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Webcam Discovery: A Nephew's Story  

Aunt_Anne 60F  
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11/26/2020 11:40 am
Webcam Discovery: A Nephew's Story

It was a day like any other, the horny young man, using my AgoraCosmopolitan Dating membership 's fullest. I found I had developed a taste for the older woman. Much older in my case!

I browsed the mature ladies were camming when one in particular caught my attention and reminded me of my Auntie Anne. She even used that as her name which is what caught my eye.

"Hello young man!", she said in the window, "that's a nice cock you have , big and young, just how I like them!"

"Thanks!", I replied. She turn her mic and she even sounded a bit like my Auntie. Like myself, she was showing herself from the shoulders down and we were both naked.

"What's your name young man!", she asked over the mic as she played with her breasts.

"Stephen", I answered putting a deep voice just in case.

Shit! I just told this woman my real !

", I have a nephew named Stephen!", she answered, "He's about your age too!"

Wait a minute.

Could this really be my Auntie Anne?

My mind raced and my cock was rock solid.

" me Auntie Anne" she said and moved her camera revealing her face.

It was her, but she had no idea I was her real nephew.

"Can I see your face then?" she asked looking into the camera.

"Maybe later", I stammered.

"Ooh, what a shy one you are, just like my Stephen!", she laughed.

"He'd probably have a heart attack if he saw me like this", and lifted her legs spreading her pussy wide open!

I gasped and kicked my laptop in surprise when I saw what my auntie was doing.

"Oh!", she said.

"What?", I asked as continued to work my coc

"Nothing", she answered, "At least now I know."

"Know what Auntie?", I repied as I masturbated vigorously

"I know what my nephew's cock looks like. Hello Stephen."

"What?", I said nervously.

"When you kicked your laptop, you moved the camera . I can see your face Stephen. I know 's you."

I looked in the corner of my screen. I was looking back at myself dick in hand and more seriously looking back at my real Auntie Anne, and she knows it.

"You better get dressed Stephen", she said sternly moving her camera above her shoulders.

"Yes Auntie Anne", I answered pulling my underwear back .

"Come round my house now, we need talk in person"

That evening,I knocked on my Aunties door. She answered and I stepped inside.

"Well, I think we both embarassed ourselves this afternoon, don't you?", she said as we both sat down at the kitchen table.

"I guess so Auntie Anne", I replied.

"Shame really, you have a nice big penis and if we weren't related we could of had some fun.", she answered back looking sad.

"You really like my cock Auntie Anne?", I said grinning.

"It's a beauty!", she laughed, "You'll make someone very happy with that one day!"

"Would you like see one last time in the flesh?", I daringly suggested, my heart racing.

" no Stephen, you are my nephew!"

I stood and yanked my jeans and underwear down and my teenage cock bounced upright and hard.

"Too l you've seen now!", I smiled. I slipped my shirt off and stood before her naked with my hands my hips, my cock rock solid!

" Stephen put it away!", my aunite cried out.

I stepped towards her.

"Touch it Auntie. Touch your nephews cock!"

"Nooooo!", she cried and ran to the other side of the kitchen table but I cornered her and wrapped my arms around her, my cock pressing against her blouse!

I grabbed her wrist and held her hand around my huge erection and she gripped it tightly and started to tug at it.

" Stephen, we shouldn't!", she complained.

I slid the palm of my hands inside her knickers and my middle finger located my aunties clit.

Her eyes bulged in shock at what was happening but I had youth and energy on my side and this was only going to end one way.

"But we are Auntie, this is happening and you can't stop it!"

"Ooooo!", she moaned softly.

Quickly, I pulled down her jeans and underwear and threw them aside. Parting her legs with my knees, I mounted my auntie on the dining room table.

"Stop It Stephen! You are my nephew!" she whispered.

The tip of my cock brushed against her pussy. "Say fuck me Stephen!'", I told her.

"Noooo!", she cried. I pushed my cock inside her just a little.

