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Aunt Anne's Adventures
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Webcam Discovery: A Nephew's Story
Posted:Nov 26, 2020 11:40 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 10:07 pm
It was a day like any other, the horny young man, using my AgoraCosmopolitan Dating membership 's fullest. I found I had developed a taste for the older woman. Much older in my case!

I browsed the mature ladies were camming when one in particular caught my attention and reminded me of my Auntie Anne. She even used that as her which is what caught my eye.

"Hello young man!", she said in the window, "that's a nice cock you have , big and young, just how I like them!"

"Thanks!", I replied. She turn her mic and she even sounded a bit like my Auntie. Like myself, she was showing herself from the shoulders down and we were both naked.

"What's your young man!", she asked over the mic as she played with her breasts.

"Stephen", I answered putting a deep voice just in case.

Shit! I just told this woman my real !

", I have a nephew named Stephen!", she answered, "He's about your age too!"

Wait a minute.

Could this really be my Auntie Anne?

My mind raced and my cock was rock solid.

" me Auntie Anne" she said and moved her camera revealing her face.

It was her, but she had no idea I was her real nephew.

"Can I see your face then?" she asked looking into the camera.

" later", I stammered.

"Ooh, what a shy one you are, just like my Stephen!", she laughed.

"He'd probably have a heart attack if he saw me like this", and lifted her legs spreading her pussy wide open!

I gasped and kicked my laptop in surprise when I saw what my auntie was doing.

"Oh!", she said.

"What?", I asked as continued to work my coc

"Nothing", she answered, "At least now I know."

"Know what Auntie?", I repied as I masturbated vigorously

"I know what my nephew's cock looks like. Hello Stephen."

"What?", I said nervously.

"When you kicked your laptop, you moved the camera . I can see your face Stephen. I know 's you."

I looked in the corner of my screen. I was looking back at myself dick in hand and more seriously looking back at my real Auntie Anne, and she knows .

"You better get dressed Stephen", she said sternly moving her camera above her shoulders.

"Yes Auntie Anne", I answered pulling my underwear back .

"Come round my house now, we need talk in person"

That evening,I knocked on my Aunties door. She answered and I stepped inside.

"Well, I think we both embarassed ourselves this afternoon, don't you?", she said as we both sat down at the kitchen table.

"I guess so Auntie Anne", I replied.

"Shame really, you have a nice big penis and if we weren't related we could of had some fun.", she answered back looking sad.

"You really like my cock Auntie Anne?", I said grinning.

"It's a beauty!", she laughed, "You'll make someone very happy with that one day!"

"Would you like see one last time in the flesh?", I daringly suggested, my heart racing.

" no Stephen, you are my nephew!"

I stood and yanked my jeans and underwear down and my teenage cock bounced upright and hard.

"Too l you've seen now!", I smiled. I slipped my shirt off and stood before her naked with my hands my hips, my cock rock solid!

" Stephen put it away!", my aunite cried out.

I stepped towards her.

"Touch it Auntie. Touch your nephews cock!"

"Nooooo!", she cried and ran to the other side of the kitchen table but I cornered her and wrapped my arms around her, my cock pressing against her blouse!

I grabbed her wrist and held her hand around my huge erection and she gripped it tightly and started to tug at it.

" Stephen, we shouldn't!", she complained.

I slid the palm of my hands inside her knickers and my middle finger located my aunties clit.

Her eyes bulged in shock at what was happening but I had youth and energy on my side and this was going end one way.

"But we are Auntie, this is happening and you can't stop !"

"Ooooo!", she moaned softly.

Quickly, I pulled down her jeans and underwear and threw them aside. Parting her legs with my knees, I mounted my auntie on the dining room table.

"Stop It Stephen! You are my nephew!" she whispered.

The tip of my cock brushed against her pussy. "Say me Stephen!'", I told her.

"Noooo!", she cried. I pushed my cock inside her just a little.

"Say it Auntie Anne!", I orderd her again as I unbuttoned her blouse.


"Say it!"


"Go on....."

"Oh me Stephen!", she finally yielded,

"Take your Nephews's cock!", I yelled trumphhantly giving my auntie all eight inches of my dick!

"Ohhhh yeaahhhhh! your auntie!" she gasped as I tore off her bra leaving her naked on the table.

I pinned her down by her shoulders and thrusted away as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Oooooh", she cried out, "Cum inside me Stephen!", she shouted, "Cum inside your auntie!"

"That's all I needed to hear!", I smiled as I felt my balls tighten.

"Here I cum!", I laughed as my sperm exploded from my cock inside my auntie swimming inside her looking for an egg to fertilize!

"Oooooh Stephen!", yelled my auntie as she reached orgasm while I pumped more semen inside for a full minute! I had no idea I could cum so hard, but this was my own Auntie after all!

We went upstairs and lay on her bed still naked and kissed each other for the longest time.

"Any pictures on that tablet of your Auntie Anne?" I enquired.

"Oh lots", she repiled and showed me decades worth of her naked body and my cock grew hard again.

Here I am very pregnant with your cousin!", she smiled.

I began masturbating at the sight of my young pregnant auntie.

"Imagine you getting your Auntie pregnant and fucking me for the next 9 months!"

"I would love that Auntie!"

"Mind if I lend a helping...."

"Hand?", I replied, finishing her sentence.

"Mouth!", she answered as my auntie opened wide and sucked my cock!.

" Auntie!"

"But my nephew's dick tastes so good!"

More photos of my sexy auntie appeared on her tablet and I was about to cum again!

I rolled her on her back and kneeled over my Auntie's face!

"Your favourite nephew has something for his Auntie Anne!", I told her!

"Open wide!"

My Auntie opened her mouth ready for what she deserved, her nephew's sperm. My young balls contracted and I was beyond the point of no return.

I shot spurt after spurt of my hot spunk down my Auntie's throat. She was swallowed as fast as could make , and at my age, I could make a lot!

"Take your nephews cum Auntie!", I growled as more and more for my seed filled her mouth. I was ejeculated like a racehorse on steroids!

"No dinner for tonight!", she laughed wiping the sperm from her lips and cleaned my sore cock with her tongue.

"I think you've got another one in you before I let you go Stephen.", she purred as she rolled onto one side and spread her cheeks exposing a tight but inviting arsehole!

Again my cock swelled and I rolled my Auntie on her belly, parted her legs and was about to assume the position when my Auntie said;

"Lick it first.", and like any good nephew would, I let my tongue lap at my Auntie Anne's anus making her squeal with delight! I could feel the anal muscles contract and relax under the tip of my young tongue. I slid my index finger inside and felt the walls of my Aunties arsehole, another finger follow then another until I had four of my fingers up her bum and my thumb in her cunt feeling my fingers through the thin membrane that separated her pussy from her anus.

"Oh Stephen!", she murmured as I slowly withdrew my hand and finally mounted her to her up the arse. My cock glistened as I entered my relative anally, even after the probing I gave her, my Aunties arsehole gripped my cock like a vice!

After nearly 20 minutes of pounding my Aunties arsehole, I was ready.

"Fill my arse!", she cried, a tear of pleasure trickling down her cheek and again the dam burst as my aching balls released wave after wave of sperm inside her ass on a doomed mission impregnant her. This what I safe sex! My semen spilled out as I filled her bowel with my spunk! It'll be a miracle if I'll be able walk out of here!

If it's good enough for Dolly!
Posted:Jan 27, 2020 2:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2021 3:28 pm
I'm just on here really ! But imagine a nephew finding an innocent profile picture and digging deeper. Suddenly he stumbles upon a picture of his auntie naked and proudly masturbating. He finds himself getting an erection and has to wank to this forbidden fruit imagining what it would be like be there in front of her! Imaging his Auntie licking her lips as his sperm erupts from his engorged penis.

And then having to visit her and talk to her knowing he's seen her naked and she doesn't have a clue.

Should he tell her?

What would her reaction be?

What would you want it to be?

Bathtime Surprise! A Nephew's Story
Posted:Apr 5, 2019 6:54 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2020 11:41 am
I had been with mates in the afternoon celebrating my 18th birthday, just a couple of pints, maybe more, and l was making my way home and absolutely dying for a piss . I should have gone in the pub but now I wasn't going make it in time and was going have find some bushes!

I remembered my Auntie Anne's house was close so I made a detour there as she wouldn't mind me popping in.

I rang the doorbell but there was no answer. I spotted a rock that had no business being there near the door and checked underneath and sure enough, there was a spare door key. A lot of older people still do this!

I let myself in and popped my head into the living room and kitchen, my Auntie must have gone shopping.

I marched upstairs to the bathroom, eager to empty my full bladder, standing in front of the toilet I unzipped my fly and was about to urin when a voice the side of spoke:


"Wait, what?", I replied as I turned around and looked down.

It was my Auntie Anne.


In the bath.

"Liam!", she exclaimed.

" Auntie Anne, I am so sorry!", I replied. I was so desperate pee, I hadn't even spotted her there covered the shoulders in soapy bubbles.

Her eyes moved down from my face my waist and I realised I was still out .

"Nice see you too!", she smiled.

"I rang the doorbell, but there was no answer", I protested.

" the doorball hasn't worked for a long time.", she answered

I began notice gaps in the soap suds and caught glimpses of my Aunties bare flesh.

My cock began grow harder, standing erect now before her.

"My, haven't you grown big now!", she smiled gazing at my penis, now too big to fit back in my jeans.

"Did your Auntie make that happen?", she purred and reached out with a soapy hand and washed the tip of my cock.

"Auntie!", I cried shocked, my cock stiffening even more as she gripped her nephew like a vice. Then she skilfully flicked open the top button of my jeans and yanked them and my boxers down to my knees!

"Take them off", she said quietly biting her bottom lip.

"But Auntie!", I protested, "We're related!"

