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donsv1962 58M
8263 posts
11/18/2020 11:19 am

very cool. Happy Wednesday!

I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

XHamburgDave 77M  
10462 posts
11/18/2020 11:28 am

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Leegs2012 48M
61453 posts
11/18/2020 11:45 am

Very Nice!! LOL!

Tmptrzz 58F  
92426 posts
11/18/2020 11:55 am

@ that tongue sybian machine..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

author51 58F
107808 posts
11/18/2020 11:58 am

That last gadget and the huge cucumber scare me my friend.....lol. Happy Hump Day Hun...xoxo

BeccaLuvs 58F  
19301 posts
11/18/2020 1:08 pm

Big grin, and glad you found "your golf ball" Apollo!

..... And always 'hold onto all those sexy thoughts'!
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EnigmaInitiative 52F
4246 posts
11/18/2020 3:32 pm

That tongue thing sure looks interesting.

In a sense, sexuality is the built-in psychedelic experience that only a very few people manage to evade.

~Terence McKenna

Kcada79 41M
23 posts
11/18/2020 4:17 pm

That’s one hell of a sex machine! As far as your golf ball.....please don’t play it where it lies....take a drop.....haha.

onelastchan00 51F  
3085 posts
11/19/2020 2:41 am

Ouch lol

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vopesahe 59F
33243 posts
11/19/2020 10:16 am

OMG the last Gif.

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