not all of my boys I don't think would like it either, but some would go nuts over it. If you would want one, I would be happy to get it organized, as long I can have a few for "Love Making" too

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I love pussies and adore nice dicks

7inchhard4u 53M
1 post
12/21/2008 11:50 am

I have had some great experiences with anal sex, but I have to admit that some womans asses turn me on while some don't. Cleanliness is also a major factor !

rm_fn491 61M
39 posts
1/10/2009 1:01 am

As much as I love Anal sex - I love to make sure that the Lady cums a number of times first, or it would not be fair to the Lady, especially if she were only giving Anal to please a Man!

Anal at one end as I lick pussy at the other end is preferred, in that the lady giving Anal would be doing so because she wanted to and not only to please the man!

rm_cleo066 60F
9 posts
3/28/2009 2:09 pm

if the person knows what they are doing, it is nice. i mean not all that banging!! nice, slow, steady in and out moves while gently squeezing my tits and brushing my clit every once in a while!! real nice!!! uuummmmmmmm>>!

indiapuss4white 51F  

3/15/2012 9:49 pm

Its for some women who like it a lot and bi men ive fucked with a strap on too. I love anal and have been enjoying it for about 10yrs now. Of course, how a lover prepares you is important, i.e. using tongue to rim, fingers/toys and finally a cock.

Malaysian sexpot speaks her mind ! ;-D

porterpiper1 54F
3755 posts
9/10/2016 9:53 pm

I only had one partner who could do anal well, he was my first, I have tried it again with others but none could get their dicks to go in my ass

rmTurboDET 44M
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Is Anal Sex For Women?  

BiSussi 60F
311 posts
3/17/2007 11:22 am

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5/11/2010 10:29 pm

Is Anal Sex For Women?

While in San Diego the other day on business, I ended up having a few drinks with a few women at the hotel bar. With the exception of one lay, who was in her lat 20th, all of us are in the 40ts. After a few drinks, the subject changed to men. I thought we all would be on the same page, after all we are all about the same age. Some of us should have a majority. Was I am wrong. Taking one of the subjects Anal Sex
For Women only ‒ I love anal sex
Men only ‒ I love anal sex
For Women only ‒ I do not enjoy anal, but I do it because my man/men love it
Women ‒ Only if I am in the mood for it
Women ‒ Dildo is O.K., but no men in my rear
Women ‒ Have done it, but no more
Women ‒ No way I would agree to anal sex
Men only ‒ No way I would do anal sex to any women, not even my wife
Women ‒ I would not date a man who is not willing to offer anal
Men ‒ Would not date a woman who does not let me have anal sex

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

rm_mavrodafni 53M/49F
3360 posts
4/2/2007 3:34 pm

We as pair... love it!! Anal Sex is stop beautiful alternating with
our Sex-living, wants we it any longer to missing!
I woman co- ordinated: I love anal sex... however my man would have
been correct also!

mavrodafni ♥

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rm_jd29992z 58M
3887 posts
6/21/2007 9:43 am

Well I could not vote because it is not something I NEED in bed or have to have, I am not against it either and I would not stop dating someone that did not like it. But (hehehehe I said but) with the right person if the mood is right and she wanted it I would first have to lube up a lot!!!! With out lube it is not very enjoyable to me. And like I said she would have to want it first I am a guy that will do what ever it takes to please my girl I am into pleasing so if that is what it takes cool! If not cool too! Later girl JD

SverigesAngel 57F
17337 posts
10/31/2007 6:57 pm


7/25/2017 1:21 am

Personally, I love anal. Even though I'm straight, I happen to be a Switch, so if I offer to let a lady take my cock anally, I'm game to let her penetrate me anally with a dildo of equal size and shape. If she's a new partner, I'm even game to slipping a dildo up my ass myself as she watches during a mutual masturbation session, showing her I know what it feels like, and that I know how to safely and comfortably penetrate. I'll even slowly thrust myself to orgasm with it, and even let her work it in my ass to show me how she prefers it -- or thinks she might enjoy it if she's new to anal intercourse. Usually, we've already had some two-way anal toy play during vaginal intercourse and/or 69.

That said, lots of time spent with enemas for both of us, lots of fingering, probing, beading and two-way anal foreplay, and even then, she's in total control of the depth/rate of penetration.

Smokinhotwest 23M
3 posts
9/28/2020 5:56 am

I'm just young an horny so I guess it was really pointless for me to fill out

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