"Yet see how hard you are!", she answered back and with a sexy smile, sponged off the soapy water revealing her naked body in it's cuddly glory!

I was still bursting pee and told my auntie I had to go quickly or else!

"Do you know what watersports are Liam?"

"erm, yes." I replied.

"Well", she said, cupping her mature breasts, "how about peeing these?"

"You can't be serious!", I exclaimed, shocked but enormously aroused at the thought!

"I can tell it's something you know about!", she laughed, gripped my cock firmly, "I won't let go of you until you agree!"

"Go on", she teased, "Piss on your Auntie Anne's tits!"

Forcing my cock down and pointing at her body, I said, "Are you sure?"

"Do it.", she answered

I lost my nerve at last moment and my bladder could hold back no more and a steaming jet of golden liquid the toilet bowl."

"Sorry Auntie Anne!", I said embarrassed as she watched with fascination her nephew urinating.

" god, you bad boy Liam!", she cried and began masturbating in front of . " I nearly got you!"

"I can't believe I am going orgasm in front of my own nephew!", she cried as her body shook and shuddered!

Instinctively, I stroked Auntie Anne's wet thigh and she held in her gaze.

" Liam I'm cummmming! Ooooooh!", she sighed as her whole body spasmed and bath water splashed onto the floor.

As she came, her hand clenched hold of my cock squeezing it tightly.

"You want more Liam?", she snarled as she began jerking dick, "You want to fuck your auntie don't you Liam? DON'T YOU?"

As she came, auntie pulled me towards her and licked the tip of dick as she sighed!

She stood on the bath letting the soap bubbles drip downwards from her mature naked body, her breasts wet, her nipples hard and aroused!

She held my hand and stroked it over her body smiling as I bounced her tits playfully!

My cock ached with lust, is this going happen? I going have sex with Auntie Anne?

She parted her pussy lips and made my hand go between her legs. It wasn't long before I inserted my middle finger inside her.

"Oooh Liam!" she gasped, "what soft hands my nephew has!"

I imagined my cock sliding inside her, inside my own relative!

"I want to fuck you Auntie Anne!", I said involuntarily.

"Oh you are so forward!", she laughed!

I just have to dry myself first and then we can get serious!", she smiled.

"OK", I replied and made as if to leave the bathroom.

"Oh no, stay and and watch!" she said, "It's only fair!"

I'd never seen a woman peeing before and she sat on the corner of the bath and holding her lips, yellow liquid began to spray the surface. I imagined Auntie Anne pissing on me.

I was not sure why but I was massively turned on!

She stood again and I helped her step out of the tub. She grabbed a bottle of oil from the shelf and lead me to her bedroom.

Laying a towel on the bed, naked Auntie lay down and handed the oil.

"Would you like do the honours?", she asked with a dirty grin on her .

"Normally, I'd do this myself, but it's not everyday and I have pleasure of your company!", she added.

I poured a spot of the oil into the palm of my hand and began rubbing into softly onto my aunt's shoulders and down her arms.

"Mmmm, your hands are soft and gentle Liam", she purred

I poured a generous of oil on her ample belly which gleamed as I spread the fluid over it.

She looked me in the eye and said, "Don't forget your Auntie Anne's tits Liam!"

She stroked my bare chest and it felt good, sliding a a hand down to grip my rock hard dick!

"Oh Liam!", she laughed, guiding my hand to her mature breasts.

I poured more oil over her tits and began rubbing it in squeezing the flesh as my auntie began to masturbate my cock!

I coated my Auntie head to toe in oil she was slippery and shiny all over, all the time she never let go of dick, I swear I have never been so hard in all life!

"Let's how how much sperm you can make!", she said with a wicked grin.

But I had own ideas!

"Liam!", she cried as I parted her slippery legs and positioned myself.

"You were right about what you said before Auntie Anne", I told as I slowly pushed my hard cock inside her.

"I do want to fuck you!", I said giving her my entire length as she looked at with complete shock on her !

"Oh Liam, you bad bad !", she moaned as I began thrusting my dick deep inside my Aunt.

Wrapping her legs around my waist, she pulled my towards hers and we kissed passionately, our tongues in each others mouths. My pushes into her pussy were increasing in pace.

"Fuck Liam! I want my nephew to cum inside me!", she cried as I brought my close relative to orgasm! Moments later I felt myself reaching the of no return!

"I love you Auntie Anne!", I sighed breathlessly.

"Do it" she said through gritted teeth and with one last push, my virile sperm exploded from cock deep into my Aunties womb. So even though aunt was probably too old to get pregnant, the danger made me cum more! I ejaculated for another minute until my shaven balls were fully drained.

"I love you too!", she cried as a tear of joy trickled down her cheek.

I held Auntie in my strong arms and we kissed some more.

She got and returned the bathroom wash off the oil I had smothered her in.

As she lay in the shallow water, I appeared at her side with my semi hard penis in my hand.

"I am not afraid any more Auntie Anne", I told her as she cupped her breasts together knowing full well what I had in mind!

I began to piss her tits, watching the yellow fluid flow down her belly and between her legs. Winking at , I took it as signal to continue and urinated over her face and her hair. She opened her mouth and gestured to piss inside it. She even drank a little bit of it, gargling my urine before swallowing it!

Then she cupped her hands and I pissed into them filling them up like a bowl.

My auntie raised her hands to her mouth and drank the lot!

"Mmm, refreshing nephew wee!", she said!

I felt like the luckiest guy alive!

"Aren't you glad you popped in for a wee now?", she laughed!

Drunken sex with Auntie was the best thing happened in eighteenth year and I fucked her many more times afterwards! Often sober but always a full bladder!

Helping out Auntie at Xmas - A nephew's story
Posted:Nov 28, 2018 6:55 pm
Last Updated:May 29, 2021 11:46 pm
I was on my way to Auntie Anne's house, It was mid-December and Mom asked me to meet her and help unpack her Christmas shopping from the back of her car. I arrived just in time to see her pull onto her driveway. She was sensibly dressed in a bright red coat and jeans.

"Hello there Josh!", she called to me, "Come to give a hand with these things?"

She pointed to the bags of shopping on the back seat and bent over to grab the first . I picked up the rest and dropped them off in the hallway of her house. Auntie was standing in front of the Christmas tree. She invited me into the living room and asked me to sit down.

"You been so kind to me Josh, let me give you something to show my appreciation!"

She slowly unzipped her jacket revealing a big wooly sweater underneath, I suspected she was going give me some cash for helping her from her inside pocket.

Taking off her jacket, my Auntie, asked if I wouldn't mind taking her picture on phone, standing by the Christmas tree, I took several photos of her, some smiling, some more serious looking. I did have a bit of a crush on my auntie and would often think about her when masturbating. The thought of all these pictures on my phone brought the memories folding back and I felt myself getting hard in my boxers. I hope my auntie hadn't noticed!

Just then, my phone began ring. My mom's face appeared on the screen so I answered it.

"Josh, it's your mom", she said still not used to modern phones.

"Have you helped your Auntie Anne with her shopping yet?", she continued.

"Yes, I am still at her house, I'll will put you on speaker.", I replied and put the phone down on the arm of the sofa.

"Hello Anne, it's your sister Tina" she said.

"I know!", she laughed.

"Have you given Josh his Christmas present yet?", mom asked.

"Give me a chance!", she said conspiratorially.

I sat down on the armchair wondering what it might be when something incredible happened.

I watched as Auntie unbuttoned her jeans, unziped them and dropped them down to her knees.

I was speechless,

"You've gone very quite Josh", my mom said on the phone.

"I think it's because I've just pulled trousers down!", my auntie said laughing as she dropped them her ankles.

Still smiling, she pulled her jeans off completely and still standing by the tree, found a santa hat and put it on.

"Have you guessed what your present is yet Josh?", Auntie asked?

"No...", I replied half-terrified.

"It's my sister!", mom's voice replied, "We wanted to pay for a strip-a-gram, but are expensive and they always with a bodyguard"

"So I offered to play the part myself, and your mother agrees so long as you look but don't touch!"

"Yes, Josh", my mom spoke , "You have never brought a girlfriend home and we're a bit worried about you!"

While she was talking, my auntie was taking off her sweater revealing white vest top of underwear.

I was still in a state of shock, my own mother and her sister working together like this.

My Auntie picked up my phone and turned the speaker off and put it to her ear.

"OK, I think I know how, Bye for now!",and she put the phone on the arm of my chair.

"So, shall I carry on Josh?", she asked .

"Yes Auntie!, I repied still not believing what was happening.

I was expecting my Auntie and take off her vest, but instead yanked off knickers off and I was presented with a shaved pussy!

The erection in my pants was straining my trousers, it must have been obvious to my auntie.

"Why don't let that thing of yours out?", she asked cheekily.

"My mom said I can but not touch.", I reminded her.

"She meant not touching me! Touching yourself is allowed, and besides I curious to see what a big lad you are!", she winked!

As I was deciding what to do, my auntie parted her lips with her hands. I felt a rush of blood to my cock, and it would have been agony to keep my penis tucked away so I undid the zip and yanked it out exposing myself to my relative.

"Oh, you have a lovely big cock Josh and so hard too!", she smiled giving her nephews dick a close inspection.

"Did I make that happen?", she said accidently brushing my knee with her hand.

She took off vest revealing a white bra underneath and standing with her hands on her hips said, "Well, get on with it then!"

I slowly worked rock hard erection as auntie looked on licking her lips,

"Take off your clothes Josh", she whispered, "Let's see what a fit body have, your mom tells me you work out."

"It's true", I said removing shirt which she sighed, impressed with my toned physique.

"And the rest she said softly as she unhooked her bra. I pulled down jeans and pants and sat back down naked and hard as her bra dropped floor.

I reclined on the sofa while my naked auntie stood over me , her legs parted and spread her pussy while smiling sweetly .

"Take a Josh", she grinned, "a good hard !"