"Say it Auntie Anne!", I orderd her again as I unbuttoned her blouse.


"Say it!"


"Go on....."

"Oh fuck me Stephen!", she finally yielded,

"Take your Nephews's cock!", I yelled trumphhantly giving my auntie all eight inches of my dick!

"Ohhhh yeaahhhhh! Fuck your auntie!" she gasped as I tore off her bra leaving her naked on the table.

I pinned her down by her shoulders and thrusted away as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Oooooh", she cried out, "Cum inside me Stephen!", she shouted, "Cum inside your auntie!"

"That's all I needed to hear!", I smiled as I felt my balls tighten.

"Here I cum!", I laughed as my sperm exploded from my cock inside my auntie swimming inside her looking for an egg to fertilize!

"Oooooh Stephen!", yelled my auntie as she reached orgasm while I pumped more semen inside for a full minute! I had no idea I could cum so hard, but this was my own Auntie after all!

We went upstairs and lay on her bed still naked and kissed each other for the longest time.

"Any pictures on that table of your Auntie Anne?" I enquired.

"Oh lots", she repiled and showed me decades worth of her naked body and my cock grew hard again.

Here I am very pregnant with your cousin!", she smiled.

I began masturbating at the sight of my young pregnant auntie.

"Imagine you getting your Auntie pregnant and fucking me for the next months!"

"I would love that Auntie!"

"Mind if I lend a helping...."

"Hand?", I replied, finishing her sentence.

"Mouth!", she answered as my auntie opened wide and sucked my cock!.

" Auntie!"

"But my nephew's dick tastes so good!"

More photos of my sexy auntie appeared on her tablet and I was about to cum again!

I rolled her on her back and kneeled over my Auntie's face!

"Your favourite nephew has something for his Auntie Anne!", I told her!

"Open wide!"

My Auntie opened her mouth ready for what she deserved, her nephew's sperm. My young balls contracted and I was beyond the point of no return.

I shot spurt after spurt of my hot spunk down my Auntie's throat. She was swallowed as fast as could make it, and at my age, I could make a lot!

"Take your nephews cum Auntie!", I growled as more and more for my seed filled her mouth. I was ejeculated like a racehorse on steroids!

"No dinner for tonight!", she laughed wiping the sperm from her lips and cleaned my sore cock with her tongue.

"I think you've got another one in you before I let you go Stephen.", she purred as she rolled onto one side and spread her cheeks exposing a tight but inviting arsehole!

Again my cock swelled and I rolled my Auntie on her belly, parted her legs and was about to assume the position when my Auntie said;

"Lick it first.", and like any good nephew would, I let my tongue lap at my Auntie Anne's anus making her squeal with delight! I could feel the anal muscles contract and relax under the tip of my young tongue. I slid my index finger inside and felt the walls of my Aunties arsehole, another finger follow then another until I had four of my fingers up her bum and my thumb in her cunt feeling my fingers through the thin membrane that separated her pussy from her anus.

"Oh Stephen!", she murmured as I slowly withdrew my hand and finally mounted her to fuck her up the arse. My cock glistened as I entered my relative anally, even after the probing I gave her, my Aunties arsehole gripped my cock like a vice!

After nearly 20 minutes of pounding my Aunties arsehole, I was ready.

"Fill my arse!", she cried, a tear of pleasure trickling down her cheek and again the dam burst as my aching balls released wave after wave of sperm inside her ass on a doomed mission to impregnant her. This what I safe sex! My semen spilled out as I filled her bowel with my spunk! It'll be a miracle if I'll be able walk out of here!

wil5948 61M  
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2/27/2021 5:50 pm

Aunt Anne you are the best

justme51 69M
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12/10/2020 12:37 pm


Soginins 60M
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11/30/2020 7:28 am

That is excellent. Great pic.

protection19 66M  
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11/26/2020 2:46 pm

FANTASTIC I have enjoyed it. It was great I could only imagine all of that

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