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jeepsR4fun 54M  
102 posts
8/9/2020 12:15 pm

Annnnd ? were you interested or did you just leave it at that?

CleavageFan4U 64M  
65484 posts
8/9/2020 2:00 pm

One of the first ladies I met via this site was a realtor. The first place we had sex was in a house she'd listed. It was devoid of furniture, so sex occurred on the (thankfully carpeted) steps.

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1bighammer1000 55M
3810 posts
8/9/2020 2:12 pm

Women joke about men thinking with their little head, sometimes the little head has a mind of its own. Reminds me of having a physical, that was done by a attractive female doctor. I was sitting on the exam table wearing my pants, and she had me stand up to check for hernias. I did as she ask, but left my underwear on, she said nope pull them down also. I was pretty embarrassed because I had a hard on. Then I got really embarrassed when she rolled her stool up and had her face about six inches from the end of my throbbing dick. I had no control over it, it was doing it's own thing. Ha ha have a great Sunday.

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I_willoralu 46M
1627 posts
8/11/2020 9:29 am

I wish I was your realtor

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litlaz 68M  
27 posts
11/3/2020 6:22 am

I've been told by a couple of lady realtors on AgoraCosmopolitan Dating that they've closed the deal on million dollar homes by fucking the buyer(s). both male and female, one a couple for FMF.

lucky dogs >>!

BrailleMan 60M

11/28/2020 11:37 am

Goodness. Who could resist you. Heavens

RobK2006 53M
5672 posts
11/29/2020 4:58 am

It's amazing when unexpected sexual moments like that happen.

iraduu 40M
3186 posts
12/5/2020 7:55 am


IAGuy47 65M  
256 posts
1/9/2021 7:15 am

Love the story - impromptu sex is VERY hot!

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