I attempted to reach with hand touch her thigh but auntie took a step back.

"Now now, remember what your said", auntie reminded . "You can but not touch!"

"And besides", she said while cupping her mature tits, "we are related!" and then she winked.

auntie sat down in her chair and playfully covered her tits and pussy with her hands.

"Aren't I a tease?", she said

I wanted the grab phone and take some pictures but it was leaning against the back of her chair so I contented myself with the view, I was dying masturbate as my cock stood firmly to attention as I took in the site of aunties naked body, her big breasts and wet pussy.

I began working dick.

"Oh you naughty !", auntie with pretend shock!

"Stand up and let your auntie have a better what you've got there!"

I did as I was told as auntie moved phone of the way, leaned back in her chair and spread her legs and rubbed her pussy. She licked her lips as she studied firm penis. Reaching the cushion, Auntie Anne produced a big purple vibrator and switched it on.

"This mini-Josh!", she giggled at the use of her nephews and slid it inside her.

"ooooh!", she sighed.

" into your Auntie's eye when I masturbate in front of you!", she whispered. 's not a sentence you hear every !

I stepped closer, and auntie looked surprised, "Be careful , remember what your said!"

"Now put your hand on your hips Josh!", she ordered, and stood there, cock harder than it's every been before, rigid and upright! From position, I had a great view of Auntie vibrator glistening in her pussy juices as it slid in and of her vagina.

"Pass a of those pegs Josh," she told gesturing to the peg bag on the sideboard. I pick 2 yellow pegs and dropped them in her hand, careful not to touch her.

She sprung of them open and cupping right breast in hand, attached it her nipple.

"Ow!! , she cried and did the with her other tit!

A single tear ran down her as she looked .

"No pleasure without pain!", she said grimacing with discomfort.

Now masturbating breathlessly, I took another step towards her. She was so busy, I didn't think she noticed.

Just then, auntie reached up and grabbed cock!

"Auntie!", I yelled, what about what mom said!

"She said you could but not touch didn't she?", she ask glancing behind .

"She didn't she anything about not touching though!, and pulled back foreskin as she licked the tip of her finger and rubbed it on the tip of penis.

It was the most incredible moment in my life watching auntie working dick.

"I've wanted this for a long time Josh!", she smiled, "You're so and handsome with a huge cock, no woman could resist you!"

"Not even a relation!", and with auntie kissed cock.

I couldn't hold back any more and lifted her legs and splayed them apart.

"Wait, I was teasing!", she said looking shocked.

"The time for teasing is over Auntie", I replied, "I have fuck you!"

With , I guided my massive erection into her pussy."

My aunties eyes widened as I groped I her mature tits, pulling at the pegs on her nipples all the while pumping my cock deep inside her.

"Oh Josh you bad bad nephew!", she moaned as I continued to fuck her.

She pulled my face close to hers and we kissed long and hard and she wrapped her legs around my hips forcing my cock deeper still!

"Oh god Auntie, I love you! I used to wank over your photos for years!"

"I know, your mom told all about it!", and over my shoulder she gave a thumbs-up sign.

Confused by this information I asked, "But how did she know?"

"How else? She caught you at and your were saying . You were so into it, you never saw her peeping in your bedroom!"

"So then?", I said out loud, "Mom's seen me naked?"

"She seen you hard and ejaculating!", Auntie said breathlessly, "She got a thrill watching you!"

I could hold back no more and I felt balls tighten.

"Oh God Yes!", auntie screamed, "l've cumming! Fuck me Josh! Fuck your Auntie Anne!"

We looked deep into each other's eyes as my hot sperm erupted deep inside her pussy. More and more jets of semen spurted into her womb, my balls were producing so much it was starting to leak onto the sofa!

I pulled out and sprayed her tits and belly with more spunk, and as auntie opened her mouth to speak, I shoved my cock in there and shot another load down her throat which she eagerly swallowed!

As I collapsed next to my Auntie and then at the side of the sofa, I heard a familiar voice.

"I though I said look but don't touch Josh!"

It was coming from phone.

I picked it up from the other chair realising it's camera had been facing my Auntie the whole time!

My mom's face was on the screen and she looked flushed.

"I saw everything!", she said with a devilish grin. I noticed her shoulders were bare.

"My has grown!", she told me, "Even bigger than when I used to spy on you!"

"Sorry mom!". was all I could think of saying.

"Oh no need say sorry Josh!, You put on an good show !", she said biting her bottom lip.

"Pass the phone to sister would you.", and I did as auntie, still covered in my sperm, winked .

"You better take a shower before you go.", she told me .

As I freshened up, I though back at the amazing afternoon I just had. I had just screwed my Auntie while Mom watched on the phone! I had the feeling she did more than just watch too judging her reddened and bare shoulders.

I made my way downstairs expecting see my Auntie dressed ready to say good-bye.

Instead I heard voices giggling away and the sight of my auntie sat next to my mother .

They were both naked, spreading each other pussies and auntie was licking her sister's breast. My mom had big tits!

"Come in Josh!", said beckoning with her finger.

"Mommy needs some loving too!"

As I took a step forward, Auntie Anne pulled down my zip, and held my mom's hand by the wrist pushing it inside my fly. I felt my penis grow in her hand as she yanked it into the open.

"I made this.", my mother said as her breath touched my erect cock.

"Well, it's a bit late to change my mind now!", she continued, opening her mouth wide. I looked down feeling the moistness of the inside of my mother's mouth as my cock disappeared inside it. My mom stared back up and winked as I stroked the back of her head and she sucked her 's penis .

"Ooooh Mom!", I moaned as I fucked her mouth, my thrusts increasing in pace.

I turned to Auntie was masturbating as she watched my cock disappearing into mom's mouth.

"I can't believe this is happening!", I told her.

Just then my Auntie pulled her pussy lips wide apart exposing the pink flesh inside!

My balls contracted and I looked down at my mom , taking a breath, she said, "Do it!"

I could contain myself and plunging my cock deep down my mom's throat, I felt her gagging on my sperm as it flooded her mouth, her eyes bulging! I looked at my Auntie with shock on my face , "I can't stop!", as fresh semen was being made as fast as I could expel it!

With my huge engorged penis filling mom's mouth, spunk began dribbling out of her nose. Auntie Anne said "For goodness sake Jane, swallow it!"

Mum fell backwards onto her backside and I caught sight of her open mouth with my semen bubbling inside. With a mighty gulp, she swallowed all of spunk.

"How about you regain your strength while you watch me and your Auntie Anne fuck each other", she smiled as she crawled on all fours towards her masturbating sister and started licking and nibbling at her pussy!

Seduction of a Nephew!
Posted:Nov 29, 2017 3:38 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2020 3:28 pm
I was having a quiet afternoon watching some telly. My nephew was visiting and had just finished doing some chores he offered to do for me.

I patted the space next to me on the sofa. "Come and have a rest!", I told him, "you've worked really hard for your auntie."

It was a cosy sofa and our hips touched as he made himself comfortable.

I took off my slippers and we chatted a while.

He spoke about being a university and how he enjoyed making friends, our faces were quite close as we talked and I couldn't notice him looking down at his auntiies cleavage when he thought I wasn't ing attention!

I gently slapped his thigh!

"My face is up here mister!", I laughed!

" sorry Auntie Anne", he said red-faced.

"You are my nephew remember, and older than your ."

"I know Auntie, but why is your hand stroking my leg ?"

"Shall I stop?", I asked as my hand moved up towards his groin.

He didn't answer but instead put an arm around my shoulder.

I felt his penis growing inside his trousers as I continue to rub my hand between his legs.

My nephews lips were trembling not knowing what was going to happen next.

"You were always my favourite nephew", I whispered to him.

Then lips met, slowly first, then longer and with pure lust as our tongues explored each others mouths.

I popped the top button of my nephews trousers and unzipped them reaching inside, I released my nephews huge erect cock!

He could not form words as to what he was seeing as he gazed to see his smooth hard cock gripped tightly by his own auntie.

"Isn't that better?" I asked as we continued to kiss and I began to masturbate him.

He was speechless but his massive hard-on told everything I needed to know.

"Stand up and ", I told him and as he did I pulled down his underwear and trousers, leaving him in just a white t-shirt.

Admiring my nephews clean shaven cock and balls, I remarked "mmmm, just how I like them!"

He looked almost terrified as I expertly worked his cock.

"Trust your auntie", I reassured him, "you might not admit it but secretly, I know you want this to happen!"

"And before I let you go, I want to see your sperm!"

"But Auntie Anne, I am a virgin!", he protested.

"You shouldn't have told that.", I replied gripping his dick tighter.

"Why?", he asked still in shock.

"That just makes want you more!", I smiled stroking his balls.

I remained seated and leaned in on his hard cock holding it in my hand and began kissing then licking my nephews balls. I felt the veins in his penis swell as his cock grew harder.

"Oh auntie this is so wrong!" he whimpered as I licked his cock up and down.

"We can stop anytime you want", I replied peeling back his foreskin and kissing the tip of his dick..

His response was to stroke the back of his aunties head as my mouth sucked on his cock.

" your auntie when she's giving you a blow-job!" I smiled.

Then he leaned down and pulled one of my breasts leaving it hanging from my blouse. I tweaked the nipple and continue working his cock masturbating it with the other hand into my mouth.

"Feels good doesn't", I said between breathes and I uncovered my other breast.

"Want to feel your aunties tits?" I asked my nervous nephew.

"Y-yes" he said reaching for them with both of his soft hand he slowly massaged my boobs.

"Maybe we should stop know Auntie", he said sounding uncertain.

"Well, if you are sure", I replied lifting my legs in the air.

"Can't I persuade you to inspect your Aunties pussy?"

"Go on, pull my trousers off, do it for your auntie!", I teased.

Gently my nephew lifted my trousers from underneath and pulled over my legs and threw them to the floor.

Putting my feet back on the carpet, I pulled my knickers to the side revealing my pussy to my nephew.

"Do you still want to stop?", I asked him.

Holding his hand I made him stroke his aunties pussy.

"This is wrong, you are my mom's sister".

"But see how wet you have made your Auntie!", I said pushing his middle finger inside .

"Now how about licking your mom's sister's pussy!", I said retrieving his finger and sucking it clean.

I tugged down my underwear and spread my pussy lips wide for my nephew.

I kissed him on the mouth and whispered in his ear.....

"Lick ."

"I gently stroked the back of his head as his tongue lapped my clit.

Having oral sex with my nephew is just the best feeling I thought as my hips buckled in orgasmic pleasure,

Suddenly he stopped and brought his massive upright cock level with my pussy.

" Sorry Auntie Anne, I am going to fuck you properly now!", he said confidently removing his shirt.

Kneeling naked and hard before , he said " Don't try and stop "

As if.

He then stripped off my remaining clothes and with some force pushed me back on the sofa and parted my legs.

"This is what you wanted isn't it Auntie? What you always wanted?" he spat pushing his hard cock into his Aunties vagina.

Pinning me down by my shoulders, he began rhythmiy pumping his penis lifting my legs against his smooth chest!

"How do you like your nephew now Auntie Anne?", he said with an almost evil smile

"Oh stop, this is wrong!", I teased!

"You started this Auntie and I am going to finish it!" he answered lifting my breasts by the nipples seeming to test the boundaries of what I would let my nephew get away with!

" going to Auntie!", he exclaimed breathlessly!

"So am I!" I cried, "now your Auntie in the eye and say my name!"

I wrapped my legs around his waist making certain he couldn't pull . I wanted my nephew to inside .

He could hold back no more.

"Oh Auntie Anne!" he yelled as I felt the first wave of semen ejaculate from my nephews hard cock deep inside my pussy!"

He looked shocked as wave after wave of spurted from his cock inside his Auntie and as his sperm swam inside my womb looking an egg to fertilize, he yelled my name!

"Auntie Anne! Auntie Anne! Auntie Anne!"

Quickly he pulled and clambering up my body sitting his slim but muscular body on my breasts!

He tugged my hair forcing my head towards his still hard cock!

" going to ruin that pretty of yours Auntie!"

I stared up from the shiny tip of my nephews cock.

Our eyes met. My nephew. The Aunt he just penetrated!

He fully slapped my with his bulging cock.

He was in control now.

"What have you turned into Auntie?"

"Just do it." I said,

"I want you to."

"Oh Auntie!"

His balls contracted as more sperm issued from his cock covering my and mouth!

He gazed down his Aunt, someone he had know all his life, who now had her and hair coated in his semen .

"Oh Auntie!"

The sight of it only made him more!

My nephew shook his penis until every last drop of spunk was emptied on my !

"Happy now?" he said slightly ashamed of his actions.

"Yes, but why do you so sad?" I asked

"I've done a bad thing!". he replied, "I've spunked over my Aunties !"

I wiped some of my nephews semen from my and onto my fingers.

"Well your auntie is delighted!", I said licking each finger clean.

"My seduction worked!", I continued, "I wondered if your Auntie could make her own nephew have sex with her if I teased him enough!"

I grabbed his still hard cock and climbed on top pushing down, he watched as it disappeared inside , clenching it tightly.

Pushing down on his shoulders, I began to rise and fall on his erect penis.

"I am not done with you yet, my naughty nephew!"

Nephew fucks me with a Cucumber!
Posted:Oct 30, 2017 6:06 pm
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2020 4:01 pm

I was lying my bed daydreaming, when I heard the front door open.

"It's Auntie!", the voice said from downstairs,

My nephew has brought home the groceries me. He's so good his Auntie Anne!

"What a minute!", I say "I don't remember putting this on the shopping list!"

It was of the biggest cucumbers I ever seen!

"Biggest in the shop!", nephew laughed!

"So why did you it?", I asked

"I thought you might like a change!", nephew replied

"From what?", I replied slightly confused.

"You see Auntie Anne", nephew continued, " a long time I've imagined what it might be like have sex with you, but because you are auntie I was hoping maybe I could watch with this cucumber!"

"It's a nice specimen!", I said, "Maybe too big to have too much fun with!"

To surprise, nephew sits and reaches his Auntie's breasts.

"Maybe just put it between your boobs!"

"Okay, but you'll have give a hand!", I smiled.

Smiling back, he yanked top over head and unclasped bra exposing mature breasts.

"You have lovely boobs Auntie", he said feeling daring, he cupped each .

"Go ", I whispered "I know you are dying kiss breasts!"

"Can I Auntie?", he replied, his voice trembling with anticipation.

He leaned forward and sucked on each of his aunties nipples as I stroked the back of his head!

Well today has taken a turn for the unexpected!

I grasp the huge vegetable between bosoms. It feels cold against skin.

nephew smiles approvingly as he gazed at his aunties tits!

"You are a naughty !", I say "Come and give your Auntie a big kiss!" as I masturbate the cucumber between boobs.

"I shouldn't, you're Auntie!"

"Come here", I replied stroking the back of his head.

nephew closes in on , his bulging cock stretching his jeans. We kiss long and hard, his youth and maturity blending together!

I stroke his bulge and undo his jeans. Feeling more confident, he pulled them off and before , nephew naked, his massive erection rock hard and ready.

Then he grabs the cucumber and tell suck it!

" you are such a bad bad !" I tell him, but lets give him his thrill!

Hmmm, bigger than any real cock I tell him!

"For , I've masturbated thinking of you Auntie!", he confessed.

As I suck on the mighty green shaft, nephew reaches for jeans and knickers and pulls then down with tug!

Spreading legs wide, I say, "Mmmmm! Auntie wants her nephews tongue on her pussy bad!"

Exposing clitoris. his tongue goes to work sending his auntie into the giddy heights of pleasure!

" Auntie!" he sighed.

"Now you get fuck !" I said cheekily!

"Not just yet!", he smirked handing the cucumber!

" no! that's way too large!", I protested!

"Please Auntie! Do it your nephew!" He replied.

" okay then!" I laugh as the tip of the large green vegetable began penetrate his aunties vagina.

"It's soooo tight but feels goooood!", I moan!

Grabbing the cucumber with both hands, I plunge it as deep as I feel I can!

nephew masturbating at the end of the bed!

"I can't believe I got you fuck a cucumber!", he cried!

"I think this is as far as it can go!" I tell him exhaustedly.

I take hand away and gaze down at the cucumber sticking of pussy!

I have admit that sex with a vegetable is very arousing and having nephew watching is even better!

I use pelvic mule and wave the cucumber around naked nephew teasing him!

"Would you like pull it ?", I ask him with a wink!

"No!" he said fixing with a stern gaze!

" no! What are you doing!"

"I want see how deep it can go Auntie!"

He grabs knees, spreading legs as far as they can go...

"I have do this you Auntie, don't try stop !"

nephew brushed hand away and grabbed hold of the cucumber and began push it deeper than I dared!

"This is happening whether you like it or not!"

"! ! GOD!", I cried as eyes began water!

I have never been penetrated so deeply, pussy is being stretched like never before!

I wince with a mix of pain and pleasure as he continued force the vegetable inside !

"Be careful!!"

"We're way beyond careful now Auntie!", he said deadly serious.

Then he pushed his index finger inside arse!


Inside body I can the tip of his finger brushing between the walls of anus and the cucumber!

nephew is making ! I deep into his eyes as the orgasm takes control, hips bouncing and down the bed!

He pulls the cucumber slowly of pussy and brings it mouth.

I licked it clean as he masturbates his cock leaning over in a frenzy of sexual desire!

" going fuck your mouth auntie!", he spat as he pulled head back and jammed his huge penis between teeth!

Grabbing the back of head with both hands, nephew pumped his sperm down his aunties mouth!

"You fucking love this don't you Auntie!", he snarled!

He's certainly got the devil in him today!

Soon, wave after wave of semen issued forth from his cock hitting the back of his aunties mouth!

With every thrust he yelled "Swallow it Auntie!"

I had little choice and gulped down my nephews sperm, the sound of each swallow exciting him more and more into producing more !

"Thank you Auntie Anne!", he said his hard cock still in mouth!

" My pleasure!", I replied kissing the tip of nephew penis.

Climbing down, my nephew lay next to me and we put our arms around each other hugging tightly. Soon we were kissing passionately again, my nephew tasting the remaining sperm in my mouth.

My Nephew's Personnal Stripper
Posted:Sep 13, 2017 4:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2020 4:35 pm
"Hey there! How did my favourite nephews 18th birthday go?", I asked him after letting him inside.

"She never showed up!", he complained.


"The stripper!"

"What? How awful for you!"

"Still, looks like you had a few drinks! at least!"

"I have had a couple!", he admitted.

"Listen, I know you're my nephew and we are related, but how about your Auntie Anne puts a little show for you? We'll keep it just between ourselves though!"

He looked speechless.

"OK, let's just unbutton this dress! Slowly does it, one button at a time! you like that don't you!"

"You don't have do this for me Auntie", my nephew said a little uncomfortable.

"Is that an erection I can see in your trousers? Don't get too carried away, I am just getting started!"

I unbuttoned myself to the waist pulling open my dress to reveal the black bra beneath!

"You look uncomfortable!", I laughed

"You're my mom's sister!", he said quietly.

"I told you, relax, I want to do this for you!", I reassured him.

"Trust , I can keep a secret!"

Tearing open the remaining buttons, I rip open my dress to show my nephew what his Auntie has been hiding from him these years! "I may have a bit of a belly , but the bulge in your pants shows I need know!"

"Would you like show your auntie your big cock you've been hiding from ?", I teased!

" Auntie Anne?", you reply

"! I love cock, and you being my nephew makes it the more naughty doesn't it?"

"You can unzip it now!", I said licking my lips.

"Oooh, you are a big ! Just those throbbing veins! Can I touch my nephew's cock?" I stroked the tip with my finger then put my finger in my mouth!


I pulled back my nephews foreskin and admire his glistening cock standing hard and proud! You soon strip naked and start to masturbate in front of .

"What would your mom say!"

"I used imagine being caught masturbating by her!", you say, the thought of it stiffening your cock even more!

"I know, she told !", I teased.

I meanwhile was still in my sexy black lingerie. I take a seat and part my legs. Yes, come and take a closer look! I pull my knickers one side briefly showing my nephew a glimpse of his aunties pussy, your cock is huge as I let you touch my clit!

"Oooohh! You want to kiss your auntie? On her pussy? Oh go on then!"

I stroke the back of your head as your tongue probes deep into my cunt. This is sooo wrong but I can't resist! I stand and you yank down my knickers leaving your auntie in just her bra and stockings!

I guide your hand between my legs as you stand there naked and erect and our lips meet, "This is better than the peck the cheek I used get off you!"

We stand together kissing and you wrap your young arms around reaching for my bra strap!

"Yes they are fiddly! Here, let .", I tell him as I unclasp my bra revealing my mature breasts my nephew

"You have great tits auntie!", he gasped

"Thank you! Your mom raised you well!"

Eagerly you cup each of your Aunties breasts in your young smooth hands stroking my nipples with your thumbs and then reach down kiss them!

"! Milk your Auntie!"

I sit back down and spread my legs, parting my pussy lips with my fingers! Kneeling in front , you grab my ankles lifting my legs into the air.

Then you say the magic words. The words you have been dying to say!

"I want to fuck you auntie!"

" I don't know why I even asking!"

You press my shoulders down with your young strong hands!

"I GOING FUCK YOU!" you insist!

You lean in and slowly slide your cock inside your auntie pussy, the while my reaction!

" my nephew you are sooo big! I want of you inside !"

You tear off my stockings as you thrust your young cock inside , in and and I wrap my bare legs around your waist forcing you deep inside !

"I can't believe I fucking my own auntie!", you whisper.

You lean in as we kiss, your hips still pumping hard and I whisper in your ear:

"I want my nephew inside !"

"I've always wanted fuck you Auntie!", you reply.

"Don't stop now!", you warn , as your cock punishes your mom's sister!

Moments later wave after wave of my nephews young sperm ejaculates from his cock deep into his Aunties womb, you looked shocked as the sperm keeps flowing, spilling out as your thrusts become involuntary, all those years of pent-up longing released in a matter of minutes as my nephew and his aunts lips lock in a passionate tonguing kiss!

Still your sperm flows from your cock, I've never known any one so hard before!

" Auntie, thank you!!" you say as you finally collapse top of !

"Bettter than a real stripper aren't I?", I say reaching between my nephews legs.

"I'll say", he replied, "'d have thought I was going to lose my virginity on my birthday, and to my own Auntie!"

"Auntie knows best!", I tell my nephew as I put his cock in my mouth, "It's the next best thing to fucking your own mother!"

That set him off!

I feel it grow again, soon my nephew will be ready to fuck his Aunties mouth!

"A shame my mates missed on seeing a stripper too", you say.

"Have any of them met me?" I ask

"No, so they won't know you are my aunt!"

"OK then!", I say excitedly, "How about fucking your auntie in front of your friends?"

The very thought made him cum in my mouth!

"And then they can take turns!", I tell him as I swallow his sperm.

"They are all my age Auntie!"

"Even better", I tell him.

A few phone calls later and 8 eager guys step into my home..

Within an hour I have two cocks in each hole a one in each hand. These boys know how to treat a lady!

I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

Visiting my Auntie - A Nephew's Story
Posted:Apr 22, 2018 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2021 2:57 am
Spring was here and I had just arrived my Auntie Anne's house.

"Hello Dan", she said "come cut the grass for me?"

"Yes Auntie", I replied, "you sit down put your feet and relax, I will make you a cup of tea and then I'll get started".

She stood there in her summer dress and bare feet with has hand her hips, and though she was forty- older than , I had admit myself she looked rather sexy my eyes, sort of strict looking.

She sat down and I put the kettle , I brought her cup and told her I'll be about an hour.

"OK, I might close my eyes for half an hour then, help yourself to the shower when you are finished.", she said as she got comfy.

Nearly an hour later and I finishing mowing the lawn and tidied up. I was a bit sweaty so thought I better take a shower.

I walked past my auntie and saw she was fast asleep so I crept upstairs and stripped off and got in the shower. Realising I had no clean clothes to put , I dried myself and grabbed a tower robe.

I crept downstairs past my sleeping auntie and put my clothes in the washing machine. Then I sat opposite my Auntie in the towel robe.

I tried to watch the TV but the sound was turned low and I didn't want to wake her, she looked so peaceful with her smooth bare arms, legs and feet. As I studied her thighs, I realised I was getting an erection the robe so I crossed my legs to hide it.

Then I spotted that she must have taken a sleeping tablet or with her tea. She would be out like a light for hours, so I relaxed a bit, my hard cock pitching a tent in the robe.

Then I had a crazy thought. An insane outrageous idea.

My heart was beating fast out of a mix of fear and excitement as I opened the robe and exposed my penis in front of my sleeping auntie. I sat there looking down at it then across my Aunt. I took a photo with my mobile of my auntie in the background and my erect dick in front, for personal use later!

I stood and opened the robe completely in front of her.

I just had wank my cock knowing that I wouldn't get another chance do this again. It was so wrong what I was doing but that's made it so hot. I might feel guilty about it later for sure but I just had masturbate!

Feeling more daring, I stroked my aunties with the back of my hand, and she didn't flinch even a bit so I moved down her milky thighs and parted her knees just a little. I could have swore she had no knickers !.

With my dick in my hand, I cupped her breasts with my other hand. No bra! Her nipples were hard her dress.

Dare I ?

She was sound asleep thanks her pills, and I had see them or I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't glimpse them so I gently lifted my aunties tits of her dress! I felt like I would ejaculate at any time so took a deep breath and tried to relax as I stroked her bare beasts in each hand. I took some more photos since I could hardly it believe it myself!

Then I took a step back and let my robe the floor standing before her naked and hard, I set my mobile camera record making sure I could get both me and my auntie in the frame, and closed my eyes and masturbated some more.

I wasn't just wanking in front of any woman, this was my Auntie, my 's sister. I felt invincible and so horny, and I began wonder if the tablet she took was strong enough that I could fuck her in her sleep! In my mind, I saw myself entering her sleeping form. Even if I could get the tip of my cock touching her pussy, she'd never know! Sure it would better if she was awake and willing but beggars can't be choosers!

I could even get her pregnant and she wouldn't have a clue! Not for a few months at least.

The idea was too good to ignore, and I had made my choice.

I took a step forward ready to have non-consensual sex with my sleeping auntie.


"What?", I thought.

"What are you doing Daniel?", said the voice of my Auntie!

I opened my eyes and saw my Auntie Anne staring right back at !

Still holding my cock in my hand, I didn't know what to say!

"No wait! I can explain!", was the next thing I said.

I couldn't explain.

"Why are you naked?", she said looking shocked.

Then she looked down at herself and realised her tits were !

"Have you been molesting me in my sleep?"

I went to pick the robe but she stopped .

"Don't you dare move!", she said looking cross. "Just what are you playing at Daniel?"

I was still hard and she hadn't put away her boobs yet.

"Sorry Auntie, it was just a dare honest!"

"It's good thing I took half a sleeping pill!", she told

Softening her expression a little, she said, " I know you are still curious about stuff but you are my nephew, afraid I going to have to tell your mom about this."

"Please don't Auntie Anne!", I said panicking

"Sit down over there", she said pointing to the armchair. Then she cupped her breasts and tucked back inside her dress.

"Do as I say and I won't tell your mom.", she told .

"I want to watch you masturbate!"

"What?" I exclaimed.

"I don't get to see many nude boys at my age", she whispered softly, "and you do have a nice big cock and after , that's what you were doing before I woke !"

"Are you blackmailing Auntie?"

"You I suppose I ", she smiled licking her lips and gazing at my penis.

I reclined the sofa opposite my Auntie Anne. I spite of my fear, I was still rock hard. My cock wasn't afraid!

"Well then Daniel, shall we begin?", asked my auntie and as she did, she hitched her dress and parted her legs revealing her mature shaven pussy.

"You like them hairless I bet?", she said with a wicked smile. "So do I."

Half-terrified, but turned like never before, I slowly worked my cock in front on my Auntie. Fear was the thing holding back from cumming there and then.

Our eyes met across the living room and my Auntie parted her pussy lips with both of her hands then rubbed her mature clit.

" Daniel, you naughty !", she sighed, "Mmmmmm!"

Then she reached behind herseat and produced items, one small and black, the other blue, with a silver handle.

"Tell Daniel", she said, "how long have you masturbated thinking about ?"

", for ages and Auntie Anne", I replied.

" you bad bad boy Daniel!", she squealed!

I watched engrossed as my Auntie switched the blue vibrator and worked her clitoris the while watching masturbate my coc

"How do like your Auntie now Daniel?", she asked as her hips moved rhythmiy the pulse of her sex toy.

"I like her just fine!", I smiled bacfeeling more confident.

"Good!", she said, "maybe I won't tell your mother after then!"

"She waved the smaller black toy .

"Come over and give your Auntie a hand!", she told me with a sexy smile.

"Put it in your mouth", she insisted and I did as she asked.

She lifted her legs higher and pull her arse cheeks apart.

"Go Daniel, push it slowly your Auntie's bum!" and still wet from my mouth, I inserted the mini vibrator right then turned it .

"Oooh, you bad nephew!", she moaned as she pushed the blue toy deep inside her cunt and with her free hand hoisted her tits out from her dress.

She offered the nipple of her left boob.

"Kiss it Daniel!" she whispered and I cupped it with both hands flicking my tongue over my Auntie;s nipple then alternated between kissing and sucking both of them.

"Your a bit late if you were expecting milk" she sighed with nipples now hard as bullets.

"Now stand in front of your Auntie and watch how an mature women cums!"

Her hips bucked up and down and she winced as her orgasm took her. She cried out my name when she came.

" fuck yes! Dan! Fuck ! Ooooh!"




She relaxed as she pulled the dildo of her pussy and I slowly withdrew the little black toy from her anus.

She offered her breasts as I masturbated furiously, my balls tightening.

"I know your are my nephew but I want your cum your Auntie's tits!", she said seductively eyeing my erection once again.

I stood next to my auntie and squeezed her right breast and she sighed.

I leaned over her torso and she smiled sweetly . I looked across at my mobile still recording, I wanted this moment to be preserved.

"Smile for the camera Auntie!" I cried as pointed to my mobile!

"What camera?", she said looking directly at it.

I pulled back the hair from her forehead and moving position, I angled my bulging cock over my Auntie's .

I felt my balls tighten. This was it, my auntie with her tits out and her nephew completely naked and harder than i have ever been before. I was past the point of no return and had to ejaculate.

" AUNTIE ANNE!", I exclaimed as wave after wave of sperm erupted from my penis running down her face. My semen dripping off her nose into her mouth, chin and neck! Looking down my Auntie's covered in my spunk was so arousing, the sight of it made me cum again and again!

She lay there stunned and I grabbed my mobile and began taking pictures of my Aunties soaked face. She even smiled for a few of them!

Still naked, I sat next her and we watched the video of the of us together. The look her face as she saw masturbating with her sleeping form and groping his Aunties breasts was priceless! I would treasure the images forever.

Being a good nephew, I told my Auntie that I loved her and kissed her cum-stained lips as she stroked the wet tip of my cock with her finger. I wanted to fuck my auntie so much.

"I was going to have sex with you while you were sleeping", I confessed.

" Glad I woke before, I wouldn't want have missed !". she smiled, "but maybe we should try that another time and yoy record it for us enjoy afterwards!"

We showered together and she washed my cock and I bathed her tits and made her jump by sliding a soapy index finger inside her arse. One day, I intended to put something larger there.

After we towelled dry, she led her bed.

"Now we have had a practice I want a proper fucking from my nephew!", she said mounting , parting her pussy lips and and impaling herself my hard dic Auntie Anne gasped as my full length filled her. So much older than her nephew but still tight! She leaned forward and slapped her big breasts in my face laughing!

I was inside my auntie and I loved it! I wish we could have done this sooner but, well you know!

"So you aren't going tell my mom now are you Auntie Anne?"

"Of course I won't Daniel!", she replied as she pounded my penis with her mature pussy.

"Mmmmm, a shame , she's missing out!"

"Are you a brave enough cum inside your auntie Dan?", she said bouncing wildly on top of , her eyes closed and her hands feeling her hair! I could feel my balls slapping her bottom as they tightened once again!

" fuck Dan! Give your sperm!", she cried suddenly making eye ! I could hold back no more and i gripped her arse cheeks as I shot my semen deep inside my aunties vagina! She gasped again and again looking deep into my eyes as my ejaculations continued producing more sperm than ever before, the tip of my cock on fire as the cum flowed!

I was still hard inside her as she pulled my to her and we kissed once more long and lasting.

This was the start of my sexual awakening, I would always back fondly on the times that I fucked my auntie. If you get the chance, I suggest you try it.

Auntie poses for her nephew then takes him inside her!
Posted:Aug 17, 2017 6:30 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2019 6:46 pm

"Hi Auntie Anne!"

"Hey there my young nephew!" I reply. I always have time for my nephew, he's so good to me.

"Is that the camera I bought you for your eighteenth?"

"Yes, I though I could take some pictures of you!", you tell me.

"How nice of you!", I say, " I'd love to pose for couple of shots!"

"The light is no good in here Auntie, shall we good upstairs to your bedroom?", you ask.

"Well you're the expert! You set up your equipment while I get comfy! I hope there's not too much cleavage on show!"

I lie on my bed while my nephew starts taken a few pictures.

"You want your Auntie to cup her boobs?"

"Yes please Auntie Anne" you reply with a cheeky smile.

"Well OK, if you think that's good idea!"

"Now lean forward Auntie" you request.

" Now I know I have too much boob on show!", I laugh.

"How about taking off those trousers Auntie? You has such sexy legs!", asked a little nervously.

"What sort of photographer are you anyway wanting me to take off my trousers!" I ask suspiciously.

"The sort that want to get his Auntie to pose nude!", you reply with a smirk.

"Oh you are a naughty boy! Don't think I can't that bulge in your pants!"

You want your Auntie to part her legs? Well I'm not sure I should, you are my nephew after all and..... WAIT!

Why are you unzipping your fly?

"What do you think of this Auntie?", you ask me.

"I can't believe you are showing your Auntie your penis!"

"I've shown you mine, now you show me yours!", you reply

This is wrong but I can't myself. I pull aside my panties reveal my mature pussy to my own nephew!

Quickly you strip off below the waist and begin to masturbate in front of me, stroking your teenage cock.

"This is how you make me feel Auntie", my nephew says with a cheeky grin!

You grab my panties and yank them down and I spread my cheeks as your bury your face between your Aunties legs!

"You have a lovely pussy Auntie Anne!", my half-naked Nephew said.

Your young tongue flicks over my clit as I grab the back of your head, We both know this is wrong, but my nephew is making his Auntie cum and I love it!

"LICK ME!", I cry as my hips begin to buck!

You pull off my blouse revealing my blue lace bra! Oh you are so strong! He returns to my pussy inserting your teenage tongue deep inside me changing between my pussy and my anus! This is just heaven!

I slip off my bra finally revealing my mature tits! You grab each of them and massage them with your young smooth hands!

"Oh Auntie", you whisper as you remove your shirt, "I need to fuck you so bad!",. I gaze down at my nephews massive hard cock standing proud and erect!

"Maybe we should think about this first?", I ask innocently, my heart racing.

Pinning me down by the shoulders, my nephew mounts me and pushes his huge young cock inside his Auntie.

"The time for thinking is over Auntie Anne!" you tell me.

"Ever since I started to masturbate, I have imagined fucking you", he confessed.

I gasp as his huge teenage cock penetrates me!, so long and hard!

"I am going to fuck you whether you think it's a good idea or not!", you insist.

Steadily you thrust your cock deep inside your Auntie!

"How do you like your nephew now Auntie?" you ask breathlessly!

"Oh yeah! You fuck your Auntie Anne hard your dirty boy!", this was a good idea after all!

I wrap my legs around your hips forcing you deeper and clutch the back of your head bring your lips closer to mine as we kisses with tongue long and slow!

"I can't believe I'm fucking my own aunt!" my nephew whispers

"Yes, what would your mother think!" I reply, "If she could see you now!"

The very idea of his mom watching us fuck clearly excited my nephew.

"I'm cumming Auntie Anne!" you cry as you spurt load after load of young sperm inside your Auntie!

His shocked look was a picture as the semen kept flowing!

You roll over exhausted but having my own nephew ejaculate inside his Auntie has only made me hornier!

I grab my favourite dildo and suck on it getting it nice and wet!

I push my toy inside my pussy as you look on, your strength returning and your cock growing bigger and harder!

"Watch me cum!", I cried, as the thought of me masturbating for my nephew sent me into a powerful orgasm! As I came, my nephew leans in and kissed my mouth!

Now I am in charge! Quickly I take my nephews cock in my hand!

I look you straight in the eyes as I lick the tip of your cock! Aren't we naughty!

"Fuck your Aunties mouth!", I cry as I lie back and you mount your Auntie once more only this time sitting on my tits and pumping your young dick down my throat!

"I can't believe this is finally happening!", you cry out!

Losing all self control you cum in wave after wave of young semen filling your Auntie mouth and splashes on my face!

"I've dreamed of doing that to you for years Auntie!", he said breathlessly.

You grab your camera and ask me to smile with my cum covered face!

"Now don't go showing those photos to any else! ", I tell my nephew as his sperm dripped from my face and onto my breasts.

"Oh I won't!" you reply with a naughty grin, "But I can't promise I won't masturbate to them!"

"Anytime you feel like you have to, just pop around and fuck your Auntie Anne instead!", I smiled gripping his teenage cock tightly.

"Why waste your sperm on a picture when you have your Auntie Anne!"

You want to fuck your Auntie?
Posted:May 11, 2017 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2019 6:15 pm

"Hello there my young nephew, it's you who's been sending pictures of your cock isn't it? So big for someone your age too!"

"I have to see it with my own eyes!"

"Really Auntie Anne? Can I show you my cock?"

Eagerly, you pull down your pants and stand there hands on hips with your teenage cock standing proudly before me!

"Did it like this Auntie Anne?", you ask unashamed.

"Yes, that's the one I saw in the email!"

"It is", you admit.

"Will you let me have sex with you Auntie?", my nephew asks gripping his young cock, "I've wanted to for years!"

You've been dying to see your Aunties tits. Let's see how hard you can get for me as I strip naked and show you my hard nipples eager to be coated in your young sperm!

Your Auntie wants to be fucked so climb aboard and let's see what you are made of!

You leap on top like a possessed, spreading my legs with your knees and guiding your teenage cock inside your aunties vagina.

I grab your head and kiss you hard on the mouth.

"How do you like your nephew's dick Auntie?", you ask as you slide it inside !

"Oh, yeah, you are so strong and youthful! Pound my pussy you naughty ! Your young cock is going to make Auntie cum so loudly!"

Suck on my nipples as I wrap my thighs around your slim body forcing you deeper inside my pussy!

"How old are you again?"

"I'm eighteen auntie!", you reply breathlessly pumping away

"Maybe I should have asked before we started!", I joked.

"I'm nearly forty years older than you!", I remind him but that only makes my nephew more aroused!

"that just makes want you more!", he said lifting my legs up over his shoulders.

"I cumming auntie!"

" your Auntie in the eyes!", I demand as your semen explodes in wave after wave!

"I'm eighteen, I'm eighteen!", you exclaim with delight, "and I'm fucking my auntie!"

You can't stop ejaculating! Keep it going!

Kiss me! Oh god will you ever stop cumming?

Save some of that sperm for your Auntie's tits! Yeah, cover them in your young spunk!

You're soooo good to your Auntie!

Then we kiss passionately. the age gap becomes meaningless as I grip my nephews teenage cock and it swells in my hand!

Now fuck me again!

Hold your Aunties legs up by the ankles and fuck me deep!

Pegging Auntie's Breasts!
Posted:Oct 9, 2018 1:47 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2021 3:30 pm

My eighteen nephew was helping around the house as he often did during the holidays. Today he did the laundry and was hanging the washing on the line.

I watched him from the bedroom window pegging the washing on the line, he was so good to his auntie.

I was going through my clothes when I happened across a basque was bought for ago, I may have only wore it once or twice before and wondered if I had time to try it on while my nephew was busy outside.

I stripped off and before slipping on the underwear, I took another peek outside to make sure my relative was still busy. He was, and for a moment I realised what I was doing, observing a fit while completely naked.

It was a bit of a turn-on I don't mind admitting, even if we were related!

I finished putting on the basque, added my fishnet stocking to the ensemble and admired myself in the mirror. I was bursting at the seams but it was still a good , I thought.

I sat on the bed when there was a knock at the bedroom door and without even thinking, I said "Come in!"

"Auntie Anne, is there any more laundry you would like to do, I......", he stopped in his tracks when he realised I was in lingerie! He was so surprised, the bag of clothes pegs in hand fell to the floor.

His reddened as I smiled back my teenage relative.

"No I think you've done everything" I told him, "I was just seeing if this old thing still fitted"

"It looks ok to Auntie Anne", he replied nervously looking to leave the room.

"Just OK? Oh dear!", I laughed!

"Sorry Auntie Anne!", he said, "No really it look really good on you, honestly, just a bit embarrassed seeing you like this!"

"'s a better answer!", I smiled relishing his shyness and he seemed to relax a little.

"Here..." I told him patting the space next to me on the bed, "have a rest and let's catch , tell how are you doing now?"

Slowly, he sat facing the bottom of the bed.

"Oh, I left a while ago, in college now." I could he was struggling to make eye contact as his eyes gazed over my ample frame.

"Legal then?", I said loud without thinking.

"Oh I'll be able to learn to drive soon and when I can some lessons!"

"I could teach you some things!" I replied

"You haven't got a car though Auntie", he said.

I parted my legs a little and immediately caught him gazing down between my thighs!

"Who mentioned driving?", I asked him with a naughty grin!

"Oh stop it Auntie!", he giggled nervously.

"But what's this?" I asked, prodding the bulge between his legs with my big toe.

It was hard!

Really Hard!

"Auntie Anne!", my nephew cried , "What are you doing?"

"Poking your hard-on with my foot I do believe!" I told him still rubbing my foot against his concealed cock.

"Should I stop?", I asked him putting on a sad .

He held my foot against his groin slowly rubbing it and down and sighed.

"'s a no then!" I smiled, feel his massive hard cock with my foot, massaging my nephews balls with my heel!

"Are you going to let your Auntie see your cock then?", I ask brazenly.

" not sure I should.", he answered with a of bewilderment.

"Oh, I've made my mind !", I told him and smiled and kneeled over him.

With one swift action, I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zip.

Reaching inside his boxers, I felt something long, thick and hard! I exposed his erect teenage cock!

"Auntie Anne!", he cried shocked!.

"If your Auntie asks to see her nephew's hard cock, the answer is always yes!", and I gripped his dick tightly hammering it furiously with my hand!"

He was struck dumb but his hard teenage penis betrayed his feelings! He wanted this as much as I did!

Letting go of his cock, I lay back on the bed and spread my legs.

With his dick standing tall, I pulled my knickers to the side showing my nephew my tight wet pussy.

"Tell you aren't thinking of fucking your auntie right now!", asked.

Wide-eyed he just stared back and slowly began to masturbate!

"I thought so!" I said.

I looked on impressed by the size and girth of my nephew's cock as he worked the shaft with his hand, all the while staring back at my vagina.

Lifting my bum, I pulled down my knickers leaving myself nice and vulnerable and teased the teenage by biting on the gusset. Feeling braver now, he took off his jeans and underwear revealing a big pair of shaved balls.

"'s my nephew!", I told him encouragingly, "Wank your cock for your Auntie!"

"Yes Auntie, everything you say!", he said with a cheeky grin.

"Really?", I asked. "OK then, here!"

Pointing towards my cunt, I told him, "Lick your Auntie!"

"Yes ma'am!", and he removed his shirt before burying his head between my legs licking his Aunties clit!

"Mmmmm, you're making you naughty !", I sighed as I felt my hips begin to spasm.

His tongue worked it's magic on his Auntie, so wrong but so right!

In no time all my relation was bringing his aunt to orgasm!

"Oh YES! cumming!", and pulling my lips apart, I yelled "open wide!" and found myself squirting into my nephew's mouth!

Oh the on his !

"If you love your Auntie you will swallow!", I laughed and with a gulp he did!.

"Good !"

" here", I told him, and he lay beside .

"Now give your auntie a big kiss!"

Our tongues met in the heat of forbidden lust and I cupped his smooth shaved testicles as we kissed long and hard.

"Oh Auntie!", he moaned, "We shouldn't be doing this!"

I squeezed the base of his shaft and smacked his cock with my other hand. He seemed to enjoy his auntie punishing his dick!

I told him, "You're right, but 's why we're going to carry on!", and with , I moved his hand between my legs.

"See how wet you've made your auntie!", and slid his middle finger inside my mature cunt!

My nephew's finger probed around the inside of my pussy and it felt divine.

I could see he wanted more and leaning over he slipped down the straps off my shoulders and exposed my left breast.

"Do you want to suck your Auntie Anne's tit?", I ask my nephew knowing full well what the answer would be!

He lay his head on my thigh and licked my boob, sucking on the nipple trying in vain to milk . His teenage cock stood proudly and just I had to masturbate him!

I caught sight of myself in the bedroom mirror breastfeeding my nephew as I wanked his dick. It was beautiful.

I pulled my left and rested it on his head, I relaxed to grip on his cock to save his sperm for later!

My nipple was sensitive due his nibbling so I sat him and told him to undo the fasteners on my basque. Now both naked we kissed some more.

"You want to fuck me I bet!, I told him looking down at my nephews massive hard-on.

"I just can't believe this is happening Auntie!", he replied, "the first time I masturbated, I thought of you but was a long time ago."

"I just to watch you naked before we take the next step", he continued, leaning back and taking in the view of his naked auntie.

I caressed my breasts, stroking the nipples, all the while maintaining eye contact with him.

Retrieving my favourite vibrator from my bedside drawer, I parted my legs and put on a for the . It was all he could do to stop touching his cock which twitched wildly as I penetrated myself in front of my sister's .

Leaping across, he took the toy from my hand and plunged it deep inside his auntie's cunt. I gasped in shock as he drove it as deep as he could.

My hips bucked and down as he forced the orgasm from .

I lay breathless as he pulled the toy from inside and told to "Open wide!"

As I sucked my pussy juices from it, I saw him reaching for something from the floor.

I closed my eyes to rest a moment all this sex and masturbation with my nephew was exhausting.

I awoke as a sharp pain seared through my right nipple, as my naughty nephew attached a clothes peg from the bag he brought to his aunties tit!

"Sorry Auntie Anne, I have to do this!", as he flicked the peg with his finger watching as my nipple turned red and raw!

"You are hurting !", I cried.

"Just one more Auntie", he said calmly as he secured another peg to my left nipple.

"Owww!", I yelled. So much pain, yet the same time I found myself highly aroused by my nephew torturing my breasts!

I sat cupping my two pegged tits.

"You are a bad bad !", I told him as I jiggled them for him.

It was all the teasing he could take as he pushed back onto the bed and forced my legs apart.

"Time for your nephew to fuck you my Auntie!", he grinned, with a hint of menace, in case I was having second thoughts, this was going to happen!

Climbing on top of me, he eased his massive teenage cock inside his aunties soaking wet pussy. It felt sooo good, I didn't care we were related, and neither did he.

He began pumping his dick deep inside , and with a deadly serious look on his said:

"I am going to make you pregnant Auntie."

"I'd like to see you try!", I panted wrapping my legs around his waist!

We kissed as my pegged breasts rubbed against his hairless chest, pain and pleasure together, it was the best fuck I had in and from my sisters too!

I moaned loudly as his thrusts gathered pace.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck your Auntie Anne!"

My nephew lifted my legs, plunging his teenage cock deeper inside , his balls tightening as they slapped against my arse cheeks!

"Fuck !", I cried to my nephew!

"Oh god! cumming!" I cried gripping the bedsheets with both hands as my nephew's sperm erupted from his penis deep inside her aunties pussy!

He looked scared, "Oh god! It won't stop!", he cried as if of teenage sperm was finally being released all in one go!

"Where's it all coming from?", he said as the semen kept flowing!

I was a full minute least until he stopped ejaculating.

" sorry Auntie!", he said rolling over next to , "I thought like I could forever!"

"Let's see how long it takes you to recover!", I told him, gripping his still big cock and lick the remaining semen from the tip.

It quickly grew rock hard again.

"Oh Auntie!", he whimpered as I worked his cock into my mouth looking him the eye so whenever I visiting his he would always be reminded of with his teenage cock in my mouth!

I playfully bit into my nephews dick to give him a bit of pain back and I felt his balls contract in my hand.

Quickly rolling back onto my pillow, told him:

"Would my favourite nephew like to over your Auntie's ?"

"Oh yes please Auntie Anne!", he exclaimed!

Being a good , he leaned over my head frantically working his cock.

"Here it comes!", he cried prizing open my mouth, "I want you to taste your nephew's sperm!"

Once again his burst from his cock, into my mouth and over my !

I looked , seeing him concentrate, studying his Aunties as his semen began to cover it, defiling his relative!

Being and horny, his spunk just came coming as long arcs of teenage spunk plastered my and filled my mouth. I had to swallow twice, there was so much!

"I can't believe I've just fucked you auntie! It's so wrong but I couldn't stop myself!", he said as he finally collapsed, drained and exhausted!

"Oh this is just the start!", I smiled stroking his aching balls. His cock sprang to attention.

"See? What nephew hasn't imagined cumming inside their own Auntie!", I told him as I impaled myself on his huge teenage prick.

"Let's see if you can produce as much sperm a third time!"

" going to fuck so hard Auntie!", he snarled

My Nephew's cock in my arse!
Posted:Apr 4, 2017 7:11 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2020 1:05 am

There's a knock at the door.

I open it and let my teenage nephew inside.He was returning a book he had borrowed ages ago.

"Just paying a flying visit you say? Come on you spare your Auntie Anne five minutes surely!"

I put my arm around him and give him a kiss.

"Look at you all grown up!", I tell him as I stroke his short cropped hair.

"Thank you Auntie Anne", he said with mix of pride and embarrassment.

"If you weren't my nephew, I'd eat you all up!", I laughed.

"But I am Auntie", he replied and as he did, his hands reached down and squeezed my bottom!

Oh you aren't going anywhere.", I replied and kissed him again, this time on the lips!

"I want the touch of your hands all over my body."

Don't fight it, you'll regret not knowing what I know you have dreamt of doing to me!

I'm not letting you go until you have seen all of your Auntie, every inch of my bare flesh.

I am going to have begging me to let you fuck your Auntie!

I can see your teenage cock stiffening in your pants

At my age too!

My mature breasts and stiff nipples are just aching to by sucked on by a much younger guy's mouth.

Then there's my pussy. Let Auntie Anne spread it wide so you can have a good look!

"Anything else down there you fancy? I am open to suggestion!"

Yeah, I know what you want, you naughty boy!

Now lick your Aunties pussy!

My nephews tongue gently laps at my clit and I stroke his head and murmur with pleasure!

Yeah, I'm ready for my nephew's teenage cock now!

In my arse!

"But Auntie!", you protest feebly "We shouldn't be doing this!"

"You will fuck your aunties arse!", I insisted

I grab my nephews cock and brush his wet tip against my tight anus!

"Push it in!" I tell him.

Slowing my nephews thick teenage cock entered my bottom!

"It's sooo tight auntie!" you sigh

Seconds later his teenage cock was pumping in and out of his aunties anus!

My nephew's balls start to tighten, will he cum in his Auntie's ass?

No! He goes for my mouth!

I gulp great mouthfuls of his semen drinking deep his forbidden sperm!

"I can't stop!" he cries as he grabs me firmly by the back of my head fucking his Aunties mouth as his teenage semen fills my mouth and spills onto my face!

His balls thoroughly drained he collapses next to me!

"That was more than 5 minutes wasn't it?" I said as I grab his hand and use it to masturbate myself....

"That was my first anal sex Auntie", you confess.

We are not done yet!

Birthday Present leads to sex!
Posted:Feb 26, 2018 7:12 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2020 2:33 pm

I was folding some clothes I had just ironed when there was a knock the front door.

"Happy birthday Auntie Anne!" It was my teenage nephew and he came bearing a gift.

"Hello there! Thanks for my birthday present, its a beautiful top!", I told my nephew as I opened my gift.

"I'll just pop upstairs and try it on."

"Come up and take a look, see what you think!", I called down to him.

"What do you think?"

"It looks beautiful on you Auntie Anne!", he replied.as I posed on the bed for him.

Just then, the shoulder slipped down.


Before I could put it back, my nephew reached over, "I'll get that Auntie!"

His soft hand brushed against my shoulder as he adjusted my top., "A beautiful blouse for a beautiful Aunt."

"Awww!" I replied.

"If I wasn't your nephew I would so all over you right now", he said calmly as he continue to stroke my shoulder.

"Oh, I didn't expect that!" I laughed nervously.

"In fact", he said trying his luck, "would it be okay if I masturbated in front of you while you watch ?"

My mind raced, he was my nephew but at my age, I might not see a teenage cock in all it's glory anytime soon and nephew or not, I didn't want miss this opportunity!

"Okay then", I purred trying not to sound too aroused, "but this is between us right?"

"Of course Auntie Anne", he said looking mischeivous.

With no hesitation, he unzipped his jeans and pull his huge erect penis and sat next to me and began working his teenage shaft all the time looking into my eyes for my reaction.

"Thank you for letting me do this Auntie Anne, I've always had a bit of a crush on you!"

"So I see!", I said, a little shocked his behaviour as I felt my pussy juices flowing.

"I'll strip naked if you take off your trousers Auntie!"

"You're the boss!", I joked as I unbuttoned my trousers and removed them.

My nephew admired my bare legs and as promised stripped bare revealed a tanned muscular body, a hairless chest and shaved balls!

"If I really am the boss, I am going have to to fuck my Auntie!"

"Naughty !", I replied as he held my wrist pulling my hand toward his torso.

His cock swelled even more!

"Oh Auntie Anne, what you have done to my cock!"

"Touch it!"

I pretended to struggle until he finally had my hand gripping his teenage cock. He looked down at his Aunties hand slowing working his shaft and smiled.

"Yes Auntie Anne, you know what I like!"

He felt my breasts through my blouse and sighed then sat up and put his hand on my knees spreading my legs apart.

"Show your naughty nephew your pussy Auntie Anne!", he said and I pulled my leopard print kickers to one side.

"Wow!" he simply said!

"Take them off", he said softly, his dick rock hard and standing erect.

"Kiss me first" I told him.

My nephews hard cock pressed against my knickers as he climbed on top of , and he stroke my hair and I stroked his.

"I am going to fuck you so hard Auntie", he whispered as our lips met. As we kissed I felt his soft hand slide into my underwear rubbing my pussy sliding his fingers inside . first one , then two and more!

"Oh are you now?", I asked him.

"Just you try and stop !" he laughed and ripped my knickers apart pulling them off and leaving my vagina exposed and vulnerable before my nephew.

"You have no choice, this is going to happen Auntie!", he said becoming more assertive.

I sat up on my knees and the top of the bed. My nephew naked with his hard glistening cock trying hard not to wrestle me to the ground and fuck me .

Instead he settled for his Auntie masturbating his teenage penis.

"Oh Auntie Anne!", he moaned "I have dreamt about this for years !"

So have I!

He groped at my mature breasts and fingered my pussy sometimes rubbing my anus just to see the look on my face!

"I need to see more!", he insisted and lifted my blouse over my head.

So there I was, wearing a black bra and nothing more. my nephews soft hand rubbing my pussy as he savoured the moment when he would see my tits!

I undid my bra strap and let my saggy boobs flop out. Immediately they were cupped in teenage hands as he stroked my nipples with his thumbs. I laid back and asked him a simple question.

"Fancy a tit-wank from your Auntie?"

I already guessed the answer as he climb on top of me and I clamped his cock between my breasts. He looked down his dick squeezed between his aunties tits and became harder still. I rubbed my boobs up and down my nephew's shaft and soon he began pumping his penis and I looked down as it moved towards my face.

He pinned my arms down the wrists and move into position.

"Now Auntie", he began, " It's time for your nephew to fuck you!".

"Happy Birthday Auntie!". he said, "This is for you!"

Forcing apart my knees, I felt the tip of my nephews cock push again my pussy and suddenly he was inside me! I looked shocked as his powerful hips pushed his teenage cock in and out !

"Oh my god!", I gasped as his thrusting increased!

"Yes!" I cried as he looked at me like a thing possessed!

"Are you enjoying your nephews cock?", he gasped pulling my hair as I felt my orgasm building.

"Mmmmmm!" I replied breathlessly.

"Who's fucking you?"

"My Nephew!"

I wrapped my legs around my nephews waist so his massive cock was as deep as could go and to make sure he couldn't pull out if was thinking of not cumming inside his auntie!

" I'm cumming Auntie", he cried inevitably.

"So am I!", I shuddered.

Then his teenage sperm erupted deep inside me, so much it spilled outside of my cunt but still the semen came bursting from my nephews penis.

"I can't stop!", he yelled.

"That's because you are fucking your own Auntie!", I sighed as his dick ejaculated more and more spunk!

" the closest thing to fucking your own mother!", I told him

"Oh god! My mom!",he cried has the thought of it caused more sperm to shoot over my belly!

"Yeah, your secret fantasy!", I teased him.

Minutes later, he finally collapsed beside , my pussy a mess of my nephews teenage spunk. How he could produce such an amount of semen was incredible!

As he regained his strength, I found myself still aroused and started masturbating in front of him, his cum dribbling from my lips.

"What would your mother think of you?", I asked as I climaxed again.

"Well you took my virginity Auntie Anne!"

"Did I?" I asked unashamed.

"Well now, your Auntie is going to suck your cock", I told him.

"Don't try and stop me!", I laughed, "bring it to my mouth!"

His cock grew hard again as I wrapped my lips around it.

He moaned softly as my tongue flickered over his engorged dick.

"Oh Auntie!"


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